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Can You Put A Mattress On The Floor?


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December 16, 2022

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Your bedroom is the heart of your home, and it is also the space where you spend a large portion of your day. So when we talk of its furnishing and decor, an important question comes to mind – bedding on the floor. Does putting your mattress on the floor affect the bedroom’s aesthetic?

However vague this concept of “mattress on the floor” may seem, it is a crucial point to consider. Once you decide whether you want to place the mattress on the floor or have a bed instead, the factor of space can be looked into accordingly. We bet you don’t know that your mattress type can alter your decision to arrange a mattress on the floor!

Yes, you read that right. Putting a mattress on the floor without knowing its suitability can be mind-boggling. In this read, we are going to take you through the entire journey that will briefly consist of the following:

  • Advantages of putting your mattress directly on the floor
  • Disadvantages of putting the mattress on the floor
  • Type of mattress that should or shouldn’t be placed on the floor
  • Guide to sleep in the proper manner if you opt for putting your mattress on the ground

Now that you know the key areas for discussion, let’s cover them all, one by one:

Pros Of Putting Mattress On The Floor

You may have seen working professionals or people staying in lavish homes having their mattresses on the floor. Most of them decided to have floor bedding because of the following pros. 

Affordable: This goes without saying, isn’t it? Having your bed on the floor saves you a lot of time and money by looking for the right bed that complements your mattress most beautifully. It does not pinch your pocket because putting your mattress on the floor already throws away the need to get yourself a box or spring bed. You can just put the mattress on the floor, and you are all set for a nice nap already! 

Support: It is mainly seen that floors are supposedly flat and firm. This specific characteristic works wonders for the mattress on the floor concept. It offers good comfort and a decent support system to the mattress, making it your perfect bed on the floor to sleep on without worrying about a wobbly, bent, or creaky bed that would get you all restless whenever you decide to have a sound sleep. So if you are looking forward to putting your mattress on the floor for a nice nap, you may have made the best decision after all! 

Relief: You need some relief from neck and back pain, especially when you have had a very long, hard day. Sleeping on the floor or having a bed on the floor to sleep on does help with it to a great extent. Research and studies have shown that people with back pain have been doctor recommended to sleep on the floor. It is an effective method contradicting the over-cushioned sleep we get, which only weakens our bodies. 

Accessibility: Believe it or not, sleeping with your mattress on the floor helps in better accessibility to cooler air. It is said that cold hair is denser in weight than hot air. Thus, if you are sleeping closer to the floor, the cooler air sinks downward and displaces the hot air upward. So if your room tends to get hot easily, you might want to try having your mattress on the floor for a cooler and more comfortable slumber. 

Cons Of Putting The Mattress On The Floor

The benefits are many and worth considering, we agree. But here we are, enlisting the concerns of sleeping with a bed on the floor for you to make a better choice:

Aggravates Allergy: No matter how big of a cleanliness freak you are, you know that floors tend to get dirty and dusty very quickly. Therefore, having a bed on the floor is just not ideal. So, if you are someone who faces dust allergies, sleeping with your mattress on the floor can be a terrible idea. It would increase your intake of dust considerably and aid in aggravating allergies too. 

Stifled Air Flow: When we sleep on a mattress on the floor, the one we sleep on (especially if it is all foam mattress) must support airflow. It offers proper ventilation and heat dissipation as well. However, if the mattress on the floor is your choice of sleeping, there is very little area for this process, which results in a stifled airflow within the bed, causing an accumulation, leading to mold formation. 

Bed Bugs Bites: Sleeping with your mattress on the floor can aid bed bugs and all other crawling creatures to reach you pretty easily. This is because the distance between the bed on the floor and them is easy to crawl, and they can hop on effortlessly. So, if you are not a fan of midnight creatures troubling you, having your mattress on the floor may not suit you. 

Miscellaneous: Some other reasons not to put your mattress on the floor may include lesser temperature regulation, making it colder for sleepers in winters. Some mattresses are meant to be put on a bed frame or case, and placing them as a bed on the floor can also void your warranty of the mattress.

What Type Of Mattresses Can You Put On The Floor?

Not all mattresses are meant for floor bedding. Once you make peace with this fact, the rest is easy to manage. There are two kinds of mattresses ideal to use as a bed on the floor. They are:

Foldable Floor Mattresses: These are meant to be used as a mattress on the floor. These beauties may have fewer layers than the other mattresses out on the market, but they can easily be bi-folded or tri-folded and kept away as the need be. Crafted mostly with memory foam, the additional layers bring you home to new comfort zones and easy storage facilities, making them a “must-have bed on floor” mattress to sleep on. 

Rollable Floor Mattresses: Easy to roll and store, these are the second type of mattresses that can be used as a bed. These mattresses are thinner than the former we talked about. Made from cheaper materials, the comfort offered is moderate, and the support is minimal. It does cut a lot on the budget, yet, using it wouldn’t be fair if you have back and joint pains. If you are looking for a mattress on the floor to sleep on, this may not be a perfect choice. 

What Type Of Mattresses You Can't Put On The Floor?

Mattresses made of memory foam or are all-foam mattresses are the ones that cannot be used as a “mattress on the floor.” The air circulation offered is minimal, and heat dissipation is also very uneven, causing restlessness and discomfort. Not only this, but floor bedding also increases the risk of mold and mildew growth, thus, damaging the overall foam construction of the mattress. 

How To Properly Sleep With A Mattress On The Floor?

You may have a mattress on the floor, but knowing the factors to consider is equally important for you to have a happy, healthy, and stress-free sleep. Here are some steps to follow:

  • It may sound tedious, but make sure to regularly clean your floor if you are tempted by floor bedding. Cleanliness has its relevance for the floor and the mattress on the ground. So, consider these points if you are looking forward to sleeping with a mattress on the floor. 
  • If you keep a mattress on the floor, the accumulated moisture may lead to mold and mildew growth. We suggest you periodically move the mattress up against the wall to let the air pass out. 
  • If you have a hardwood or a tile-made floor, we advise you to put cardboard or a thin layer between them before putting your mattress on the floor. This assures insulation and better temperature regulation on colder days in the simplest way. 
  • Be assured to have a tab on the warranty period, the provisions allowed in case your mattress gets damaged, and other things to enjoy your sleeping without having to worry too much about it later!


Sleeping with a mattress on the floor can be tricky. However, it does have many health benefits, such as relief from back pain and neck pain. Also, people link putting a mattress on the floor with a youthful stage of life. 

However, the cons of putting your mattress on the floor are to be considered, too, before making your final decision. You must also look into the material used and constructed before using it for sleeping as a bed on the floor because not every mattress is designed to give you that satisfaction. 

Once you take a good look at the aforementioned details, we know that all your doubts will get answered. Happy napping! 


Yes. There are no problems or difficulties with putting a box spring on the floor. 

Every mattress needs a base to rest upon. This is known as the mattress foundation, and it goes under it. This foundation varies from person to person according to their comfort, like box springs, a wooden platform, a solid base, etc. 

The average knee height is between 16 to 24 inches for adults. If you prefer to keep your bed lower, it makes your room look more spacious. 

There are several simple things that you can try to keep your mattress from sliding. They are:

  • Rug Pad Grippers
  • Velcro Tape
  • Vacuum
  • Railings

Low-profile bed frames generally have two variants – either they have minimal design or the ones that are fairly low to the ground. The former is used by people who do not want too much dominance of the bed in the room. The latter is a preference kept in mind for senior citizens. 

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