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14 Best Sleep Products 2023: Fall Asleep Faster


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January 6, 2023

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Most adults feel that sleep issues are natural in old age. And hence they tend to ignore the problems of falling asleep or awakening in the middle of the night. Moreover, people love scrolling social media and delaying their bedtime routine. Initially, it’s entertaining. However, in the long run, one may face its consequences. 

Therefore, by keeping adults’ sleep issues in mind and consulting healthcare experts, researchers have developed the best sleep products to help you sleep faster. This article will look at 14 slumber products to enhance your natural sleep.

Natural Sleep: Can It Be Enhanced

Natural sleep: can it be enhanced? Yes, by working on your slow-wave sleep stage. Deep sleep stage decreases with age and affects sleep quality. Slow-wave sleep is a restorative sleep stage that provides physical and mental benefits. If you are sleep-deprived, you can enhance your deep sleep with various methods such as exercise, healthy fiber-rich food, yoga, good sleep hygiene, and using innovative sleep products.

14 Sleep Products That Can Help You Sleep

Sleep aid technology is advancing day by day. Therefore, these best sleep aid products can make their way into your bedtime routine.

  1. Sleep Apps
  2. Fitness Trackers
  3. Cool and Silky Eye Mask
  4. Smart Beds and Mattresses
  5. Calming Essential Oils
  6. Weighted Eye Mask
  7. A CBD sleep spray
  8. Weighted Comforter
  9. Light
  10. Sound
  11. Temperature
  12. Humidity
  13. Air Pressure
  14. Altering Brain Waves

Below are the details of 14 sleep products that can help you sleep.

Sleep Apps

Sleep apps have the potential to support sleep self-management. The study showed that only some apps in the market meet the criteria for quality, content, and functionality. These apps help you sleep in the following ways:

  • Track sleep patterns- With the help of microphones, motion detectors, and accelerometers, the sleep trackers app checks when you are in the REM sleep stage. Moreover, it wakes you up in the lightest phase of your sleep. Therefore,  sleep enhancing devices can keep you rejuvenated.
  • Data collection– With the help of log features, the best sleep technology apps collect data about your exercise, dietary intake, and dreams. In addition, it monitors your sound while you are asleep, your sleeping movements, light sleep, dream stage sleep, and deep sleep. The collected data is presented in charts and graphs form.
  • Moreover, there are sleep products for babies, too, such as:
  • White noise machines
  • Swaddle blankets & sleep sacks
  • Baby swings
  • Baby sleep monitors
  • Night lights
  • Pacifiers
  • Overnight diapers
  • Blackout curtains. 

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are the best sleep gadgets of 2023. It is a device that monitors the following.

  • Heart rate
  • Number of steps taken
  • Calories burned 
  • Distance traveled

Embedded sensors help the device track all your activities. Moreover, it includes GPS tracking, playback music, and notifications for better health. Your daily movement data is incorporated based on your sleep position and blood oxygen measurement. Nowadays, advanced fitness tracker apps guide sleep depending on your bedtime routine. 

There are varied fitness trackers available in the market. Some are worn around the wrist or waist, while others are clipped to clothing. These trackers help you achieve your goals and track your progress. The study shows that 16% of respondents strongly agree, and 61% agree that fitness trackers enhance sleep quality.

Cool and Silky Eye Mask

Are you looking for sleeping devices for insomnia? If yes, try using eye masks. Cool and silky eye masks help block out light and thus keep your body in sleeping mode. Your body’s natural clock, the circadian rhythm, is sensitive to light and darkness. When affected, it causes mental, physical, and behavioral changes. The highest sensitivity to light occurs two hours before you sleep. Hence, exposure to light during this period can affect your sleep. Thus, blocking out light using sleep masks can help combat sleep issues.

Smart Beds and Mattresses

Nowadays, not only phones and watches are smart, but your beds and mattress have also joined the bandwagon. With the help of biometric technology, your mattress can record the following.

  • Heart rate
  • Breathing
  • Snoring
  • Movement while sleeping 
  • Other data to analyze sleep state

The new and advanced sleep technologies allow you to customize your bed’s firmness as per your sleeping positions. Some beds also help adjust the air quantity if you are a combination sleeper. Your innovative mattress can also help you with environmental monitoring, such as sound and temperature. Moreover, it has built-in audio features for meditation and smart connectivity to wi-fi. 

Calming Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated extracts from plants and herbs, causing positive effects on health. It can help eliminate anxiety and stress and stabilize blood pressure. A combination of several essential oils assists in enhancing bedtime rest. A study was conducted to check the effect of essential oils on sleep quality. A mixture of lavender, bergamot, and ylang-ylang essential oils improved sleep quality among participants. 

Weighted Eye Mask

A weighted eye mask is filled with weight and made from soft fabric such as satin, silk, or cotton. It blocks light and signals your brain to get ready for sleep by putting subtle pressure on your eyes. The melatonin level, known as the hormone of darkness and sleep, gets enhanced with reduced light intensity. Try a weighted eye mask for a deep sleep experience.

A CBD sleep spray

Cannabidiol is a compound extracted from the hemp plant. It is a tincture of CBD extract and ethanol alcohol. CBD interacts with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS) and supports your sleep cycle. Moreover, it reduces blood pressure, so your body takes less time to fall asleep. CBD enhances the quality and quantity of your sleep by stimulating the melatonin hormone.

Weighted Comforter

A thick and fluffy decorative type of bedding, a weighted comforter is used as a top covering on your bed. Its outer layer is sewn together in a gridded stitch pattern that keeps the filler materials intact. The air channels enhance the breathability and moisture absorption of the comforter. Moreover, the weight is distributed evenly, thus improving your sleep comfort. 


Do you live where there is a lack of sunlight during winter? If yes, it must be hard for you to wake up naturally when it’s pitch black outside. Why not try wake-up light alarms which use light to awaken you from your slumber? These lights resemble the natural sunrise and become brighter at your pre-set wake-up time. Moreover, it has features such as the natural sounds of chirping birds or calming water. You may also find a sunset feature allowing you to fall asleep faster. People with seasonal depression or vitamin D deficiency can use it to combat sleep issues. 


Do outside distracting noises make you look for tech to help you sleep? Worry not, as white noise machines help mask common indoor and outdoor noises. Whether the loud slamming of the door or the hoarse sound of the horn, these sound machines prevent sleep disruption. A study showed that using broadband sound administration on insomnia patients drastically reduced sleep onset latency by 38%. Therefore, noise machines are the best sleep gadgets for insomnia patients. Besides white noise, you can even try Tibetan bowl therapy or music therapy for better sleep quality.


As per Ayurveda, individuals need different temperatures while sleeping, depending on their body’s constitution. For example, pitta body constitution, people tend to sleep hot and suffer from insomnia. To combat this issue, try wearable sleep aids, such as a fluid-filled headband. It helps cool your forehead by maintaining an optimal temperature throughout the night. Therefore, your brain activity is reduced, and you feel calm and relaxed.


High humidity can cause condensation leading to the growth of harmful bacteria, dust, and mites. These allergens can cause respiratory problems such as asthma. The best indoor humidity level ranges between 30% to 50% and should never exceed 60%. The ideal way to measure the humidity level in your house is to use a hygrometer, which keeps humidity within range. 

Air Pressure

Air pressure can cause breathing difficulty. Try using a sleep pod if you suffer from sleep deprivation due to breathing issues. It is a cocoon-shaped device that covers the entire body and subtly puts calming pressure like a hug. This sleep product helps optimize air circulation and reduces stress. Furthermore, it relieves anxiety and prepares your body for sleep. Therefore, try this breathable and lightweight sleep pod, the best sleep gadget of the year 2023.

Altering Brain Waves

What is the best device to help sleep better? The headband designed with EEG (electroencephalography) sensors to monitor your brain waves. When you play two different frequency tones simultaneously in both ears, your brain perceives the tone as a new third-frequency tone. This new frequency tone is equivalent to the difference between the two tones played in different frequencies and is known as binaural beats

The brain wave patterns are associated with different mood types, such as a relaxed mind, anxiousness, and productivity. Thus, binaural beats impact mood, focus, and sleep. The device generates pink and white noise audio tones depending on the biofeedback.


These are the 14 sleep products that can help you sleep better. However, not all sleep products will work for you. Try products depending on the root cause of your slumber issues. Most importantly, focus on your bedtime routine, sleep hygiene and healthy diet. Technology and sleep will go hand in hand with more research and studies. The onus lies in making the best use of technology while consistently trying to get natural sleep.  


Weighted blankets & comforters, eye masks, white noise machines, essential oils, smart beds & mattresses, sleep apps, and fitness trackers are the best sleep products.

Bedtime routine, exercising, taking natural sunlight, eating a healthy diet, and journaling are the five things that can help you sleep.

Chamomile tea, ashwagandha tea, and golden turmeric milk will help you sleep faster.

Setting a regular sleep schedule, limiting gadgets use, reducing stress, and being mindful of eating habits can put you to sleep fast

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