About Sleep Authority

Better Sleep Means- Better Health, A Better Life!

As quoted by Thomas Dekker, “Sleep is like the golden chain that binds our health and body together.” Sleep Authority is that golden chain that helps you bind to good health. A guide that not only empowers you to sleep but sleep better and healthy.
At Sleep Authority, we strive to get you the best physical, potential, and natural resources and knowledge on them. These resources and guides assist you to have an in-depth understanding of sleep and help you impart actionable insights so that you sleep right. We are here to build a community and bring those healthy sleepers together to promote healthy sleeping habits, healthy sleeping patterns, and sleep hygiene.
Sleep Authority, an initiative by Resident, isn’t here to tell you something out of the box but to help you live the already known!


www.sleepauthority.com is brought to you by Resident. Our company sells Nectar, DreamCloud, Awara, Level Sleep, and Home Well Designed. While we intend for this site to be an educational and useful resource for consumers interested in sleep-related topics, we also promote our family of brands – brands that we believe in – on this website. Where we have commissioned independent research and/or articles to support our content, we will state as such in the sub-heading of the article. Where we compare our brands and products against others, we will provide the review criteria as well as state our basis for choosing the “best” or “top” product in a link accompanying the comparison. Our aim is to assist consumers in choosing the best solution for getting restful and comfortable sleep and it is our belief that there is a Resident product that meets any sleeper’s needs.