Slats under a box spring? Need help settling this argument.


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“We have an older double sided spring mattress with box spring on a metal frame in our guest room that we just inherited. My wife thinks I need to go get some slats to sit in the frame under the box spring. While this is the setup each of us have always seen in our families, I’m thinking the slats are not necessary to support the box spring and it’s just something needlessly passed down through the generations. She thinks it needs slats. Thoughts?” – u/arfcom

Answer: You do not need to use any additional slats if you are using a boxspring.  If you wanted to eliminate the box spring you could add slats and place the mattress directly on the slatted frame.

TLDR; The slats will not provide any value to the longevity of the mattress.  The box spring should be placed on the frame with support around the entire edge of the foundation.  The weight of the mattress and people on top will be distributed appropriately along the box spring to the frame and subsequently through the legs to the floor.  Ensure the legs of the frame are straight and properly secured.

Platform Bed: No box spring needed, slats included

Platform Bed
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Foundation: No box spring needed, slats included


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Metal Bed Frame: Box spring required, no slats provided

Metal Bed Frame

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