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Product Review Policy

Sleep Authority has a dedicated section to review Sleep Related Products by various brands. We only list some of the brands here. Though none of the reviews are biased, we do promote our family of brands – brands we believe in – on this website. Here we have commissioned independent reviewers and/or articles; we state as much in the article’s sub-heading. Where we compare products against others, we state the criteria we review and state our basis for choosing the “best” or “top” product in a link accompanying the comparison. 

Sleep Authority provides authentic, accurate, and up-to-date information about all products but does not guarantee that it is exactly as we have mentioned. Various companies often change their product features, warranty periods, and shipping policies from time to time. Even if we try to keep the information up to date, there will be times that we may miss out on it. The best way to verify or find accurate information is to visit the company’s official website. 

Role of External Reviewer-

Sleep Authority may pay the external reviewer for their time, labor and to cover the costs incurred by the reviewer to purchase the consumables and not for their reviews. The review made by the external entity is solely their opinion. 

How do we rate the products?

We use the below-listed factors (not just limited to this), bring them into consideration, and then publish the comparison, reviews, or opinions on various products-

  • Company/ Brand Name
  • Product
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Construction
  • Technology used
  • Return Policy
  • Customer Reviews on various shopping platforms 
  • Standing on various commercial platforms
  • Brand Popularity
  • Availability on various platforms
  • Social Media standing of the product

Sleep Authority works with brands in the following ways:

  •  Sleep Authority may have cost-per-click, affiliate fee, or revenue share arrangements with various brands.
  •  Sleep Authority may receive products free of charge from companies for conducting reviews. 
  • Sleep Authority may receive an affiliate fee from brands for reviewing a product or publishing their brand content. 
  • We may create and sell advertising units, including but not limited to onsite display and email remarketing, to various brands. 


Referral fee/ Affiliate fee we receive from brands may affect the ranking. 

Message to Companies-

Sleep Authority tries its best to procure authentic information and publish up-to-date, accurate and known information about your products. However, if you feel that any information about your product, company or brand is inaccurate, not up-to-date, or in any way wrong, please do fill in this Contact Us form.  

Consider that there can be times when you have updated something we haven’t. Such human errors or discrepancies can be sorted out with just an email. 


www.sleepauthority.com is brought to you by Resident. Our company sells Nectar, DreamCloud, Awara, Level Sleep, and Home Well Designed. While we intend for this site to be an educational and useful resource for consumers interested in sleep-related topics, we also promote our family of brands – brands that we believe in – on this website. Where we have commissioned independent research and/or articles to support our content, we will state as such in the sub-heading of the article. Where we compare our brands and products against others, we will provide the review criteria as well as state our basis for choosing the “best” or “top” product in a link accompanying the comparison. Our aim is to assist consumers in choosing the best solution for getting restful and comfortable sleep and it is our belief that there is a Resident product that meets any sleeper’s needs.