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Pillow Top vs Euro Top Mattress: What is the Difference?


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December 27, 2022

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Mattresses often come with an additional layer on the top to change their feel. Both pillow top and euro top are two types of layers over your mattress. But, what is the difference between pillow top vs euro top?

Pillow tops are softer but a euro top mattress has a sleeker look. This blog will take you through the other differences between these two pieces of bedding so that you can decide if you need one of them.

What Is a Euro Top Mattress?

Euro tops are an additional layer sewn under the mattress cover to provide enhanced support. They are flat and neatly stacked and firm at the edges.

Since euro tops are neatly stacked in the mattress with no gaps, they are dense and more supportive.

Euro Top Mattress: Pros and Cons


Let us look at the benefits of a Euro top mattress.

  • Euro top mattresses provide enhanced support for your back because the layer is firmly stitched to the mattresses
  • Euro tops don’t shift places easily because they lie directly over the bottom layers. These layers support the Euro top and prevent it from shifting
  • They provide a sleek and cleaner look to your mattress


  •  A euro top lies on the other layers of your mattress. These layers reinforce the additional padding of the Euro-top. However, they don’t provide adequate contouring and pressure relief
  • Euro tops are more expensive than pillow-top mattresses due to their better finish and aesthetic look

What Is a Pillow Top Mattress?

Pillow tops are layers sewn on the top of your mattress cover which leaves a small gap at the edges of the top layers. These layers are also made of fiber and foam. Moreover, they feel as soft and cozy as a pillow.

Unlike the neat and uniform look of Euro top mattresses, pillow tops look like a distinct layer. They have a bowed appearance like a pillow. These mattresses are plusher   and offer a contouring effect.

Pillow Top Mattress: Pros and Cons


Here are some benefits of a pillow top mattress.

  • Pillow top mattresses feel soft and cozy
  • They offer excellent contouring for your body
  • Since pillow tops offer an extra layer over your mattress, you get a barrier between the core and yourself. Thus, these mattresses are effective in reducing motion transfer
  • Pillow top mattresses offer pressure relief without sacrificing the offered by support of spring mattresses


  • The pillow top can decrease the breathability of your mattress, making it hot
  • The pillow top might sag or lose its shape because it sits as a separate layer over your mattress

How to Choose Between a Euro Top Mattress and Pillow Top Mattress?

Both pillow tops and euro tops can change the feel of your mattress. But they are not the same and you have to choose the one best suited for you.


If you want a soft and cozy feel, go for a pillow top mattress. However, if you want your mattress to feel firm, you can choose a euro top mattress. It will provide you more support.


Euro top mattresses are more dense and hence last longer. They are also placed directly over the inner layers of the mattress without any gap. So, a euro top doesn’t sag or get displaced easily.


The difference between pillow top and euro top is that the former is more prominent and has a fluffy look. But euro tops are flush with the mattress, appearing neat and compressed.

Height and Thickness 

Both pillow tops and euro tops raise the height of your mattress by a few inches. However, pillow tops are a bit thicker because they leave an added gap with the layers of the mattress.

Different Pillow Top Materials

You can have different types of pillow tops based on the pillow top materials.

Memory Foam pillow top

Memory foam is viscoelastic. That means it takes time to respond to impact and also returns to its original shape. Thus, it provides a body-hugging feel.

Your memory foam pillow top will adapt to the contours of your body, providing pressure relief to your joints. Thus, it will keep your aches and pains at bay.

These pillow tops are also perfect for side sleepers. Since side sleepers put their entire weight over a small area. Thus, they require adequate pressure relief and memory foam pillow tops can provide that.

Memory foam pillow tops, however, trap your body heat. That can be quite uncomfortable for sleepers who tend to sleep hot.

Latex Foam Pillow Top

Latex foam can be natural or synthetic. Natural latex is made from the sap of rubber trees. Since it is organic and free from chemicals, it is also good for your health.

But, how does latex feel? Because of its dense nature, latex foam pillow tops provide a good bounce. They feel firm when you lie down, thus providing excellent support for your back.

Latex pillow tops are also super durable since they are heavy and dense. These pillow tops can make the best type of mattress because of their eco-friendly nature, support, and durability.

Wool Pillow Top 

Wool pillow tops can feel softer than memory foam and latex ones. You will get a cozy feeling when you lie down on your bed.  However, wool can’t provide adequate support. The only support you will get is from your mattress core.

Wool is, however, super breathable. Thus, these pillow tops will keep you cool during summer and warm in winters.

Fiberfill Pillow Top

Fiberfill pillow tops are made of a blend of polyester and other synthetic materials.  They mimic the feel of down and feathers.

Fiberfill mattresses provide a soft and cozy feel. But, they are not as breathable as natural materials. Thus, you might feel hot and uncomfortable in sleep.

These pillow tops can provide a bit of pressure relief. But, they don’t offer the same contouring as memory foam or wool.

You can, however, get a fiberfill pillow top if you want something cozy and affordable.

Final Word

Now that you know the difference between euro top vs pillow top mattress, you will be able to decide which one you need. Even if you don’t need them, you will be well informed to advise your friends.


A pillow top mattress lasts for 5v to 7 years. The top becomes lumpy and unfit for use.

No. You can’t flip a pillow top mattress because the pillow top is on one side. It might get damaged if you flip it to the other side.

No. It is better not to flip a euro top mattress as it might get damaged. That is something in common if you compare euro top and pillow top mattress.

Pillow top mattresses are a couple of inches thick.

Euro top mattresses provide adequate support and pressure relief. Thus, they can reduce your back pain by keeping your spine in proper alignment.

The best type of mattress is an innerspring mattress with a memory foam pillow top. It will provide the perfect blend of support and pressure relief.

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