The Five Best Ways to Have a Better Sleep Routine

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In the modern age, many factors can prevent you from getting a restful night’s sleep. From Netflix binges to excessive phone time late at night, what seem like fundamental aspects of daily life to some can be one of the most detrimental things to your health and overall well-being in the end.

Having a restful night’s sleep is a big part of creating a healthy lifestyle and maintaining good overall health. Experts say an average adult should get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, but the catch is that sleep needs to be sound and restful sleep. 

Here are 5 easy ways to improve your sleep routine and help improve your overall health:

1. Good Sleep Starts in a Great Bed!

To get the best night of sleep, you have to start with a comfortable mattress. You won’t get restful sleep on a hard, lumpy mattress. The best option is often a memory foam mattress, like a Nectar mattress, that will feel like you’re dreamily sleeping in the clouds. These mattresses provide contouring support and have a soft, airy, breathable cooling outer cover that helps improve your overall sleep quality, as well as, helping you fall asleep faster.

2. Limit Your Screen Time Close to Bedtime. 

It’s better to find a quiet activity before bedtime that doesn’t involve using a screen. You should turn off your phone, tablet, or even TV at least half-hour to an hour before you try to go to sleep. Try reading a book or newspaper or listening to soft music instead.

3. Decorate with Your Bedroom with Softer Colors. 

Bright colors or glossy walls will make it harder for you to get to sleep. Try using hues of blues and greens or even subtle yellows to decorate your bedroom for better sleep. These cooler colors help promote calm and relaxation, which helps ease you into a restful state for you to go to sleep.

4.Only Use Your Bedroom for Sleep.

It can dramatically improve your sleep routine if you only associate your bedroom with sleep. Avoid using your bedroom as an office or to lounge about during the day, as this association can not only wreak havoc on your sleep schedule but your overall sleep quality as well.

5.Establish a Pre-Bedtime Routine. 

You should try to get into the habit of doing the same things each night before bed. This will help your body learn to relax before sleep each night. Be sure to keep these activities fairly low-intensity and consider routines that directly help influence a more relaxed state. You can try things like an evening walk, a warm bath, or meditation. 

Final Thoughts

Sleep is one of the most fundamental yet overlooked aspects of maintaining overall physical and mental wellbeing. Research repeatedly demonstrates the benefits and necessity of maintaining a healthy and consistent sleep routine.

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