I Never Knew Sleeping On A Nectar Mattress Could Be The Secret To Having More Energy

Nectar Sleep

Being single in the city is fun, but with so many things to do and people to see, my YOLO mentality has resulted in subpar sleep habits. A typical day goes something like this: Wake up groggy in the morning after getting five or six hours of sleep — if I’m lucky — and start the day behind schedule. Rush from meeting to meeting at work, clutching a grande coffee and wondering how I’ll be able to keep my eyes open until lunch, when I can grab more coffee. Order either takeout Chinese or Thai on my way home from work — because who has the energy to cook? If I force myself, I’ll take a Spinning class or meet my girlfriends for a happy hour.

A few friends tried out different “mattress in a box” companies, and the one I heard the best reviews about was Nectar. One of my Facebook friends even told me that she was sleeping better than ever on her Nectar memory foam mattress. Though I tend to be the skeptical type, the positive feedback, even from unbiased mattress review sites, was convincing.

When I finally collapse into bed at night, I often have trouble sleeping on the futon from college I’m using for a mattress (no surprise there). Something had to change. I decided to finally address my sleep quality and researched buying a better mattress.

I liked how Nectar’s Tencel cooling top cover could keep me cool because the heat in my apartment building can feel intense. And having five layers of plush memory foam designed to support and contour my body sounded heavenly. Plus, with Nectar’s 365-night trial, Forever Warranty, and free shipping and returns, I had nothing to lose. If I decided I didn’t like the mattress a few months down the line, I’d return it for free and get a full refund — no harm, no foul.  Here are all of the details about the in-home sleep trial.

My new full-sized Nectar mattress arrived in a bag that was easy to slide into the elevator of my building. When I removed the packaging and put the mattress on my bed frame, I was surprised to see the mattress expand. The first time I laid down on it, the memory foam felt soft and cushiony, but I still felt supported. That night, I made my bed with my favorite sheets and quickly drifted off to sleep.
Nectar Sleep 2

When my alarm went off in the morning, I was shocked by how soundly I slept and how good I felt. I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night, hot and sweaty, like with my old mattress. I usually have achy hips and shoulders from sleeping on my side, but I felt less discomfort. I knew it could only get better.

As the weeks went on, I needed less coffee during the day and felt less anxious and stressed in general. And my energy and productivity at work was improving. I could actually leave the office on time and pick up groceries to cook a healthy dinner at home, instead of ordering takeout. If I knew that sleeping on a Nectar mattress could improve so many areas of my life, I would have gotten one sooner.

The only problem? It feels so good to stay in bed on the weekends that I’ve been ditching my social plans for naps and Netflix in bed. Sorry, guys.


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