We’re Sleeping in the Clouds With Our New Hybrid Mattress

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When my husband and I began a conversation on how we might improve our sleep, our mattress, of course, came to mind first. Spending a third of our lives in bed, we knew we needed an upgrade from the old mattress we bought ten years ago as newlyweds. We were tired of spending our nights tossing and turning, alternating between sweating and freezing, waking up just as tired as we went to bed. We were tired of relying on Starbucks to get us going each morning, so we decided to take the plunge and buy a new mattress to improve our sleep–not an easy decision, as a mattress is a sizable purchase. We wanted something affordable that could be delivered right to our door that we could install ourselves, avoiding any showroom headaches or out-and-about anxieties.  And with the recent popularity of buying mattresses online, we knew we would have a surplus of mattresses to choose from.

If you’ve searched for mattresses recently, or seen the dozens of ads on TV, you’ll know that there are many types of mattresses for all kinds of needs and budgets. It can get overwhelming, trying to decide if you need a memory foam, hybrid, adjustable, gel, or traditional. Since we knew we didn’t want an adjustable bed (more suitable for our parents than us), we decided to split the difference and go with DreamCloud’s hybrid mattress, which combines a traditional coil mattress with luxury memory foam to transform your sleep.

The only concern we had with buying a mattress online was if we didn’t like it, were we stuck with it? But DreamCloud’s 365-night trial and free shipping had us sold.  We also liked that DreamCloud was compatible with any bed frame. Like the one I already have.

About a week later, our new DreamCloud mattress was delivered right to our door, in an extremely sturdy box with layers of protective material around the mattress. We got it inside and upstairs to our bedroom, which was easier than we expected since it was super dense and compressed in size.

Set up was a breeze too–we simply rolled it onto our bed frame and let it expand. We could feel an immediate difference in DreamCloud’s gel memory foam and supportive comfort layers, which allowed us to comfortably “sink” into the bed without being swallowed by it. The “just-right” firmness was perfect for both our needs, as I like a more firm mattress while my husband prefers a soft mattress. We were also not woken up repeatedly by our fifty-pound dog who sleeps in the bed with us, as DreamCloud’s individually-wrapped coils meant we didn’t feel his every move. The coils also help promote airflow, which means we don’t wake up drenched in sweat in the middle of the night.

Now, six months later, we are still waking up refreshed, ache-free, and enjoy our morning coffee because we want it–not because we need it. We also sleep worry-free with DreamCloud’s Lifetime Warranty, so we can get a replacement if we have issues with the mattress, but I’m confident that we won’t!

Want to sleep worry-free and wake up ache-free? Try DreamCloud in your home for 365 nights. Right now, DreamCloud has a dreamy deal that includes cooling pillows, a matching sheet set, and mattress protector with purchase–that’s a $399 value! Don’t pass up this great deal!


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