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19 Couple Sleeping Positions and Their Meaning


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December 7, 2022

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Do you wish to learn more about your relationship? Well, your sleeping positions can tell you more than you think. Your sleeping positions can reveal how you feel about each other. 

As you fall into a deep sleep, your subconscious takes over. Every sleeping posture means different things. It may mean you are in a happy relationship or one with emotional problems. Whether you prefer sleeping entangled with your significant other or you sleep with your back facing each other, it has a fascinating insight into your relationship. 

Here we will cover 19 couples sleeping positions meanings. 

Couple Sleeping Positions and Meaning Behind Them

1. Spooning

illustration of couple sleeping with Spooning

What is spooning? The spooning position is one of the most popular cuddling positions among couples. In this position, one person acts as a big spoon and wraps another in a sideways hug. What does spooning mean? This is an intimate position that provides emotional and physical comfort. This position signifies that you are in a new relationship or cannot have enough of each other. 

As per a survey, only 1/5th of the couple snuggling in a spooning position. 

  • Big Spoon: As a big spoon, you are the one forming the cocoon for your partner and comforting them. Big spoons are considered generous partners who want to comfort their significant other.
  • Little Spoon: As a little spoon, you prefer feeling protected by your partner. You like to get extra tender loving care from your partner.

2. Chasing Spoon

illustration of couple sleeping Chasing spoon position

Chasing spoon is a type of spooning; however, a little different from the classic spooning. Unlike regular spooning, couples do not sleep tightly at the center of the bed. Instead, one person moves to one end of the bed, and the other one chases them. 

They chased one in the log position, and the chaser sleeps in a yearner position. 

Chased one may require more space from the chaser, or they may like to play hard-to-get. Chasers may want more attention from their partner. 

3. Loose Spoon

illustration of couple sleeping with Loose Spoon position

Couples in new relationships usually prefer spooning. But if you have been in a relationship for a long time, you may not need the reassurance by the constant body-to-body touch. You both trust each other and prefer to sleep at a distance for quality sleep. 

In this case, you know that you can count on the big spoon any time, and the little spoon can get the extra comfort even by giving each other a little space.

4. Face to Face & Touching

illustration of Face to face and touching couple sleeping position

In this sleeping position, partners sleep facing each other and are generally intertwined. However, this is a sign of a happy and close relationship, but not the most comfortable. 

This is not the best position for a good quality sleep as it’s annoying if someone breathes in your face all night. 

survey was conducted, and the results convey that only 4% of the couple like to sleep this way. 

5. Face to Face but Not Touching

illustration of Face to face and not touching

In this position, you both sleep facing each other but don’t touch each other. Experts believe that there could be issues in your relationship. 

You both require attention from each other, but you are unable to resolve that. Relationship experts advise that you both should be open to each other about your emotions and feelings. Listen to each other properly to understand the problem. 

This position can also be interpreted as pillow talk. This is a good sign. This means you are both close and open to each other.

6. Back to Back & Touching

illustration of Back to back and touching couple sleeping position

This position means sleeping back to back but still being in touch with each other. This position is commonly known as back kissing and is one of the most relaxing couples positions.  

This is common in new relationships (less than a year) and is a sign of closeness. Sleeping together like this is good for the back, although it may not be best for your joints. 

7. Back to Back but Not Touching

illustration of Back to back and not touching couple sleeping position

In this position, couples in bed sleep back to back without touching each other. This is not a symbol of a bad relationship but a sign of independence and connection. This position shows a strong level of confidence, security, and fellowship. Moreover, you can have a good quality sleep during the night. 

This position is also known as liberty lovers. However, if you have shifted from an intimate position to this, it may be a reason for concern. Have a conversation with your partner regarding this new change. 

This position is good for your body as well. It helps in relieving pressure on the internal organs. But, it’s not good for your shoulders and lower back. 

8. Cradle

illustration of Cradle couple sleeping position

In the cradle, or nuzzle, one person sleeps flat on their back, and the other one rests their head on the other’s chest. Legs and arms are often intertwined. This is a sign of passion and protection. Its strong skin-to-skin connection releases the love hormone, oxytocin

This is the ultimate sign of trust, compassion, nurturing, and protection. However, to be honest, it’s not a comfortable position to sleep in. One may have numb body parts by the morning. 

9. Shingles

Shingles couple sleeping position

In shingles, both the partners sleep flat on their back, with one placing their head over the other’s shoulder. This comfortable position is a sign of confidence and understanding. One person acts as a protector, and the other as one who wants to be protected. 

10. Cliffhanger

illustration of Cliffhanger couple sleeping position

If you both sleep on the different sides of the bed away from each other, you both sleep in a cliffhanger position. 

Usually, it’s a sign of a bad relationship, or it can also mean that both people are happy with themselves and the relationship. 

But a survey of 1000 couples suggests that the further the couples sleep, the worse their relationship is. 

11. Leg Hug

illustration of Leg hug couple sleeping position

In this intimate position, your legs are intertwined, or your feet are often touching. If you both are into a leg hug, it’s a good sign.  It means you are equally passionate, and your emotional connection is strong. If only one person is involved, there is an imbalance. Sleeping with a leg over a partner is common. It’s one of those romantic sleeping positions.

You can sleep in any position you like, front, back, or side, and still can be in a leg hug.

This position shows that your lives are intertwined, and you exist as a unit. 

12. Paper Dolls

illustration of Paper Dolls couple sleeping position

When both of you sleep on your back, holding or touching each other’s hands, you both look like two paper dolls. Hence, the name. 

This position gives you both intimacy and good quality of sleep. It’s also fantastic for people with back pain and circulation problems.

13. Tetherball

illustration of Tetherball couple sleeping position

You both sleep in different positions in this sleeping pose, but there is still contact between you two. 

If one person curls up like a ball on one corner of the bed, the other sleeps on their back, with one hand on the hip of their partner. 

According to a survey, 94% of couples who sleep while touching their significant other are happier with their relationship than couples who don’t. 

14. Stomach Snooze

illustration of Stomach snoozers couple sleeping position

If both of you sleep on your stomachs, you both need to talk. Sleeping in this position is a symbol of lack of trust, vulnerability, anxiety, and fear.

This is a bad position for your spine as well; it can cause back pain. If you love to sleep in this position, you can place a pillow below your stomach to avoid the pressure on your spine. 

15. Tangle

illustration of Tangle couple sleeping position

In this position, couples sleep like they are in a close hug. It’s an intense position and is rarely seen among couples. 

This position is a sign that you both are over-dependent on each other. It occurs mainly after an intimate situation or in new relationships. This leaves no breathing room among the couples. 

16. Unraveling Knot

illustration of Unravelling knot couple sleeping position

This position usually begins with a tangle and then gradually unravels into a more comfortable and best way to sleep that one wishes to sleep in. 

It’s a better and healthier position than tangle, as it’s both independent and intimate. It’s common among not-so-new relationships.

17. Starfish

Illustration of Starfish couple sleeping position

In this position, one of the partners sleeps like a starfish position, sprawled across a majority of the mattress, leaving little space for the other person. This position is good for the sleep quality and body, but it usually means the starfish sleeper is selfish and gives secondary importance to their partner. 

This position helps in diminishing the back pain, heartburn symptoms. However, it’s terrible for snoring and sleep apnea. This position can also mean that the starfishers consider themselves as more dominant and confident in the relationship. 

18. Soldier

illustration of Soldier couple sleeping position

This is the simplest way the couples can sleep. Lying straight on their backs, hands parallel to the body and no touching. The soldier is not a good position for couple cuddling.

This is not a comfortable sleeping position and can also provoke snoring. However, according to a survey conducted by Better Sleep Council, 11% of Americans sleep in this position.  

19. Fetal

illustration of Fetal couple sleeping position

Around half of the Americans sleep in this most comfortable cuddle positions. Curling up like a ball when you sleep is super comfortable, we agree. However, doing it too tightly can be bad for your lower back and abdomen. 

You can straighten your body a bit or use a pillow between your knees to avoid these effects.



That’s all about couple sleeping positions and what they mean. Couple sleeping positions meaning may tell you a lot about your relationship, but don’t worry too much about it. Although, consider the health advantages and disadvantages of your sleeping position, as they are backed up by science. 

If you prefer comfort over nighttime intimacy, it’s perfectly normal. You can sleep however you want to unless it harms your health. 


Yes, as shingles are not contagious. The same virus causes this as chickenpox, but a person cannot spread it. 

There are many comfortable sleeping positions for couples that includes:

  • Spooning
  • Back to Back
  • Side by Side
  • Shingles 
  • Paper Doll

This position is a symbol of protection, nurture, and love. Some couples prefer to sleep with a pillow between them. 

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