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DreamCloud mattress rating as of 2021

Fall asleep in 10 minutesPatricia M.
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I dream better with DreamCloud. DreamCloud makes falling asleep a breeze. I used to have problems falling and staying asleep. My doctor diagnosed me with sleep apnea and insomnia. In fact, I was a pretty bad case. But with DreamCloud, I’m so comfortable and just sink into that plush cashmere top every night I fall asleep after about only 10-20 minutes. It used to take me hours to fall asleep and then I was always waking up. Now I can fall asleep easy and sleep through the night.
Visible health benefitsRana H.
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I'm kicking myself for waiting on buying a new mattress, but boy was DreamCloud the perfect one to go with. It's got this supple and spongy base that leaves me feeling woozy in the knees just thinking about it. If you're tired of a mushy mattress, this one is for you: I've had such a delicate and easy sleep experience that can only be described as cottony. It's as if you're sleeping on a beautiful rolling fog. The health benefits have been great too -- no more sleepy arms in the morning, no more restless legs at night. The DreamCloud is there every night, supporting and encouraging me into another night of warm and gratifying sleep. The best decision I've made in a long time.
Deluxe sleeping experienceRon B.
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I think of DreamCloud as a deluxe sleeping experience. I got this mattress a few months ago and was so happy with it. I've always struggled with allergies, so I was worried that I wouldn't be compatible, but I was so happily surprised. The DreamCloud is made of top notch material, and I haven't had a flare up once since I got this mattress. Not only that, the elegant design makes for a ritzy sleep experience without the accompanying pricetag. I feel spoiled now for other mattresses. If you're looking for a superb mattress that feels like you're sleeping on fresh packed snow, cushy, pliable, and yet supportive, then this is your mattress. I can't believe how refreshed I feel in the mornings.
changed my life, never going back!Michelle R.
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DreamCloud has changed almost every aspect of my life. From sleeping each night on what feels like a cozy, cashemere cloud, to waking up each morning with more energy than ever before after a full 7 hour sleep, I'm noticing incredible changes in my health. My husband and I had tried a bunch of different mattresses at stores but each time the whole time shopping felt cold and hard and awkward and uncomfortable. The DreamCloud experience surpasses anything you will find in a store. Even though DreamCloud offers a full year sleep trial, you won't need it. Once you go to DreamCloud, there really is never going back to anything else.

365 Night
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DreamCloud Mattress Pros vs Cons

Is the DreamCloud Mattress right for you?


this mattress IS FOR YOU

Great For All Sleeper Positions

Organized into 5 distinct comfort zones, DreamCloud’s patented ”BestRest” Coils provide the precise level of support you need, exactly where you need it.

Reduces Heat And Sleeps Cool

Gel-infused memory foam does double duty, providing you with unparalleled heat distribution and support that contours perfectly to your body.


this mattress isn’t for you

If You Want An All Foam Mattress

If you want to sink deep into the mattress to sleep warm this is not the best option for you.

If You Value Price Over Comfort

This isn't the cheapest mattress on the market but it is our favorite if you're looking for a mattress built and designed to last.

DreamCloud Mattress Construction

Layer construction from top to bottom



DreamCloud’s Cashmere Blend cover provides maximum breathability and premium softness for a luxury sleep experience.


Offering contouring support that conforms to your body, DreamCloud’s gel infused foam is cooling and supportive, cradling your body perfectly.


Unique to DreamCloud and developed with your lullabies in mind, resting on DreamCloud’s quilted foam is as close as you can get to lying on actual clouds.


DreamCloud’s hypoallergenic, premium natural latex will stand the test of time, offering you a responsive cushioning bounce for extra give and contouring that lasts.


This layer of luxurious high density memory foam provides deep contouring support that adjusts to your position all night long, as you sleep and dream among the clouds.


Whether you sleep on your back, front, side, or all three, DreamCloud’s super dense memory foam keeps your body fully supported and cradled throughout the night.


A five-zoned, foam encased pocketed micro coil compression system provides unmatched head-to-toe support, isolating every movement to minimize sleep disturbances.


DreamCloud’s high density foundation foam base layer helps reduce any motion transfer - ensuring that no movement goes unabsorbed.

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DreamCloud Mattress Pricing

A luxury mattress at an amazing price

Twin XL

Regular Price $999
$ 799
  • Free Shipping


Regular Price $1099
$ 899
  • Free Shipping


Regular Price $1199
$ 999
  • Free Shipping


Regular Price $1,299
$ 1199
  • Free Shipping

Cal King

Regular Price $1,399
$ 1199
  • Free Shipping

DreamCloud Mattress Firmness Rating

On a scale of 1 – 10.  One being the softest and ten being the most firm.

Luxury Medium Firm


This is an excellent mattress for side sleepers of all heights and weights


The perfect amount of support and comfort for stomach sleepers


Firm where you need it while remaining plush and responsive

DreamCloud Mattress Details

Quick facts about DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

Review Rating

4.6 Stars

DreamCloud Rating

Time For Mattress Delivery


1 - 3 Business Days

Weight Limit KG

Weight Limits

750 Pounds Per Person



15 Inches

Mattress Firness


Luxury Medium Firm

Shipping Method


Bed In A Box



Spot Clean Cover

Key Features

Key Features

Soft Cashmere Top

DreamCloud Mattress Company

Meet the team behind this award-winning mattress

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DreamCloud is designed for people just like you who refuse to compromise on sleep: an aspect of life that affects everything else. Start sleeping the life you deserve.

Overall the Dreamcloud mattress is one of the best hybrid mattresses I have tried. It stays cool the entire night and provides terrific support. The edge support is great too. Stomach, side, and back sleepers should really enjoy this mattress. The Dreamcloud mattress may be ideal for people who want a lower priced luxury mattress, the memory foam and latex feel, good motion isolation, good edge support and longer trial period. Highly recommend the Dreamcloud.

Premium materials at half the price – 

Featuring gel memory foam to sleep cool, a plush cashmere top for soft support, and a micro coil support system for a touch of bounce, DreamCloud uses the innovative sleep science to guide our construction.

The Very Best in Comfort and Support –
DreamCloud provides ideal support for all positions. We hand-selected and tested each and every material to find what we are confident is the best of the best.

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