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Wyoming King vs Alaskan King vs Texas King: What Is the Difference?


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December 6, 2022

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illustration of Wyoming king vs Alaskan king vs Texas king mattress illustration

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Buying a mattress is an overwhelming fete, especially because it has so many categories and types to choose from. But, of course, if you’re a big and happy family, then a king size bed must be on your mattress investment list. But which king size mattress we are looking at. Is it a Wyoming King vs Alaskan King vs Texas King? Confused? Fret not! This article will discuss the major differences between these king size beds and help you learn more about the one that best suits your needs. Read more below.

Wyoming King vs Alaskan King vs Texas King: What Is the Difference?

A Texas king measures 80×98 inches. Notably, it isn’t as wide as a Wyoming king or an Alaskan king. However, it is 14 inches longer than the Wyoming king. By the square foot, the Texas king happens to be the second-largest mattress.

The Alaskan King measures at 84×84 inches, Texas Kings’ longest variant covers 80×90 inches, whereas, Alaskan King measures a whooping 108×108 inches. The three oversized beds are best suited for couples, a family of 4 and highly favor tall people who suffer from discomfort due to their legs hanging off the bed while asleep. 

Wyoming, Alaska and Texas are three states that share one thing – they’re all HUGE! With rankings amongst the top 10 biggest states in the US, it’s no wonder their Wyoming King, Alaskan King, and Texas King sized mattresses have dimensions bigger than other standard sizes as suggested above.

The mentioned variants are all larger than your standard mattress sizeand allow a lot of space for the individual or a family of many to sleep comfortably. If your family sleeps together and wants extra space for everyone, these particular mattresses are the right choices to pick from before making an investment on quality sleep.

Parameters Wyoming King Texas King Alaskan King
Width 84 inches 80 inches 108 inches
Length 84 inches 98 inches 108 inches
Surface Area 7056 sq. inches 7840 sq. inches 11664 sq. inches
Recommended Room Size 12 feet by 12 feet 12 feet by 14 feet 16 feet by 16 feet
Best Suited for Couple with 2 kids Tall people and a couple Tall people OR a family of 4-5
Price $1500 – $3000 $2000 – $3000 $2500- $3000

Different Oversize Mattress Sizes

Now that we have understood that these variants are much longer and broader than your regular standard king size bed (also called as Eastern king), it is also essential to learn the dimension variations to make it easier for individuals to make their choice. The oversized mattresses are enormous, and anything longer than the usual king size falls under this dimension. The specifications of the largest mattresses, the second largest oversized mattress, and the smallest oversized mattress are mentioned below:

Wyoming King

illustration of Wyoming king room dimensions illustration

The first name that we have under this list is the Wyoming king variant which is quite popular under oversized beds. However, it is essential to mention here that this particular variant is the most miniature oversized mattress under the category of oversized mattresses and is quite popular. The length of this mattress is somewhere around 84*84 inches.

Although the length of the Wyoming king bed is identical to that of your California king size mattress, the former is around 12 inches wider than your California king bed. The best thing about the Wyoming bed is that if a family and children want to sleep together in the same bed, this particular version is best for them because it allows the extra bit of space.

However, the major disadvantage of this square-shaped oversized bed is that it is not suited for families with more than two children. It is also a little more expensive than the regular standard size bed. A good quality Wyoming mattress is somewhere around 1500 dollars to 3000 dollars depending on the variation.

Alaskan King

illustration of Alaskan king room dimensions

If you have a bit of an idea about the states of the country, you will understand that Alaska is the largest state in the country and the name automatically ensures that this variant is the largest oversized mattress. Therefore, the Alaskan king size mattress is the most widespread and allows considerable space for those who want to accommodate many people on the same bed.

The size dimensions for the Alaskan king size bed are around 108*108 inches, and it is also 24 inches longer than the regular California king size mattress. It is perfect for those with a large family, and each member requires their own space, even after sleeping on the same bed.

One of the best things about the Alaskan king mattress is that it is a perfect pick for those sleepers who are very tall and find it uncomfortable when their feet hang out of the bed range. In addition, it is the biggest bed size under the category of family beds and can easily accommodate quite a few people together.

One of the significant disadvantages of the Alaskan king bed is that it requires considerable space in the room to place the bed. Although it accommodates many people on the same bed, the disadvantage is that it is costly and the highest bid under the oversized mattress category. The price ranges somewhere between 2500-5000 dollars depending on your purchase quality.

Texas King

illustration of Texas king room dimensions

Many would know that Texas is the second-largest in the country, and consequently, this particular variant is the second largest oversized mattressThe Texas king bed is more of a moderate version, and the size difference points out that it is the middle ground between Wyoming and the Alaskan bed version. The measure of this rectangular-shaped oversized bed is around 80*90 inches. The length of the Texas king is 14 inches more than Wyoming, although the width is compromised.

The Texas king is not for those looking to accommodate more sleepers in one bed; instead, they are perfect for tall sleepers who find it challenging to accommodate their feet inside the bed. The Texas king is the best who cannot let a lot of bedroom space yet wants something spacious and more significant than the standard-sized beds.

The Texas king is a rectangular shaped oversize bedand hence it looks pretty chic as well as your regular square-shaped oversize bedIf you are looking to purchase oversized beds perfect for you and your family of tall people, then this is the best choice to rely on.

The most considerable bed size often takes up a lot of space which is unlikely for the Texas king. However, one of the significant disadvantages of this is that it is very narrow compared to the other versions of the specialty size bed. Therefore, it is not ideal for those families who want to sleep with their children. A good quality Texas king will be between 2000-3500 USD.

Difference Between The Oversized Mattresses

It is pretty common to wonder why one should put so much thought behind the size of your mattress and the essential grounds of difference between the various oversized mattresses. However, the most poignant thing about these options is that they are known as family beds in particular because these are best for those families who want to co-sleep with their children.

The standard size bed often does not fit those who have quite a large family, and all of them want to sleep together. So initially, your mattress should have at least a couple of cms of free space so that they do not feel overcrowded while sleeping, and it can automatically guarantee a good night’s sleep to all the co-sleepers.

The variants like the Alaskan king mattress or the Wyoming king mattress ensure that this bit of extra space is provided to foster a great night’s sleep.

Now let’s discuss in detail what different firmness levels say about a mattress and its performance.

Where to Buy OverSized Mattresses?

The primary thing about the oversized choices is that they are not commonly available in most parts of the country because they are different from your standard mattress size. In most cases, these are made to order if you have a particular store choice for buying mattresses. However, there are quite a few online options that can help you find the best option when it comes to selecting your oversized bed.

Always make sure that the company or the store that you are choosing for buying the particular mattress provides you with the measurements so that you can analyze whether it will fit your bedroom or not. Sometimes the sizes tend to vary when it comes to buying oversized mattresses, and hence being very sure is essential so that you do not overestimate your room size. The right mattress choice should incorporate the number of sleepers and the room size.

Where To Find Foundation and Bedding Accessories For Oversized Mattresses?

There is no doubt that oversized mattresses are spacious, and they allow a lot of comfort to those who want to sleep with their families or pets in a relaxed manner. However, the major problem with all those options is that it is challenging to find the right kind of accessories for all of these mattresses, and hence it becomes tedious for most to set up oversized beds. 

It is tough to find bed sheets or duvets that fit the oversized mattresses, and hence the best chance to do is custom make it from mattress stores, or you can also go online and search for the appropriate options. Try to check the size specifications before choosing an accessory for your oversized bed.


The giant mattresses available in the market are undoubtedly very comfortable and perfect for those families who have kids and pets sleeping together in the same bed. But there are a lot of problems that one has to face when it comes to purchasing these variants, and hence, one should weigh in different aspects before making a purchase for oversize beds or accessories. Remember that there can be minimal size differences from one company to the other and therefore checking on the same is very important before buying it.


Twin, double, queen, and king are the most common mattress sizes. A twin mattress measures 36″ by 75″, a double bed mattress measures 54″ by 75″, a queen bed measures 60″ by 75,” and a king mattress measures 72″ by 85″.

An Alaskan king measures 108″ by 108″. Whereas a king mattress measures 72″ by 85″. Hence, an Alaskan king bed is bigger than a king bed by 36 X 23 inches.

An Alaskan king bed can accommodate up to four adults or two adults and three or four children younger in age

An Alaskan bed is the biggest bed available in the market. However, a family XL bed, which measures 84″ in length, is 144 inches wide.

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