Why I Should’ve Bought A DreamCloud Mattress The First Time

By Chee Gates

When it comes to shopping, I am “the queen of returns.” If I buy something I don’t like, I don’t hesitate to ship it back to the seller or march it to the customer service counter at the store, receipt in hand.

For the past three months, I’d been thinking about buying a new mattress online because my old one felt like sleeping on a flattened pancake. Plus, I’m on the verge of a milestone birthday (40 and fierce!), and I wanted to treat myself to better sleep. I knew two of my must-haves for my new mattress were an extended trial period (to make sure I truly liked it) and a free, no-hassle return policy.

I ordered a new mattress from an online company (not DreamCloud), and everything seemed promising, until I slept on it. I even stuck it out for a month because I read that it can take that long to adjust to a new mattress. This company’s trial period was 90 days, so when I called to schedule my return, I found out that they don’t pick up the mattress. I’d have to donate it to charity and work out all the details myself. I wish I’d known that before I bought it. Now I had to shop for a new mattress and figure out how to donate the one I didn’t want. Lots of fun.

That’s when I saw an ad for DreamCloud. I was super-impressed by their 365-night risk-free trial—the longest I’d heard of—free shipping and returns, and an Everlong Warranty that lasts a lifetime. Looking at their policies, it sounded like they were dedicated to making sure I was happy, and that’s very important to me. Another feature I liked was White Glove Service; they’d set up the bed in my home and remove the old mattress to donate to charity. Perfect! I ordered a queen size and crossed my fingers.

Their White Glove Service arrived quicker than I thought, and, as promised, they took care of everything: Set-up; haul-away; no work for me. I wasn’t expecting for the mattress itself to look so gorgeous—it’s like I upgraded my entire bedroom. I even took a photo and posted it on Facebook.

Lying down for the first time, I felt like a queen. I couldn’t stop touching the quilted cashmere blend top—it felt so soft and lush. The mattress just cradled my body. I thought it would take me a few days or weeks to adjust to it, but the first night I got the best seven hours of sleep I had in months. The memory foam felt like it enveloped my body without having that sinking feeling.

And there’s just a touch of springiness from the inner coils. I guess that’s the idea of a hybrid mattress—you get the best of both worlds. After the first few nights, I knew I wouldn’t need to return this mattress. I wanted to keep it forever.

I’m hardly ever this pleased or confident about a purchase. Even though I didn’t have the best experience with the first bed-in-a-box company, DreamCloud has restored my faith. Their mattress is worth every penny, and it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I have no regrets.

Don’t waste time choosing the wrong mattress. Try a DreamCloud the first time and receive a $200 Sleep Authority discount. You’ll be glad you did.

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