I’m Sleeping On The Most Trending Mattress On Social Media

It can be a difficult, stress-inducing world. They say one-third of our lives are supposed to be spent asleep and trying to pretend sleep isn’t a cornerstone of daily life, to me, seems insane. That’s why I have been relying on Nectar Sleep these days.

I’ve never been diagnosed with any kind of sleep disorder or anything, but I think we have all been through our own little bouts with insomnia. Like most people, I just knew I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I’ve heard something like 30% of the country has this problem, and my job doesn’t help matters much. It is demanding, but working in PR has proven to be exciting, rewarding, and extremely exhausting. You never know what challenges the next day will throw at you. Add my three-year-old son to the mix and you can imagine how important getting a good night’s rest is to me. Not getting enough was starting to affect my mood and was creeping into my performance at work. I found myself getting irritable too easily – not ideal when you’re often dealing with members of the press.

I really thought there weren’t any answers that a.) wouldn’t cost a small fortune or b.) didn’t involve medication with side effects I didn’t need.

That was until I found Nectar Sleep’s Memory Foam mattress. My old mattress was a traditional Queen sized mattress from a company I can’t even remember, and it had lived its life well. In my 20s, I enjoyed a vibrant social life. I can’t even count how many friends crashed after a party. Everyone gets older, and my bedroom has become a bedroom – a place to sleep. No longer am I passing out watching Colbert. Sleep has become much more of a ritual.

Looking for a new mattress online turned out to be a lengthier and more confusing process than expected, but with no retail stores open near me, I didn’t have any other options. The first thing that attracted me and my partner to Nectar was the Forever Warranty™ and 365-night trial. With that kind of guarantee, it was hard to pass up, and it set my mind at ease about having a mattress shipped in a box to my home (a first for me). That said, by the end of the first night I knew I wouldn’t be taking them up on the offer to return it. 

Beneath me, the memory foam started to work right away. I could feel the different layers of support contouring around my body. I even tried sleeping in radically different positions, just to get a sense of how well it adjusted.

One major problem with my old mattress was exactly what memory foam was designed to correct – it never kept any sort of shape, eventually just collapsing into a saggy, lumpy, mess after a few years. It’s only been a few months with Nectar, but so far not a single night has offered anything but the same great night’s rest as the night before.

My Nectar’s mattress has been reliable, durable, and comfortable. It’s what phrases like “built to last” were invented for. Today, I’m getting the rest I need to do the job I love. I don’t think I could ask for much more, and I have Nectar Sleep to thank!

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