Do zoned mattresses work?


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Yes, zoned mattresses provide full body support through varying foam densities segmented to deliver targeted levels of pressure/relief.

TLDR; Yes, zoned mattresses deliver varying pressure zones to allow your shoulders and hips to sink deeper into the mattress while ensuring proper support at your neck and legs. The goal is a straight spine.

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Zoned mattresses provide full body support with varying pressures levels throughout the mattress.

This provides greater pressure where you need it (back and neck) and softer relief in areas that support body sections with greater weight (shoulders and hips).

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The objective of a zoned mattress design is to provide proper spinal alignment.

If you would like to see a couple mattresses that have nice zoning technology/builds look at Casper, Casper Wave, Level Sleep, Bruno, and Snuz mattress. Those are all foam options. DreamCloud offers a 5 zone pocketed could solution. This provides isolated support with a traditional spring pillow-top feel.

The inverse of a zoned mattress would be a mattress with a consistent build and foam density across the entire mattress. This can create pressure points if the mattress is too firm where your body mass is greater.


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