Best Mattress For Couples: Sleep Better Together


Searching for the perfect mattress for yourself can be quite the task. And trying to find the perfect couples bed set for you and your partner requires taking a closer look at a host of factors and preferences that will make you both satisfied with your sleep. The most important part of this search is that you and your partner consider both of your sleeping habits to come to a suitable sleep solution as a couple. In this article we will help you understand both you and your partner’s priorities and preferences to help you find the perfect mattress and perfect couples bed set that suits both of you. No one should compromise on sleep.


Some things to consider right off the bat when choosing the right mattress for a couple, is that the bed is big enough for both of you to spread out or “spread eagle” if you so desire, if it’s suitable for sex, and if it reduces motion transfer enough that you won’t wake your partner up every time you get up for those early jogs in the morning. Sit back. Relax. We’re here to walk you through everything you need to know about purchasing the best mattress for couples.


Sleeping Benefits for Couples


Everyone knows there are plenty of benefits of sleep. However, there are a few more benefits to sleeping together as a couple and how couples sleep overall that might surprise you.

  • Sense of Security – It’s a part of our primal biology that when you sleep together with your partner, you feel increased safety and security than when you are alone. This, in turn, affects the quality of your sleep. It has been discovered that couples sleep longer when they sleep together, which may mean finding the best bed for couples even that much more important to you and your partner.
  • Staying Warm – How couples sleep may predict a lot about their relationship. Sleeping huddled up together helps you to feel warm. When you feel warmer and more nestled into bed, it helps you to sleep more deeply than you usually do. Then you can get the quality rest you need to heal all aspects of your mind and body.
  • Enhances Relationship – Research has shown that sleeping together helps to lower the level of stress hormones like cortisol. Sleeping together will also help to reduce the hormones that are involved with regulating inflammation in the body. Taking the time to really mull over choosing the best mattress for couples that you can find will only improve your sleep life with your partner and, in turn, your relationship.
  • Releases Oxytocin – The Happy Hormone –  Did you think that only sex can release the hormone oxytocin to help you feel happy? Even the brushing of your naked skin against your partner can help you feel ‘happy’ because you activate an oxytocin release.


Sleep Positions for Couples 

Sleep Partners

 We all sleep, but did you know that the way you sleep says a lot about who we are as individuals – together and apart? Psychologists claim that how couples sleep may reveal the truth about your love life. Researchers said that positions people take up when they’re in deep sleep with their partner may reveal how they really feel about each other.

  • Got Each Other’s Back / The “Loose Spoon” – This position is when you are both spooning a few inches apart. It’s like the big spoon saying, “I’ve got your back, you can count on me,” but it’s not as sexual as spooning closer together.
  • Spooning and Swooning – According to a study done by relationship psychologist Corrine Sweet, the position is only adopted by a fifth (or 18 percent) of couples and demonstrates a dynamic in which, “ One partner takes a protective stance over the other.” Although it’s a sweet, it can also be a little saucy. “It’s a very vulnerable position that’s sexual, but says, ‘I trust you,’” said Patti Wood, a body language expert with more than 30 years of experience and author of Success Signals, A Guide to Reading Body Language. This position may also be for couples needing a bed upgrade but sticking to their guns saying that they have “the best twin mattress in the world!” You may think so but if you’re two adults clinging to each other for fear of falling off of “the best twin mattress”, it may be time for an upgrade!
  • The Back Kissers – The Back Kissers fall asleep back-to-back, with contact along the spine. You’re connected, but independent enough to appreciate your own space in bed. Because your butts still touch, you want to stay sexually connected despite your confidence to face in opposite directions.
  • The Nuzzle – The ultimate sign of trust and protection, the Nuzzle is common in new and rekindled relationships. When one partner sleeps with his or her head on the other’s chest, it creates a nurturing, open position and a sense of companionship as you snuggle.


Choosing the ideal mattress for couples

  • Size matters – Are you a “cuddler” or are you a “spreader”? How couples sleep is an interesting topic, especially when you and your partner are in the market for the best mattress for couples you can find. You and your sweeties may need to have room to spread out and get the get solid rest that you both need. And if you are a cuddler and like that up close and personal time with your sleeping partner in the wee hours – that’s great too! Whether you’re looking for the best bed frame for sex, best pillow top mattress, or best firm mattress, for whatever your specific sleeping patterns, your mattress size will matter. Mattresses are available in several standard sizes, ranging from twin to California king. You could have the best twin mattress in the world but if two adults are sharing a bed (or if you are wondering about the best mattresses for overweight couples), the recommendation is to use at least a queen size mattress. This size offers enough sleeping space for two. However, a queen doesn’t leave extra room for potential visitors (think kids or pets) or to really spread out. A king mattress, by contrast, provides two adults with the same sleeping space as two individual twin mattresses. When looking into the best bed for couples, also keep your room space in mind.
  • Motion isolation – The best mattresses for couples have excellent motion isolation. “Motion isolation” is simply a fancy term for how well a mattress isolates, or absorbs, motion – and how well it keeps that motion from disturbing your partner’s side of the bed. Consider how couples sleep for a moment. It’s difficult to do because each person is absolutely individual in their sleeping habits and needs. Motion isolation is huge when determining what makes a bed the best bed for couples. If a mattress has good motion isolation, you are less likely to disturb your partner’s sleep when you, inevitably, change positions in the middle of the night or get out of bed for that midnight wee. If a mattress has poor motion isolation, which will allow for a lot of movement transfer, those shifts will be felt by the person on the other side of the bed, meaning that it really won’t be the best bed for couples. And they won’t be happy about it. If either one of you or both of you move frequently during the night or tend to be light sleepers, motion isolation should absolutely be a fundamental consideration when trying to find the best mattress for couples.
  • Firmness – Some consider the best firm mattress one that provides resistance and doesn’t offer much give when depressed. A softer (less firm) mattress will allow for more “give” or “sinkage”. There is no right or wrong amount of firmness when it comes to find the best beds for couples – what one considers to be the best firm mattress is all a matter of preference. The amount of firmness that feels the most comfortable usually relates directly to the person’s height, weight, and typical sleeping position. Yes. This can make things complicated when you’re trying to accommodate two different people and two different tastes and what each considers to the “the best firm mattress”. The key here is communication. Communicate with your partner on what you like and don’t like when it comes to all of the aspects listed in this guide.
  • Support – Support is so incredibly important to your spine and back and is also important when shopping for couples bed sets and the best bed for couples. Support is what keeps your body in alignment while you snooze at night, and it controls the relationship between the different parts of your body as they sink down into a mattress. Without the proper support, you’ll likely experience a fairly uncomfortable sleep and, more often than not, will find yourself waking up with aches and pains, especially in your back. With two people sleeping on a mattress, extra support as well as more consistent support are necessary to withstand greater amounts of compression.
  • Feel – Feel might sound the same as firmness, but only because they are incredibly similar. And similar to firmness, the feel of a mattress is, as always, a matter of preference. To some, they may find the best pillow top mattress to them feels fluffy and envelopes them like a cloud. For others, the best firm mattress they can find feels like heaven. Feel refers specifically to properties such as conforming and contouring. Some sleepers prefer a mattress that closely conforms or hugs your body, while this feeling can actually be incredibly uncomfortable for other sleepers. Some sleepers prefer a much firmer surface that allows for easier movement. Your best bet is to try out various mattress types with your partner to get an idea of what you both find to be the most comfortable.
  • Sex – The best mattress for couples isn’t just about getting a great night of sleep. As a couple, you’ll want make sure your mattress is made to promote and enhance your sexual life, which is why researching the best beds for sex (as well as the best bed frame for sex!) is important. The best beds for sex are responsive and reacts quickly to movement tends to be bouncier and therefore better for sex. A mattress that slowly conforms or adjusts to pressure will make movement slower and more difficult. It may also be important to keep bed frames in mind if you’re worried about stability. The best bed frame for sex is supportive with low noise. Below you’ll find a few key mattress features that add or detract from getting your sex on:
  • Noise: A squeaky mattress isn’t sexy. That’s why finding the best bed frame for sex includes finding something quiet! A little bounce is great for sexual rhythms and greatly enhances sex but you’ve got to make sure that it’s on the  quiet side.
  • Durability: Wearing down a mattress because of all sex is possible. Regular sexual activity will likely shorten the lifespan of a mattress, so it’s important to consider durability and quality of materials when shopping for the best beds for couples.
  • Cushioning: The best beds for sex are thick enough to support various movements while remaining comfortable.
  • Edge support: Edge support refers to the reinforcement around the perimeter of the bed, and the best beds for sex have a lot of it. A mattress will good edge support will maintain a consistent surface across the entire mattress, meaning the whole bed will be suitable for sex. You won’t fall off the side doing some kind of “backward bend”. It’s ok to be adventurous.
  • Size: You may have the best twin mattress on the market but if you end up falling off the bed during intimate times, the best twin mattress will quickly turn to the worst. Give yourself some space and upgrade to something bigger.
  • Temperature regulation – It comes as no surprise that two bodies are hotter than one. A lot of body heat collects on your mattress when two people are sharing a bed. This means that the best mattresses for couples do well to regulate temperature. What happens to whether that heat gets stored or dissipated has a lot to do with the mattress you’re using and if it has temperature cooling technology or not. A mattresses material and construction will greatly affect how it retains and redistributes heat. Some mattresses have technology that allow for ventilation and airflow, releasing built up heat from the mattress. Other mattresses tend to trap heat, which can lead to an “night sweats”. Needless to say, that will not make for comfortable or soothing dreamtime. In general, innerspring mattresses sleep the coolest. These mattresses use a coil support system that allows for the most ventilation. By contrast, memory foam mattresses are known to trap heat and tend to sleep warm. Many couples bed sets come lifted off of the floor to allow for more temperature regulation. If you’re searching for couples bed sets and the best beds for couples you can find, make sure to keep this in mind.


Best mattress types for couples

  • Memory Foam – Memory foam beds tend to be the best bed for couples, even better (for some) than the best pillow top mattresses. This is because memory foam isolates motion to almost perfection and keeps both you and your partner “in place“ during the night. When one person moves in the night, your partner isn’t going to feel it. Memory foam responds to heat and pressure, conforming and molding to a sleeper’s body. This provides “customized” support and pressure relief. A memory foam mattress may also be considered the best bed for couples because it uses a high-density polyfoam to create its support core, which is topped with a memory foam layer. Even some of the best pillow top mattresses on the market may still make some feel like they are sinking into their bed, so if you don’t like to feel like you’re going to get stuck, you may need a look at Innerspring mattress that combines with memory foam. It’s a great compromise.

Why it’s Good for Couples:

  • Memory foam may be the best mattress for couples because is more durable than innerspring mattresses.
  • Memory foam offers superior motion isolation, so you won’t be bothered by your partner’s midnight movements.
  • Some of the best mattresses for couples because foam is very quiet.
  • Dual firmness options are more common in foam beds.
  • One of the best kind of mattresses for overweight couples.

Why it’s Bad for Couples:

  • Memory foam is popular because its conforms to your body. This same property means it offers little bounce back, making movement during sex more difficult.
  • Memory foam tends to trap and retain heat, which could make for an uncomfortable sleep.
  • There is typically no reinforced edge support in a memory foam mattress.
  • Innerspring – Innerspring mattresses are the most commonly sold mattress. They feature a support core comprised of steel coils or springs. These coils range in thickness and therefore are available in a variety of firmness settings. The coils are usually cushioned and encased in fabric, then topped with a comfort layer.

Why Innerspring is Good for Couples:

  • It’s easy to choose your firmness preference.
  • The construction of the support core allows for air flow and ventilation and therefore a cooler night’s sleep.
  • Innerspring mattresses typically offer the best available edge support.

Why Innerspring is Bad for Couples:

    • Innerspring mattresses tend to sag over time as the coils wear down. This can especially be a problem under the weight of two sleepers so they may not be the best mattresses for overweight couples.
    • The coil construction results in poor movement isolation. This means you’re more likely to notice your partner’s movements throughout the night, meaning it might not be one of the best mattresses for couples.
    • Innerspring mattresses can oftentimes be noisy as a result of their steel coil systems.
    • Dual firmness options are typically not available.


  • Hybrid – A hybrid mattress uses the same coil construction as an innerspring mattress in its support core, but is topped with foam comfort layers that are thicker than 2 inches. The thickness of these comfort layers is why they differentiate from a typical innerspring mattress. Hybrids are made to combine the conforming comfort of foam with the traditional feel of an innerspring bed.

Why Hybrid Mattresses Are Good for Couples:

  • The transition and/or comfort layers don’t usually prevent hybrid mattresses from retaining their bouncy feel, making them some of the best beds for sex.
  • The additional foam layers provide pressure point relief but don’t trap heat like a mattress that is primarily made of foam.
  • You get better motion isolation with a hybrid, so your partner’s movements won’t be as noticeable making them the best bed for couples.
  • It’s possible to find dual firmness options.
  • One of the best mattresses for overweight couples.

Why Hybrid Mattresses are Bad for Couples:

    • Because it uses a coil support system, you will still experience sagging with a hybrid mattress.
    • Hybrids are typically one of the more expensive mattress choices.


  • Latex – Latex mattresses are typically made of 100 percent latex, using multiple layers of latex in varying degrees of density and softness. The more traditional Dunlop process results in a more thick and dense foam. The newer Talalay process produces a latex that is softer with more bounce.

Why Latex Mattresses Are Good for Couples:

  • Latex mattresses are some of the best beds for couples because they provide excellent motion isolation, keeping your partner’s movements on their side of the bed.
  • Latex is generally very quiet.
  • A latex mattress is responsive and has a bounciness that’s suitable for sex.
  • Also one of the best mattresses for overweight couples.

Why Latex Mattresses Are Bad for Couples

  • Generally, a latex mattress doesn’t offer reinforced edge support.
  • Latex mattresses are prone to retaining heat and sleeping warm.
  • Latex is typically a more expensive option.


We spend a third of our life in bed and if we have a partner, that statistic might even be higher! If we are in a relationship, finding one of the best mattresses for couples money can buy may be the secret ingredient to sustaining a happy and healthy relationship. The bed is the nucleus of our intimate connections and it tends to be where the majority of our most intimate moments are spent and shared. Choosing, for example, the best bed frame for sex may seem trivial, but our bedrooms and our mattresses should reflect the quality and sacredness of the relationship we have with our partner.


Choosing one of the best beds for couples means spending the time discussing with your partner the areas we have just covered and chosen the ones that are right for both of you. Think of choosing the right couples bed set as an essential decision for the health and future of your relationship. Sleep is everything. Sleeping comfortably can change your life. It’s more significant than we realize.


Don’t waste another night of restless sleep with your partner.




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