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Why are you shopping for a new mattress?

Who will sleep in the new mattress?

What is your preferred sleep position?

What type of mattress do you like to sleep on

What level of comfort do you prefer

What type of bed frame do you have

What is your number one sleep complaint? (select all that apply)

Your best mattress fit is MEMORY FOAM

Your best mattress fit is memory foam. Memory foam was developed by NASA scientists to help with back pain and reducing motion transfer. If you are a side or stomach sleeper, memory foam is recommended since it is very supportive. While memory foam used to get a bad rep for sleeping hot, new technology has allowed mattress companies like NECTAR to integrate cooling systems, so if you sleep hot, this is also a bonus. It is great if you want to upgrade from your traditional spring mattress, and most have a firmness that is right in the middle of soft and firm, making them great for elderly, guests and children. Our top memory foam recommendation for both the best quality at the lowest price is NECTAR.


Your best mattress fit is HYBRID

Your perfect fit is a hybrid mattress. A hybrid mattress is the perfect combination you have been searching for. A hybrid mattress combines the best of all worlds with soft foam and supportive materials for some of the best sleep experience on the market. Hybrid mattresses were built to bridge the gap between people who were not satisfied by either a traditional spring mattress, which are supportive and bouncy, or the memory foam which are soft and offer incredible back contouring. A hybrid mattress is great for anyone who sleeps on the side, back, or stomach, also great for those who sleep with a partner and have separate preferences. We recommend the DreamCloud mattress.

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Your best mattress fit is TRADITIONAL SPRING

Spring mattresses are traditional mattresses made with internal coils. Traditional spring mattresses are constructed from a series of springs with a border rod Because the springs are connected to an internal rod, they are able to provide support. Because they don't utilize memory foam, these mattresses are generally a good value when you first purchase them. However, due to the fact that the springs condense over time, they lose up to 16% of their support in the first year and do not offer sufficient support for your back. This results in health complications such as poor blood circulation, tossing and turning, aches and joint pain upon waking up. While these mattresses can serve a purpose for a guest bedroom that is hardly used, when it comes to durability and support in the long run, there are better hybrid mattresses that can still offer the support of the spring coil, or more affordable memory foam mattresses that will not collapse or lose their edge.

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