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Awara vs Nest Bedding Mattress Comparison (2023)


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February 21, 2023

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awara vs nets bedding

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Being environmental-conscious is a necessity, and we can inculcate this practice even when it comes to our mattresses! If you browse for eco-friendly mattresses, Awara and Nest Bedding may surely catch your eye as they are popular options today. But which is better? We will walk you through a detailed comparison between Awara vs Nest Bedding to help you with the best mattress.

Awara vs Nest Bedding :Mattress Comparison Chart

Price (Queen)
Edge Support
Motion Isolation
Free Return
Free Shipping
Height (Inch*)
2 Pillow included
Sheet set included
Mattress protector included
Awara Mattress Review
$799- $1399
365 Nights
Easy-Move Base
EMI options available
The Standard 100 by OEKO
nest bedding
Lifetime warranty
365 Nights
Support Foam
EMI options available
OEKO-TEX® Natural Talalay

This table will take you through the key features of Awara vs Nest Bedding. A detailed comparison is given below.

Awara vs Nest Bedding : Mattress Construction

Awara is a 10 inches thick mattress that offers you four plush uncomplicated layers for a good night’s rest. It is medium-firm and is rated 7 on the firmness scale. Nest Bedding comes with 12 inches of thickness. It is made of five layers and offers multiple firmness options. Let’s learn more.

Mattress Construction:

The topmost layer of Awara comes with a plush Euro top with organic cotton and New Zealand wool. It keeps you cool and dry throughout the night without interrupting your sleep. With Nest Bedding, you get organic stretch knit cotton and Joma wool with an eco-flex quilting foam cover pillow top design. It is almost as plush as Awara’s luxe top.

The second Awara layer brings you breathable and natural Dunlop latex. It adjusts to your body, relieves pressure and gives you pain-free sleep. With Nest Bedding, you get natural Talalay latex. Moving to the third layer, Awara brings you a premium coil support core. Here, the individually wrapped 8-inch coils help improve airflow and reduce motion transfer. Nest bedding gives you transitional comfort foam.

The final layer of Awara gives you a beautiful cotton blend cover that wraps around the supportive base. You also get four sturdy handles, which makes it easier to move. Nest Bedding gives you 6 inches of coil support, two inches less than Awara. And its final layer, you get support foam.


Awara is rated 7 on the firmness scale, a luxury firm. It is ideal for all sleepers and offers perfect firmness, which is neither too soft nor hard. Nest Bedding gives you multiple firmness options.


Awara is 10 inches thick, whereas Nest Bedding is 12 inches.

Awara Vs Nest Bedding: Warranty and Returns

Awara brings you a forever warranty and Nest Bedding brings you a lifetime warranty. And they offer free returns too.

Awara Vs Nest Bedding: Financing

With Awara, you get financing options starting from as low as $61 per month at 0% APR. Nest Bedding offers you financing, but you must check if you are qualified for the same.

Awara Vs Nest Bedding: Size & Pricing

Awara is a green mattress that’s good for the planet and your wallet too! However, Nest Bedding is expensive. Both mattresses are crafted with premium eco-friendly materials. But regarding the pricing, Nest Bedding burns a hole in the wallet. Awara starts from $7,99 whereas Nest Bedding starts from $1,492. You almost pay double here. Full size and pricing details are given below.

Size (dimension) Nest Bedding Mattress Price Awara
Twin (38x75) $1,492 $799 (Bedding offer + Discounts)
Twin XL (38x80) $1,759 $899 (Bedding offer + Discounts)
Full (54x75) $2,079 $999 (Bedding offer + Discounts)
Queen (60x80) $2,346 $1,099 (Bedding offer + Discounts)
King (76x80) $2,666 $1,399 (Bedding offer + Discounts)
Cal King (72x84) $2,666 $1,399 (Bedding offer + Discounts)
Split CK 1-Side $1,759 -
*Disclaimer: This information has been recorded on 17 Feb 2023 and is subject to change.

Awara Vs Nest Bedding: Trial

Both mattresses bring you 365 nights trial so you can take the mattress for a test run through all the seasons and see which suits you best.

Awara Vs Nest Bedding: Awards & Certification

Awara has won several accolades, such as Top Pick Best Value 2022 – SLEEP FOUNDATION, Editor’s Choice Mattress 2021 – USA TODAY, Best Mattress Stomach Sleepers 2021 – INSIDER, Editor’s Pick Best Latex Mattress 2022 – TUCK. Nest Bedding has also won a couple of awards. 

Coming to certifications, Awara has all the necessary certifications, which include The Standard 100 by OEKO -TEX, UL GREENGUARD Gold, Repreve, Wools of New Zealand ™, and Forest Stewardship Council. Nest Bedding is OEKO-TEX® Natural Talalay Latex and Certi-PUR certified. 

Awara vs Nest Bedding: Buyers Reviews

What are the users saying about their purchases? Let’s find out!

Awara Reviews

Verified review

After doing lots of comparing and shopping around, we decided on the Awara mattress. We love our new mattress! It was very supportive and comfortable, a good balance between firm and soft support. We also love that it’s made with more clean materials and doesn’t have any harsh fumes or odors upon opening. I definitely fall asleep much faster these days than I did on our previous old mattress, and wake up feeling more rested. Highly recommend. By Kate C

By Kate C

Verified review

This is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. And knowing that it’s made from organic and safe materials makes me sleep even better at night! It’s both firm and comfortable and I haven’t felt like I’ve been sinking in at all. By Sigrid A


By Sigrid A

Verified review

I ordered the Awara natural hybrid king size mattress, as I wanted a latex mattress, and Awara was highly rated. The process was very easy, and customer service was great! I received my mattress (and the wonderful complimentary pillows and mattress protector) quickly. I love my new mattress! The firmness and comfort are just perfect! Would recommend highly. 

By Georgina M
Nest Bedding Reviews

Verified review

This is the most uncomfortable mattress I have ever purchased. It’s like it’s stuffed with towels. No give or cushion feel. My wife is begging me to cut our losses and buy a new one / different kind. 

By John D

Verified review

My queen hybrid bed arrived with an entire side collapsed inward 4-5 inches.The quality of the bed was so unbelievably below how it seemed in the Albany,CA store! The side springs could be felt as though the sides of the bed were stitched with tissue paper.I should have just walked away when store manager, Jason could not answer my basic questions such as foam density during my purchasing experience. Needless to say I returned this bed, but not before a 2 week ordeal of my chasing down this company every step of the way.After sending in the many requested photos of top and bottom of the bed, it was still examined thoroughly with a flashlight- note to buyers…if your bed has even one tiny spot on it- anywhere it voids your warranty and they will not accept the return-and you will not be refunded.My bed was pristine so this was not an issue but this is a caution to consider before purchase. Once scrutinized,my bed was carefully wrapped in a heavy plastic bag-this seemed like a lot of effort for a mattress that is not going to be re-sold. 

By Julie R

Verified review

Very soft and lumpy. The bed never fully filled up and looks frumpy after 30 days. Our friends have the same mattress and it is so much better than the one we received. We are planning on returning, hopefully that process is smooth.

By Ryan F


Almost $700! That’s how much more you pay for Nest Bedding. And it doesn’t offer any additional features when compared to Awara. But with Awara, you not only end up with the best luxury mattress, which is eco-friendly but it is also light on the pocket. And the reviews say the same!

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