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Mattress Recycling: 4 Ways of Disposing Old Mattresses


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December 27, 2022

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In recent times, many people are aware and are talking about recycling. Recycling, in simple words, means converting used stuff into something new. This is done so that the things that take hundreds of years to decompose can be repurposed. Similarly, recycling and reusing the mattress could be one of the best ways to reduce trash accumulation.

If you are buying a new mattress, mattress disposal may be your primary concern. You must be wondering what to do with an old mattress. How to dispose of a mattress? One of the best ways to get rid of a mattress is to recycle it.

You can recycle old mattress, or you can donate them. You can opt for free mattress recycling or can even recycle mattress for cash. As new beds are highly costly, not everyone can afford to buy one. Buying a second-hand mattress will be a better option for them. 

Are Mattresses Recyclable?

Can you recycle a mattress? Yes, mattresses are recyclable. People have been recycling mattresses for a very long time in various parts of the world. Mattress recycling isn’t an easy task, but some schemes have been working on it in the US. The used mattress is fully dismantled and then is converted into different usable items.

What Is Meant by Mattress Recycling?

How to recycle a mattress? Recycling means changing the form of the already used item and converting it into various other things that can be used differently. Mattress recycling is also similar. It means changing the form of the rectangular piece of fabric (mattress) into various other items. 

For instance, an average mattress can be changed into a pillow, sofa-cushion, rugs, and other items used and sold. It simply means reusing the mattress in forms other than it already was and saving it from going into the landfill and staying there without decomposition.

Mattress Recycling Process

The various components of the mattress are recycled differently. The wooden box or the frame attached to it could be run through a thresher and converted into a wooden-powder form for use in other industries. The fabric used in the mattress can be used to make pillows, cushions, rugs, mops etc. The metal spring used in the mattress can be melted and can be reused in other appliances.

Where to Recycle a Mattress?

You can recycle bed with the help of the following organizations or mattress recycle centers:

Where to Donate the Mattress?

Mattresses are something that can be either recycled or reused. People with backaches and neck issues are advised to sleep on comfortable and soft mattresses. If their mattresses do not solve the purpose, they should donate the mattresses. 

The best place to donate the mattress could be an orphanage or a nursing home. These places have many people but fewer supplies and majorly work on donations. Another could be donating it to some needy or poor person who is out of a place to sleep. Mattresses can also be donated to the production houses and theatres if they need for some shoot or artworks.

What if There is No Recycling Facility Near You?

 Without professional help, it won’t be easy to recycle a mattress. So, if there are no recycling centres near your place, these are the best ways to reuse your bed.

  • Donate

 In such a case, a good option is to donate mattress if it is usable. How to donate a mattress? You can donate the mattress to a nursing home or an orphanage. Where to donate a mattress? Organisations like goodwill mattress donation,  Earth911.org, DonationTown.org can help you with the same. It can also be given to a poor person who needs a comfortable sleep.

  • Decorate

With the coming of so much technology and changing fashions, there is a lot to do with every old thing at home. An old mattress can make a floor bed and a bed-sheet canopy over it with some fairy lights. It would look very trendy, and at the same time, it would be an excellent usage of the old mattress. You can look for ideas on Pinterest. 

  • Make a Pet Bed

Pets also require a comfortable sleep for a healthy and cheerful day. The old mattress can also be used to make a new bed for your pet. You can divide the mattress into two halves with the help of the bed-sheet and make a cave shape of a structure for your pet to comfortably lie there.

  • Resell It

 It could be difficult for you to find a needy person near you, but you can find hundreds of buyers for your mattress online. 


Mattress recycling is the best way of getting rid of a mattress. Keep the points mentioned above in mind, and look for ways to recycle mattress. 


No, don’t recycle a mattress with bed bugs. Look for bed bugs before recycling the mattress. You can look for black spots on the mattress. The bugs usually hide in cracks and crevices. 

Yes, you can recycle box spring mattresses. They are accepted with mattresses for recycling. They have a similar procedure to that of mattresses. 

Mattress recycling usually costs between $20 to 40 dollars per item. 

There are state laws for recycling mattresses in states like Connecticut, California, and Rhode Island. 

Yes, many people buy used mattresses. Used mattresses can save them a lot of money. 

Yes, you can recycle air mattress. It’s a great way to get rid of an air mattress. Locate a mattress recycle center near you to ease the process. 

Yes, you can recycle any mattress, including a foam mattress, unless it has bed bugs.

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