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January 10, 2023

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Choosing a perfect blanket is a tricky job as there are various options in the market. This article lists regular blanket sizes, blanket measurements, and different materials to help you understand and choose the best quality blanket for your daily use.

Blanket Sizes Chart

Mattress sizes are standardized, but that’s not the case with blankets. However, in this table, we have mentioned approximate blanket sizes.

Specialty Blanket Sizes

Speciality blankets are designed for newborns and kids. Such blankets are also used elsewhere other than the standard size beds.

  • Lovey

Lovey blanket is 30 by 30 cm and is usually used for infants. This blanket is just according to the size of the baby and is very comforting. Generally, this comes in with a stuffed toy so that the baby can sleep in all comfort.

  • Baby

 Baby blanket size is 36 by 41 cm, and it is recommended for toddlers and infants to be wrapped in it. Baby blankets are primarily handwoven.

  • Cradle

This blanket is 36 by 76 cm, again for the infants. This is majorly used as a blanket for their cradle.

  • Premie

This blanket is usually used for babies who are born prematurely. The nurses use this in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to wrap the baby properly at all times. This is 46 by 61 cm in size.

  • Stroller

This blanket, as the name suggests, is used in a stroller to cover the baby. This could also be used on a car seat or in an aeroplane. The size of this is 22-30 by 30-36 inches and fits the baby perfectly.

  • Lapghan

This type of blanket is used majorly in hospitals. It is used for the bedridden or the patients in a wheelchair to cover their laps and legs. Many medical institutions use such blankets for their patients. The size of this blanket is 36 by 48 inches.

  • Receiving

As the name suggests, these blankets are best for receiving, i.e., wrapping the newly born child. These also solve the purpose for other tasks related to the baby, like being used as the burb cloth, etc. It measures 40 by 40 inches.

  • Crib

Toddler blankets are used to fit the crib or the toddler bed and work perfectly well in covering the baby. It measures 45 by 60 inches and is also ideal for the changing station.

  • Throw

What is a throw blanket? These are small blankets to be used as decorative pieces. You can throw this blanket on your sofa or the edge of your bed for decorative purposes or can even use it to cover your legs while watching a movie. The blanket size is not big enough to cover the entire body and measures around 50 by 60 inches.

  • Afghan

These blankets are named after the place they are originally from, Afghanistan. They serve multiple purposes, from comfortable and warm blankets to beautiful throws and many more. They vary in size but primarily measure somewhere around 50 by 65 inches.

Standard Blanket Sizes

  • Twin Blankets

A twin size blanket is suitable for the twin beds, as the name suggests. The twin blanket size is 65 by 90 inches. It can fit two people very quickly, and they can sleep comfortably in it.

  • Double Blankets

The size of this blanket is 85 by 90 inches and is suitable for double mattresses. It fits perfectly on a double bed and is super comfortable to sleep in. 

  • Queen Blankets

Queen size blanket fits perfectly on a queen-size bed and is best for it. What are the dimensions of a queen size blanket? The Queen blanket size is around 90 by 90-100 inches and is super comfortable on a queen-size bed.

  • King Blankets

The king size blanket is the largest size available in a blanket and is made to fit a full king-size bed. King blanket size is around 108 by 90-100 inches. 

Blanket Materials

Blankets are made to keep the person warm and cozy while also being comfortable at the same time. Hence, the material used for making these blankets is thick, durable, comfortable, and warm. 

The generally used materials are woven acrylic, knitted polyester, mink, cotton, fleece, and wool. Some of the very traditional types of blankets available are made with crocheted afghan or silk which counts as very exotic materials.

Blankets are made from various materials like cotton, wool, and more. The type of material can affect the quality, feel, and price of the blanket. 

  • Down

Down is also a common comforter and duvet fill. It’s a luxurious and warm material.  However, it’s a little costly. You can try a down alternative, but it won’t be as durable as the traditional down material. 

  • Cotton

When it comes to any kind of bedding, cotton is a popular choice in natural materials. It’s breathable, durable, machine washable and hypoallergenic. 

  • Vellux

Vellux blankets are soft and pliable blankets used in the hotels and are made from vellux. It is extremely warm, lightweight, hypoallergenic, and durable. 

  • Wool

High-quality Wool blankets are expensive but can save you from the freezing winters. These blankets are warm and safe. However, they can cause allergic reactions in some people. 

  • Synthetic

Synthetic or polyester blankets are good options because they are hypoallergenic, easily affordable, and easy to maintain. The most popular types are acrylic and polyester.

Pozyester is excellent when blended with natural fibres. Without mixing, it’s a little rough. 

Acrylic blankets are a great alternative to wool and cashmere blankets. These are cheap, durable, and the colors don’t fade when washed. 

If you want a warm blanket like wool but are scared of the allergies it might bring, you can consider fleece blankets.  


Picking the right blanket will do wonders for your bedtime. A warm, soft blanket that fits ideally can improve the quality of your sleep. Keep the details mentioned earlier in mind, and get on the hunt to find the best blanket.

Happy Sleeping!


Oversized throw blankets are larger than 50 by 65 inches. Smaller than full size blankets, oversized throw blankets are more comfortable for the couch and for covering yourself in a seated position. 

Afghan blankets originate from Afghanistan. They were named after the place of their origin. 

Throw blankets usually measure 50 by 50 inches. 

The significant difference between a comforter and a blanket is that of layers. A blanket has only one layer, whereas a comforter has two layers of material.  

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