What to Drink to Sleep Faster and Better? Sleep Aids

What to Drink to Sleep Faster and better? We have a list of drinks that can help you sleep better. Trust us, warm milk is not the only one.We have often heard people saying, “you snooze, you lose.” That’s true but seems like that these are also people who haven’t suffered any sleep issues or insomnia yet. From counting-the-sheep tricks to tossing & turning and waking up at midnight, not being able to sleep is truly the most frustrating feeling ever.

Before depending on heavy doses of drugs like Lunesta or Ambien, you might want to check out what to drink to sleep faster? Honestly, going the natural way is the best. But before we list down some healthy drinks for sleep, here are some interesting facts to read.

what to drink to sleep faster

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM):

  • About 30% of adults suffer from insomnia symptoms.
  • About 10% of adults tend to have insomnia that’s severe, which can cause issues in the daytime.
  • About 5-7% of adults are more likely to experience chronic insomnia.
  • Insomnia is highly seen in older and middle-age groups.
  • Your sleep requirements don’t change as you age. But what makes it more difficult to sleep is your physical problems.
  • When compared to men, women are likely to develop insomnia.
  • An individual who has a psychiatric or medical illness is at a greater risk for suffering from insomnia than someone who doesn’t.
  • Lastly, individuals who are under medications might experience sleeping issues as a side effect.

What to Drink to Sleep Faster: 10 Natural Foods to Try

You spend one-third of your lifetime sleeping, which is around 16 hours per night as babies, 9 hours per night as teens and 7 – 8 hours per night as adults.

A good night’s sleep is important for your brain and overall health. When you don’t get this right, it takes a toll on your health. Lack of good sleep can ruin your concentration, impair your memory retention and can also lead to weight gain – or worse- obesity.

To get out of the rut of sleeplessness and fall asleep faster, give these natural drinks a try.

Cherry Juice

Depending on the climatic zones they are grown in, cherries can be tart, sour, and sweet. They come in various colors, even including purple, red, and yellow. Not only do they make a sumptuous filling for your pie but also come packed with a myriad of health benefits while the most crucial being the ability to enhance a human’s sleep quality.

Little did you know that cherries are a rich source of tryptophan, an essential amino acid that aids in quality sleep after consumption.

cherry juice

Good to Know: Drinking 480 ml (2 cups) of freshly-made cherry juice a day doesn’t cause any side effects, we recommend you to drink just 1 cup of it regularly to enhance your sleep. (Source: NCBI)

Warm Milk

This is an age-old remedy, which needs no introduction. People have always reached for a glass of warm milk to drift them into their dreamlands. It continues to be a popular choice even today. The reason? Well, it’s the amino acid tryptophan again.

Tryptophan in milk increases your serotonin (happiness hormone) levels naturally and acts as a precursor to melatonin, a sleep-regulating hormone.

Good to know: You can upgrade your regular glass of milk by adding low-caffeine elements like matcha that adds compounds like L-theanine which reduces anxiety and relaxes you mentally and physically. (Source: National Library of Medicine)

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is yet another healthy sleep drink you might want to consider, as there are multiple studies backing the statement that it helps in promoting good night’s sleep. Thanks to the high amounts of flavonoids like Apigenin in it.

The added bonus is that it also helps in getting rid of anxiety, cold, and inflammation.

chamomile tea

Good to know: This study clearly indicates that consuming either a cup of chamomile tea or its supplements is safe and doesn’t call for any side effects. But anything beyond this can invite some unwanted health issues.

Decaffeinated Green Tea

Even though green tea contains caffeine, certain substances in it might help overcome sleep problems because they directly act on the brain’s GABA system. The one that primarily works is theanine. It reduces neuron excitement and stress-related hormones, allowing your brain to enter a calm state.

This study reported that drinking low-caffeine green tea helps improve sleep. However, the mechanism of how it affects your sleep is unclear.

Decaffeinated Green Tea

Good to know: Drinking 3 to 4 cups of low-caffeinated green tea in a day at different intervals might reduce fatigue and stress levels, improving sleep quality in return. But the trick only works if you use decaffeinated green tea because the standard one will have good amounts of caffeine in it, which may inhibit sleep. (Source: NCBI)

Ashwagandha Tea

Also known as winter cherry or Indian ginseng, Ashwagandha is a highly admired medicinal plant. Its extracts have been long used in Ayurveda for treating conditions like anxiety, arthritis, and stress.

But not many know that its leaves contain essential compounds to induce sleep. This research paper states that the compound Triethylene glycol in Ashwagandha leaves induces sleep. So, drinking a cup of it once in a while can do the trick.

ashwagandha tea

Safety Tip: Although Ashwagandha tea is considered safe for most individuals, people under medications for blood pressure, thyroid disease, blood sugar, and autoimmune disorders should avoid it. Also, it is not advised for breastfeeding or pregnant women. (Source: Medicine Plus)

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint has natural antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-allergenic properties. Its tea has been consumed for ages now and is well-known for relieving gastrointestinal (GI) problems like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and indigestion.

Though a lot of studies claim that it helps improve sleep quality, more clinical trials are required to examine the way it affects the sleep directly.

Preparation: Take a few amounts of fresh peppermint leaves and boil it in 2 cups of water for 5 – 10 minutes. Wait until the water quantity reduces to 1 cup. Strain it and drink hot. Although it is safe to drink peppermint tea, it may interact if you are taking medications for diabetes, blood pressure, or indigestion. So, check with your doctor first.

Tender Coconut Water

Don’t be surprised to see coconut water in this list. Often admired as an energy-boosting beverage, coconut water contains key components like potassium and magnesium that relax your muscles and help you sleep better.

Moreover, it is a rich source of vitamin B, which also reduces your stress levels which is often one of the leading causes of sleeplessness and insomnia.

coconut water

Fact: The methanol content from its roots increases the sleep duration significantly when compared to drugs like pentobarbital, meprobamate, and diazepam. (Source: Research Gate)

Herbal Lemon Balm Tea

Adding yet another tea to the list, the herbal lemon balm tea is the most decaffeinated drink you can make yourself to help you sleep. Its essential compound – the rosmarinic acid is considered to have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties

Lemon balm tea helps you fight off stress, curb insomnia, keep your gut healthy and nervous system healthy.

Good to Know: Making a lemon balm herbal tea is no rocket science. All you have to do is add 7-8 leaves of lemon balm to a kettle of boiling water and let it simmer for a few minutes. Add honey if you’d like and enjoy.

Almond Milk

Almonds are a good source of healthy vitamins, minerals, and fiber. No doubt. But almond milk, on the other hand, is a nutty and creamy alternative to goat or cow’s milk.

Consuming almond milk has been associated with improved sleep quality. This is mainly due to the presence of sleep-promoting minerals and hormones, including melatonin, magnesium, and tryptophan in it.

Nutritional Value: 1 cup of almond milk has about 17mg of magnesium, an important mineral that helps in the treatment of insomnia. (Source: Food Data Central)

Golden Milk

Golden milk (Milk + Turmeric) not just harnesses the capability of warm milk in helping you to sleep better but also contains the goodness of turmeric.

Milk is a rich source of tryptophan, which helps increase the melatonin levels to regulate your sleep-wake cycle.

Turmeric, on the other hand, is a good source of curcumin, a compound which can reduce inflammation, relieve anxiety, ease depression, and the effects of sleep deprivation, according to this study. Hence, a combo of the two can do a great deed in helping you to sleep better.

golden milk

Preparation: Mix 1/2 cup of milk with 1 teaspoon of turmeric, 1 teaspoon of honey, and 1 little piece of fresh ginger. Boil it for 3–5 minutes, strain it, and drink it.

Do not drink golden milk if you are under blood thinners or any drug that manages diabetes and reduces stomach acid.

Sweet Dreams

While these drinks are here to help you boost your sleep quality, you need to combine them with an healthy lifestyle, including nutritious meals, mindfulness activities and regular workouts to witness an overall and long-lasting effect.

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