Why Everyone is Amazed with the Awara Mattress

It’s natural to do research before you buy a mattress, especially when you’re shopping for an organic or sustainable one. No one wants to breathe in toxins, like formaldehyde or benzene, from a conventional mattress night after night. Besides, you spend about a third of your life sleeping (mostly on a mattress), and you don’t intend to buy a new one every year! Best case scenario: Your mattress lasts forever. So how do you choose this essential life product?

After I realizing I desperately needed a new mattress, I spent countless hours scouring the net for an eco-friendly option that could give me comfort, support, and peace of mind. I found my perfect match with the Awara mattress. While there’s no substitute for testing an Awara mattress in person, I gathered all the info I could. I learned about how it’s made with GOLS-certified organic latex, that it doesn’t contain many chemicals commonly found in standard mattresses, like lead or formaldehyde, and that it has industry-leading organic certifications for the latex, wool, and cotton used to make it. On top of all that, the price was reasonable. And they offered a Forever Warranty and 365-night trial, just in case.

After free shipping, quick delivery, and easy set up, I was ready to test out my new mattress, and it definitely did not disappoint. I like a firm mattress, and from day one, I was impressed by the supportive yet comfortable feel of the latex. It felt durable and cozy at the same time. And the most important thing: It’s made with as many natural and organic materials as possible. I’m living an eco-conscious life even when I’m asleep! Now my only problem is wanting to stay in bed all the time.

Since I started sleeping on my Awara, I’ve been feeling rested and energetic in the morning because I’m getting a better night’s sleep. I know that choosing a mattress made with many natural and organic materials was the best one for my health and the planet. I’m never going back to a conventional mattress.

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