Why Do You Wake Up With A Headache

Why Do You Wake Up With A Headache – Your morning may not be so good after all when you wake up with a severe headache characteristic of a migraine. About 50% of migraine attacks usually happen between the hours of 4 a.m. and 9 a.m, which is why about 80% of migraine sufferers end up feeling tired when they wake up. It’s easy for us to blame our headache for our sleep disruption, but it may be that your sleep habits that are causing them in the first place.

It’s quite normal to assume that sleep and headaches are linked together because same areas of the brain control. This is why headaches are more likely to occur in those who have sleep disorders compared to those who don’t. But why do you wake up with a headache, anyway?

Why Do You Wake Up With A Headache
Key Factors That Lead To Headaches In The Morning
Tips On How To Minimize Headaches In The Morning

Why Do You Wake Up With A Headache
Why Do You Wake Up With A Headache – Key Factors

Although sleep problems like sleep apnea, stress, and the like can be linked to a morning headache, there are more common issues that are triggering your headache pain in the morning. Here are a few that are normally associated with this condition.


Morning pain can be caused by lack of sleep because of insomnia. The tossing and turning that you experience every time you sleep, plus waking up in the early hours of the morning, are the culprits to having poor sleep. Lying in bed wide awake can lead to anxiety as well as depression, especially when you are starved for sleep. Fortunately, this can be treated through medication or therapy to help you fall asleep better at night.

Wrong pillow

Tension headaches are triggered by something simple as using the wrong pillow. When the muscles in your neck and scalp become strained, you’ll feel some pain in the morning. To avoid this problem, you need to choose the right type of pillow that will keep your head and your neck in a neutral pose.

Alcohol consumption

Why do you wake up with a headache? Well, if you’ve been drinking way too much the night before, you’ll probably wake up with a hangover headache. Even a few drinks at night can leave you feeling dehydrated which means that there is less blood flow going through your brain. This causes a headache in the first place.


Anxiety is another cause for pain as well as an ailment in your body which can trigger headaches. The tense feeling that comes with anxiety, from tense jaw, to sleepless nights, can leave you with a headache when you wake up in the morning. One of the best ways to alleviate the problem is to do some meditation before going to bed or breathing workout too.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnoea is said to be one of the leading causes of headaches in the morning as the breaks in your sleep at night can make you miss out on your all-important sleep. Obstructive sleep apnea can make matters worse too, which is why it is necessary to find the appropriate treatment for your condition to alleviate the sleep disturbance that you are experiencing every night.

Caffeine withdrawal

If you are the type of person who drinks several cups of coffee per day, and you start to cut back with your consumption, you may experience some withdrawal symptoms. One reason behind this is that caffeine can hinder the flow of blood to your brain thus triggering headaches.

Teeth grinding

Teeth grinding may be a habit of yours when you sleep, but if you wake up with a raging headache, it is possible that this is caused by grinding teeth. When you grind your teeth, you are putting pressure on your temporomandibular joints that connect your lower jaw that leads to the front of your ear. The change in the position of your jaw can trigger a headache in the morning. If this troubles you every morning, you need to talk to your dentist, so you will be able to figure out what appropriate treatment to use.

Congested sinuses

Why do you wake up with a headache? Another possible reason for your sinus headaches is that your sinuses are congested. Unfortunately, there is no solution to this except to sleep, take medication, as well as hydrate too. If you are coming down with the flu, having a headache is one of the usual symptoms that will crop up.


Alcohol consumption may give you a raging headache in the morning, but so is dehydration. This can be a huge problem, especially when you often wake up with a headache. If you want to avoid this, drinking a glass of water prior to bedtime is highly recommended. This way, your body will still have enough fluids in it for the eight hours or so of sleep, you are getting. Make sure that your fluid intake throughout the day is adequate too, to prevent headaches in the morning.

Stress. Aside from anxiety, stress can also make you wake up with a headache. Your overactive mind can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep which can leave you with a brewing headache in the morning.

Sleep movement disorders. Studies show those morning headaches can also be caused by sleep movement disorders such as restless leg syndrome and sleep bruxism. In restless leg syndrome, you’ll feel some pins and needles in your legs while lying down which forces you to move them to find relief. Sleep bruxism, on the other hand, is also referred to as teeth grinding which are mentioned here.

Why Do You Wake Up With A Headache
Key Factors That Lead To Headaches In The Morning
Tips On How To Minimize Headaches In The Morning

Tips On How To Minimize Headaches In The Morning
Tips On How To Minimize Headaches In The Morning

Now that you have several answers to the question, “Why do you wake up with a headache?”, you’re probably wondering how you’ll be able to prevent it in the first place. This is understandable since waking up to a pounding headache is never a good sign that your day will be good. Fortunately, there are several tips that can help you sleep better at night, plus keep headaches in the morning at bay. Here are a few that you should try out.

Invest in a good mattress and bedding

Chronic tension-type headache can be a real pain, but did you know that getting your hands on a good mattress as well as a comfortable bedding can help you sleep better? As a matter of fact, having a decent sized pillow can prevent neck pain too since your head is properly aligned as you sleep. Check out your mattress if the lumps and bumps are preventing you from sleeping well at night, if they do, then shopping for a new one is a must. On the other hand, if your morning headaches are caused by inflammation triggered by allergies, you will need to consider using hypoallergenic sheets and bedding for your mattress.

Monitor your headaches

Jotting down your activities the night before and their effects the following morning can give you a good idea on what triggers your headache in the first place. Write down the intensity level of your headache, where it is generating from, your total sleep time, and the like. Any information that can help you figure out what causes your headaches in the morning will be of good use.

Find a treatment

Taking medication or using dental devices to help combat your snoring and sleep apnea is recommended especially when it can help alleviate the pain in your head when you wake up. Take note that snoring not only interrupts your sleep but others too who are living in the same house as you. Mouthpieces, chinstraps, and even getting an extra pillow for your head are all possible solutions to help you deal with snoring safely. A CPAP machine or continuous positive airway pressure may help too if your doctor recommends it.

Set up better sleep habits

Your nighttime routine may help keep your nighttime headaches at bay. Experts recommend that you do some calming rituals prior to bedtime so that it will be easier for you to fall asleep. What can you do to sleep well? Start by turning off your devices at least half an hour before bedtime, taking a warm bath to help soothe your tired muscle, and even sipping a cup of relaxing tea.

Transform your bedroom into a relaxing space

If your bedroom is a scene of chaos, where clothes are strewn all over the floor, and the like, you will need to take steps to get rid of the clutter in order to create a place where you can rest and relax with ease. Organize your closet, and keep all the knick-knacks in a storage to reduce the chaos in your space. And if you can, diffuse some essential oils too.

Waking up with a headache is tough, especially when you have a lot of things to do in the day. Fortunately, knowing what the possible triggers are as well as how you can prevent them, can reduce the problem easily.

Why Do You Wake Up With A Headache
Key Factors That Lead To Headaches In The Morning
Tips On How To Minimize Headaches In The Morning

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