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Everything You Should Know About Showering Before Bed


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December 26, 2022

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Have you ever thought of switching the time you take a shower from day to night? If you have issues with getting to sleep, nighttime showers are beneficial in helping aid sleep quickly. 

Getting the optimal amount of sleep at night is becoming less and less common for Americans across the country. They try multiple methods to get a good night’s rest without being available. The solution doesn’t need to involve medication or other harsh ways. Simply taking a shower before going to bed will do the trick. 

Things to Know About Showering Before Bed

Cooling You Down With A Warm Shower

If you find you are waking up due to becoming overheated, taking a hot shower will cool your body temperature down. The warm water in the shower tells your body and mind that sleep is imminent, therefore preparing your body for sleep. The tiny droplets of water that stay on your skin continue to keep you cool and that you maintain throughout most of the night. 

Taking a shower in cold water will heat the body after you exit, so it must be a hot shower to get this effect. Any sore muscles you have can get a benefit from a hot or warm shower. As the hot water hits the body, your aches start to feel a soothing come over them. It allows for a deeper sleep as you won’t be in pain and your mind is in a state of relaxation. 

A hot shower allows you to get into a mediative state. You’ll be able to think about the events of the day and reflect on your actions that contributed to it. If you are creative and are in search of new ideas, take a shower. These moments of solitude are effective in providing ways to implement your creativity better, whether through writing or marketing. 

Assist Your Mental Illness

The awareness that has been brought to mental illness has shown the seriousness behind it. People, including celebrities, have announced their battle with mental health issues and have encouraged others to seek the help they need to battle it effectively. One symptom of many mental health illnesses is insomnia, which is the inability to sleep. Since sleep is a key to good health, it causes many adverse complications of mental health. 

Water therapy is an alternative to helping transition to sleep. You can do your water therapy by simply getting into the shower and letting hot water run over your body. The hot water stimulates a calming mind that can ease those insomnia battles and let you sleep. You can even meditate in the shower since studies show that shower and bath time is the only time a lot of us get to be by ourselves. 

Insomnia can ensue from and be a symptom of anxiety. When those anxious thoughts finally calm, it allows you to rest. If you feel very nervous, take a more extended shower than usual, even longer than ten minutes, until you are confident in taking over your thoughts. Meditation is suitable for this, but some find it hard to meditate traditionally. Thus, long hot showers are a more modernized version of it, and you get the same results. 

Include Essential Oils

What happens during nighttime sleep determines how your entire day will play out. Using essential oils not only heightens a pleasant smell in your nostrils but can lull you to sleep. Aromatherapy all relies on what scents you find pleasing. Certain body washes have a placebo effect through the smells they produce. You can find specific soaps for this purpose. 

If you want the benefits of aromatherapy in the shower without using a soap or body, you still can. Diffusers release the essential oils in the air and give the same effect as a soap or body wash. Put the diffuser as close to your shower as possible. 

Besides these two options, you can go to the primary source: the plant itself. Hang leaves of lavender or eucalyptus in the bathroom while you shower. The rising steam will activate the oils and relax you the same as the essential oils from soap and a diffuser would. Plus, your entire bathroom will have a lingering smell that will make you want to stay in there for much longer.


Difficulties with sleeping are not ignored. That’s why doctors prescribe sleeping pills to hundreds of Americans every day. However, natural ways of getting to sleep are available at our disposal. The simplest way is by taking a hot shower. It relaxes an anxious mind, massages sore joints, and gives up time to configure an outlook on life, or at least reflect on it. Adding in essential oils makes the hot shower even better for aiding better sleep patterns every night. That’s why making the switch to nighttime showers is a good choice.

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