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How The Mattress Feels

Spend every night floating atop 15 inches of lovingly crafted, meticulously chosen, scientifically optimized sleep-enhancing luxury.

Super and supportive - like sleeping on a cloud
Sammy P.
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Super mattress. Best I’ve had. Previously I had a latex mattress but I was having some allergy problems and found DreamCloud. Very happy with this purchase. Soft and comfortable. Also supportive. If I had to give it a rating compared to normal mattresses I couldn’t because it’s actually like sleeping on a cloud.
Supports my back and helps me recover fast from working night shifts
Patricia M.
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As a nurse, I am on my feet up to 20 hours a day. Sometimes I work the nightshift, which can throw off my sleep for days. I know the importance of good sleep and investing in a good mattress. I really did my research when it came to DreamCloud. I wanted to make sure it was the best bed for me. It seemed like it would be, and it has such a good warranty so I thought why not try it. I don’t regret it. Every night it supports my spine in a way that feels like it’s not just supporting, but wrapping my back in cozy and comfortable foam. When anyone at the hospital asks about beds, I would recommend it to the other doctors in the hospital and the patients who seek healthy sleep.
Fluffy, soft, and extremely supportive
Aimee R.
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I was on the airplane the other day, and I was staring at clouds and thought, that reminds me of my new mattress. They say there is something in a name and these people got it right with DreamCloud. It looks and feels just the way it sounds. Fluffy, soft, plush, smooth, and extremely supportive on my body.

365 Night Sleep Trial

Sleep for 365 nights before deciding DreamCloud is right.

Never thought I could afford such a luxury mattress
Laurie M.
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Not only was it thousands of dollars less than other luxury mattresses we looked at (I was ready to spend 8 thousand dollars on a mattress I was really desperate for something to help my back pain) but the financing plan we signed up for is great. Good sleep should be accessible to people who have pain (I never thought I was going to walk without pain) and DreamCloud not only brings good sleep, it took away all my pain too. Thanks DreamCloud!
Cradles my body like a baby
Tatiana R.
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Overall DreamCloud is perfection. From the cashmere top so soft I didn’t want to put a sheet on it, to the foam layers that cradle my body like a baby, I can’t think of anything more perfect than DreamCloud.
Heavenly sleep experience
Jon L.
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A truly gratifying sleep experience starts with a great mattress. DreamCloud is a perfect example, nurturing my sleep from start to finish. I felt cozy and protected by its multiple foam layers. The sleep only got better throughout the night, and I am pleased to report that even after all the weird sleeping angles I put it through, not once did I wake up throughout the night. Snug as a bug in a rug is a perfect way to describe this. Maybe it sounds funny to say that you are soothed by a mattress, but the comfort and familiarity of DreamCloud has made going to bed a real treat. Its sturdy craftsmanship and superior materials manifest in a delicious sleep experience.

Everlong Lifetime Warranty

Maintain a premium experience over a lifetime.

Mattress feels made for me.
Ken K.
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A night of easeful sleep was all I ever wanted. I tried many different mattresses, but never found one that felt right for me... until now. I'm satiated, and it's all thanks to the easeful and fluid support that I feel when I lay down on my DreamCloud. The DreamCloud makes sleeping easy and fun, its foam layers create a comforting and dreamy sleep experience that reminds you of sleeping as a kid -- not a care in the world. I'm not great with words, but supple is one that comes to mind when I think about the cover that's on top. Give it a shot, it's been brilliant for me and the wife loves it too.
Reliable company, well made mattress, plush sleep
Edward K.
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The DreamCloud is such a serene sleep experience -- like sleeping on a cloud cover. I've had my fair share of mattresses, I travel a lot for work, but this foam has made all the difference when I come back. The DreamCloud is totally reliable and super well made. I noticed the difference the minute my back hit the pillow top. Totally gratifying and peaceful experience! I slept the way I hadn't since I was a kid. The shipping was easy, but the best part was definitely DreamCloud's cozy and cloud-like mattress foam. I couldn't believe it. Feels like I lucked into a great one.
Cozy, snuggly, and satisfying
Jennifer B.
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I never say things like this, but this is an elegant mattress. From the moment I laid down on it, I could tell that the DreamCloud was different than any I'd had before. It's memory foam base was pliable yet supportive. It made me think of sleeping on marshmallows, which might sound funny -- but it was totally true. Sleep always used to feel like a luxury to me, but now I know what true luxury feels like with a DreamCloud. I'm so happy with this mattress, perfect for snuggling while the snow is falling gently outside.

Sleeping Cool

Discover the best luxury hybrid mattress using premium materials, quality craftsmanship, and an Everlong Warranty to bring you the best sleep of your life, guaranteed.

Sleep cool and cozy
Matthew C.
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I used to sleep really hot, always waking up sweating, so when my wife told me about DreamCloud I was hesitatnt. So many layers and cashmere combined sounded hot, but within 1 minute of my first night with DreamCloud I realized that this was actually the coolest sleeping mattress i've tried. Whatever they do really makes it feel like a cloud - cool and cozy and everything. I sleep all through the night and never wake up hot.
Ultra-comfy mattress
Laura M.
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A new mattress can be scary, luckily DreamCloud was a "dream" experience from start to finish. It was super easy to order, but it wasn't until after it was delivered that me and my husband felt the true benefits of this ultra-comfy mattress. It's truly elegant looking, with a base made of memory foam and a top that feels SUPER SOFT and warm. I loved the first night on it, and it only got more enjoyable from there. I wake up feeling gratified and delighted most days, and I owe it all to this mattress. It's something that my husband agrees with, and that's a rarity for us these days. Totally satisfied and relieved with the experience.
Like nothing I've ever felt before, a truly satisfying sleep
Sofi M.
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I ordered the DreamCloud because I was having problems in school staying awake. I'm always someone who has suffered from dead arm syndrome in the morning, and was craving some relief. DreamCloud came through with that relief in a big way. It's memory foam has a feeling that's almost juicy. That might sound funny, but I mean it's so velvety and supple! Sleep comes easy now, and I do feel like I've turned a corner all thanks to the DreamCloud. I'm especially happy with the cashmere cover, that has a downy vibe to it that I just can't get enough of. Drifting off to sleep is easy now.