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We Never Thought A Nectar Mattress Would Be The Thing We Love The Most In Our New Home

By KenNath Watkins

We Never Thought A Nectar Would Be The Thing We Love The Most In Our New Home

As newlyweds who just bought our first home, we knew it would only be a matter of time before we were thinking about buying a new mattress.

Our old, spring coil, queen-sized mattress had been through the wringer. It was the main piece of furniture in my studio apartment when I was single — everyone hung out on it, including numerous Airbnb guests. After more than seven years of use, the pillow top was worn out and the mattress felt like a sagging, lumpy sack. We were waking up with back and neck pain and finding excuses to sleep on the sofa. This was not the way I wanted start our married life together in a new home.

I was ready to kick our old mattress to the curb, and my husband agreed.

When we started shopping for a mattress, my husband thought it was weird to try out one in a store. The idea of lying down where strangers had been grossed him out. Even though it didn’t bother me, I compromised (ah, marriage). So, brick and mortar stores were out, which only left one option: Buying a mattress online.

I’d heard really positive reviews from a friend who ordered a mattress from Nectar. She loved the ease of having it delivered to her front door in a bag she could easily drag it up the stairs to her apartment. And said she was feeling so much better after getting a great night’s sleep on her new mattress.

Even though my husband tends to be the more skeptical one, I started having doubts.

What if I liked it at first and then changed my mind or didn’t like it at all from day one? What if it wasn’t soft or firm enough? I thought.

Nectar Mattress

Luckily, Nectar came with a 365 night trial where you can try it at home for year, and they offered free shipping and returns. If we didn’t like it after one month or 12 months, we could send it back and get a full refund — no stocking fee or crazy expensive shipping costs. We decided to go for it.

One king size mattress for the newlyweds, please!

Nectar Mattress

Delivery was super-easy, and there was nothing to assemble. We rolled the king size mattress onto our platform bed frame and fell in love all over again (not with each other this time — with the mattress). It’s made with five layers of memory foam, and we could feel the cushioning and support right away. And because it contours to your body, we both felt comfortable in different sleeping positions — and he’s about 60 pounds heavier than me.

The first night, neither of us slept hot or got sweaty, thanks to Nectar’s adaptive cooling cover. We woke up feeling rested and refreshed. For the first time in months, we were enjoying sleeping in bed together. And we knew it would only get better as the mattress started to break in.

We’ve been loving our Nectar for a few months now — it’s our favorite place to relax and hang out.

I still can’t believe we were able to find a high-quality, memory foam, king size mattress with a forever warranty (yes, forever!) for only £699. I feel like the luckiest person on the block.

We got the cutest home, and with our Nectar mattress, it truly feels like a happy place.