Why Everyone is Raving About the DreamCloud Mattress

It’s natural to want to do some research before you buy a mattress. Hey, it’s a big purchase! Not only do we sleep on it for a third of our lives, in most cases, we’re hoping it’s going to last us a long time (or forever). Educating yourself is one of the best ways to know exactly what you’re getting before you pull the trigger.

While it’s no substitute for sleeping on a DreamCloud mattress, we have gathered some of the press and accolades that have accumulated this year for the DreamCloud mattress. It’s only natural, when you create a mattress this comfy and durable, people start to talk. Here’s why DreamCloud is changing the mattress game one sleep at a time.

MSNBC Loves How Sleepers Come First

In a recent feature on DreamCloud, MSNBC showed how DreamCloud is changing the mattress landscape. They said that it boiled down to one simple rule, as dictated by DreamCloud’s founder.

“Everyone sleeps,” DreamCloud Co-Founder Craig Schmeizer told CNBC — even as he wants the company to be like “businesses that my grandparents built.”

What Sleepers are Saying About DreamCloud

While it’s always nice to see that an article or a reviewer enjoyed the mattress you’re about to purchase, the best endorsement come from regular sleepers like yourself. Here’s what people are saying about the DreamCloud

Andrew R. says he’s rediscovered sleeping in — and loves it. “DreamCloud plush memory foam made me look forward to sleeping. All the foam layers come together to create the feeling of sleeping on a cloud. Now I get why people want to sleep in on the weekends. My wife actually says that ever since DreamCloud I like to sleep in. It’s incredible. I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.”

Rana H. says she loves the “cottony” feel of falling asleep on a DreamCloud, and that it’s changed the way she wakes up in the morning. “If you’re tired of a mushy mattress, this one is for you: I’ve had such a delicate and easy sleep experience that can only be described as cottony. It’s as if you’re sleeping on a beautiful rolling fog. The health benefits have been great too — no more sleepy arms in the morning, no more restless legs at night. The DreamCloud is there every night, supporting and encouraging me into another night of warm and gratifying sleep.”

So what are you waiting for? Try the mattress that has everyone talking. It’s luxury at a decidedly un-luxurious price. Shop the DreamCloud mattress today and receive the Sleep Authority discount and save $200. See what sleeping on luxury feels like, and you’ll be telling your friends too.

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