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Comforter Size Guide and Bedding Chart


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December 15, 2022

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There is nothing more peaceful than a good night’s sleep. When one wants a cozy sleep, they wish for the right bedding and a comforter size. One should get perfect blankets and comforters to have a mushy snooze. This article will tell you about the comforter sizes guide and bedding chart

This will cover mattress sizes suggested for different comforters and standard mattress sizes

But first, let’s start with the basics of a comforter. For those unaware of what is a comforter, here’s the answer for you.

A comforter is fluffy and soft bedding made with two fabrics sewn together with lighter material. There are various comforter measurements and styles. Sometimes people confuse comforters and duvet as the same, but they are not.

Comforter Sizes Chart

You may have standard mattress sizes in the market, but comfort sizes remain different for different brands. In addition, every brand has its comforter size based on the bedding requirements. 

Let’s learn about the standard comforter sizes in inches for different mattress sizes. 

Crib Size Comforter Dimensions

The majority of the mattresses for the babies measure 52 inches by 27 inches so that the crib can securely hold the crib mattress. The crib comforter width mostly ranges around 28 inches to 36 inches for a perfect fit over the Mattress. The length of the crib comforter is about 48 inches to 52 inches.

A baby’s peaceful sleep brings joy not only to the kid but also to the parents. Likewise, a cozy sleep for a baby leads to a calm night for parents. 

Twin Size Comforter Dimensions

When a couple seeks a perfect mattress, Twin size bed can be their most suitable choice. The twin size mattress measures 38 inches by 75 inches. The twin size comforters perfect for this Mattress have 66 inches to 68 inches. Therefore, its length can be anywhere from around 86 inches to 88 inches. 

Though the exact dimensions of twin size comforters vary depending on different brands and their styles. 

Twin XL Size Comforter Dimensions

If looking for a complete package mattress for tall teens, guest bedrooms, or people who need extra legroom, twin XL size mattresses are for them. Its measurements are 38 inches by 80 inches. 

The twin XL size comforters have a width of 68 inches. They have an absolute length of 90 inches. The extra length given in these comforters makes having a peaceful sleep an easy task. 

Queen Size Comforter Dimensions

If your Mattress has measurements of 60 inches by 80 inches, then one should go for queen size comforters. One will get a width of 86 inches to 88 inches and a commendable comforter length of 96 inches to 100 inches. 

This full and queen comforters size will seamlessly fit the measurements of the Queen size mattress.

King Size Comforter Dimensions

One has to have a comforter at least a few inches bigger in width and length than the mattress measurements. King size comforters have a width of 102 inches. They have a good length of 86 inches to 88 inches. 

King size mattresses have an ample dimension of 76 inches by 80 inches for people preferring a wide and huge mattress. 

California King Size Comforter Dimensions

Keeping in mind extremely tall people, California King mattresses are made as they are the longest beds available in the bedding industry.  

The dimensions of the cal king mattress are 72 inches by 84 inches. The California King comforter has an unusual length of 96 inches to 98 inches. In addition, the cal king comforter has a width of 107 inches to 110 inches making it the thickest on the market.

How to Choose the Right Size Comforter

As mentioned before, every comforter and its dimensions vary depending on their brands and style; one needs to do thorough research before buying a perfect sized comforter. As there is no standard size of a mattress, carefully reading the labels attached to the Mattress is the best way to know the actual required size of comforters that will fit perfectly over the Mattress. 

If one buys a Twin size comforter for mattress dimensions of 38 inches by 80 inches, then the comforter will hang loose on ends as this is the size of a Twin XL mattress. Similarly, if one picks up bedding of a length 96 inches or more of a king size comforter, it won’t just fit as the dimensions are off a Cal size mattress. It is advised that one should measure the length, width, and hems of mattresses well before they buy comforters, as the size tags attached might differ from brand to brand. 

  • Consider Thickness of Your Mattress

The secret sauce for having a perfect fitting and adequately tucked bedspread is the thickness of the Mattress. 9 inches to 12 inches is the common width for most the Mattress. Any measurement less than 12 inches will fit aptly in the above-mentioned sizes. 

But if the Mattress has an attached pillow, an additional warm layer, or just a pillow top, then the width would increase anywhere from 15 inches to 20 inches. If the Mattress has a size over 13 inches, then one should go for comforters with extra width. For mattresses with a size of 8 inches or below, one should opt for a lesser-width mattress. 

  • How to Measure Your Mattress?

Before you start the lookout for your perfect bed comforter size, you should adequately and evenly measure the size of the mattresses. One can find the consummate size of their Mattress by finding the width of the Mattress. This can be done by adding the length and thickness of the Mattress.

Explaining it further, if a king size mattress is 80 inches wide and has a height of 13 inches, then you should buy a comforter that is at least 93 inches wide. This way, it will cover the side of the Mattress as well.

  • Consider Bed Frame

One should ideally consider the dimensions of the bed as well before buying any comforters. The bed frames also vary in terms of size, material, rails, leg distance from the flooring, etc. 

Prior to buying any comforters, one should keep in mind all the factors mentioned above. In addition, one should also have a width of the comforter depending on the leg size and floor distance of the bed. 

  • Drape Length 

Choosing a perfect drape length can be called unfair as the length of a comforter depends totally on an individual’s choice and preferences. Generally, people prefer comforters that fully cover their Mattress and simultaneously are not long enough to hang on the floor. 

Depending on the bed frames and size, if one has a bed skirt, it is generally advised to keep at least one-third to one-half of the bed skirt visible for the most stylish and clean look. 


Walking down the bedding section in stores, one is always perplexed about what would be the perfect size comforter for his/her bed. Length and width of the Mattress, the habit of the pillow being kept under the Mattress, size of the bedding, and mattress thickness are some of the factors affecting the choice and use of a perfect comforter. In the above article, we’ve mentioned in detail the comforter sizing guide bedding chart according to various types of mattresses and their subsequent comforter lengths available. 


King and cal king comforter not identical or interchangeable. Though you can use a full king size comforter on a Cal King bed, there will be a mandatory gap either at the head of the bed or at the foot. This will result in not having full coverage of the comforter over your Mattress. 

Comforters designed for sleepers who need more width without an extra length are known as oversized comforters. These are the ones accompanied by extra layers of material of much more thickness than the usual mattresses. 

For example, a queen size comforter has a width of 86 inches to 88 inches, but an oversized queen size comforter will have a width of 115 inches or so. 

Baby comforters, or crib size comforters as we call them, come in measurements of 28 inches to 36 inches in width and 48 inches to 52 inches in length. One should adequately measure the size of the crib and the mattress thickness first before buying the baby size comforter.

Both sizes are varied in terms of length and width. While a queen size comforter has 86 to 88 inches of width, the king size has 102 inches. Similarly, on the grounds of length, the queen size is 96 to 100 inches of length while the king size comforter has a length of 86 inch6to 88 inches.

As a duvet is filled with a comforter inside it, it always has a plus two or minus two inches in its measurements. Typically if one wants much more cozy sleep and a better fit, they should buy a comforter which is always 2 inches more than a duvet for a perfect fit. 

The simple answer to this question is a No. Blankets and comforters are two different things. While the blanket is made of a single cloth, the latter one is made with two pieces of cloth with a material filling in between. 

The major difference between comforter and duvet lies in the way they are used. While the first one is meant to be used as one single complete piece, the latter one is not used without a duvet cover or a top quilt. But when it comes to cleaning and tidiness, it’s much easier to clean a duvet than a comforter.

Follow these certain steps, and you will have clean bedding to sleep in. 

Step1: Firstly, carefully read the label attached. Then if the comforter has any stains or tears, repair it. 

Step2: Followed by using the right detergent and a perfect washing machine with adequate settings. 

Step3: Then dry your comforter and fill it throughout its drying cycle.

If one has a mattress kept on a box spring with a bed skirt, the comforter should ideally fit equally on both sides of the bed, covering them perfectly with one-third or one-half of the bed skirt being visible. 

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