The Best Mattress For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women have a special set of needs when it comes to healthy sleep, and it’s not just any old mattress that can meet those needs. What’s more, the right mattress for a soon-to-be mom has to be the right mattress for her partner, and for her existing and future kids too.

To determine the right mattress we considered the following factors:


First and foremost, we wanted to select a mattress that is insanely comfortable. Any mother can attest to the exceptional discomfort that can come along with pregnancy, especially in the final months. It is essential that the mattress be as comfortable as possible to minimize any additional discomfort.


While most people equate mattress comfort with softness, a mattress that is all sink and no support can leave sleepers overheating and suffering from back pain in the mornings. The right amount of support can make all the difference.

We also avoided mattresses that were overly firm. Doctors recommend that pregnant women sleep on their left side to promote blood flow to the baby, so we looked for a mattress with a good middle level of softness that is perfect for a side sleeper, while still being comfortable for back and stomach sleepers.

Family Friendliness:

Nobody buys a mattress just for nine months. The right mattress during pregnancy has to be the right mattress for many years after the baby arrives. Parents everywhere know that their kids will spend tons of time in mom and dad’s bed, whether for reading, watching movies, or sneaking in after they have a bad dream. Good mattresses for moms are ones that are also good for partners and kids. We looked for a mattress that’s highly durable, has minimal motion transfer, and is free of harmful chemicals or gases.


Soon-to-be moms deserve a mattress that won’t break the bank, so we looked for a mattress that was also the best bang for your buck.

Our pick: the Nectar mattress.

The Nectar mattress ticks all the boxes:

With medium firmness that’s perfect for all sleeping positions, this mattress is specifically designed to maintain a comfortable sleep temperature.

Memory foam is a great option for couples, as it prevents motion transfer that wakes us up in the middle of the night, and it works with all bed types.

With free delivery, an insanely long trial period, an infinite warranty, and a totally affordable price tag, this mattress is perfect for the discerning mom who demands the best for a reasonable cost.

Order your Nectar today. Buy now and Nectar will include two memory foam pillows with your new mattress.

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