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7 Weird Ways To Fall Asleep That Actually Work


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December 23, 2022

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Many Americans do not get enough sleep at night, which could be due to insomnia, waking up throughout the night, or just being able to get comfortable. Advancements in technology don’t help matters as it becomes a distraction for our brains and prevents them from shutting down into relation mode. Want to fall asleep? Try these seven weird ways the next time your sleep is lacking. 

7 Weird Ways To Fall Asleep


It might sound obvious, seeing as we need to breathe to keep us alive, but deep breathing exercises have shown to give off a powerful relaxation In the body. That is one of the many benefits of mediation. Not only will it relax your mind enough to sleep, but it will also help you to stay in a calm mood when you wake up. Remember to breathe deeply in a stressful situation to get that same placebo effect. 

Plan A Camping Trip

A camping trip might just be what you need to get your sleep back in tune with your body. The outdoors provides you with a direct connection with the sunlight, which resets your circadian rhythm that becomes irregular with us being indoors so much. You can’t stay on your phone the whole time, though. Explore the outdoors by hiking or taking a walk. Breathe in the air, and your body will put your sleep pattern back to where it should be all by itself. 

Don’t Look At The Time

Counting down how many hours you have not been sleeping wares on your stressors. You start to worry about your lack of sleep every minute that ticks off the clock. Turn your phone off and cover or remove any remaining clocks that are visible to you. You won’t be able to sleep if you watch the time. 


A reason behind why you can’t sleep could be because you have too many things running through your mind. Getting it all out will release you from it weighing down in your mind. Pick up a notebook and pen and write down what happened during the day or anything else that comes to mind. This is the time to let it all out. You do not want to hold back. Write it down and let it go. 

One way to do this is to set the alarm for a short period, such as 20 minutes, and write until the alarm goes off. The is the point of the exercise is to ease the mind and to know that everything is okay. Some people do this in the morning as the first thing they do when they wake up. For those that have trouble sleeping, it is a good practice. 

Use Your Toes

Have you ever thought of using your toes to help ease you into sleep? It is something so underutilized but yet so quick to do. Simply curl all your toes under and hold them there for a few seconds. Do a couple of rounds of these, and you’ll find a transition within your mind. It releases a calmness that is similar to when you receive a foot massage. Think about how relaxed you feel afterward. The same concept is used when you curl your toes. 

Sleep Without Any Clothes

Some people do this already, but it improves sleep quality and will help you get asleep faster. There are many benefits to sleeping without clothes. It reduces overheating, which is a common reason why people lose sleep during the night. Plus, it can signal the mind that it is time to rest and takes away any discomfort that your clothing could bring and cause you to wake up and disrupt your REM. 

Sleeping naked provides you with more self-confidence with your body. You are letting it all hang out, and you become aware of your proper form, which allows you to accept it and appreciate it for what it is. 

Have Breakfast Meals For Dinner

Many foods that are generally eaten for breakfast have ingredients to help aid in your sleep. For example, bananas possess potassium which works as a natural muscle relaxer. Certain foods trigger a message to the mind that it is time to wind down. Some other foods to eat before bed are:

  •     Eggs 
  •     Toast – this will keep your blood sugar at an optimal level
  •     Cherries
  •     Spinach
  •     Kiwi
  •     Popcorn
  •     Nuts
  •     Cottage cheese that is low in fat


Healthy sleep patterns are essential for sustaining our body and mind. In those times when sleep evades us, there are tricks to get the job done that may seem out of the norm but work. Using some or all the mentioned tips will ensure you get the sleep you need and are prepared to tackle the day ahead. Try these weird ways to fall asleep. If one method doesn’t work, try another. Don’t give up on getting your sleep cycle in a better pattern.  

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