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Can You Wash Memory Foam Pillows? How and When: A Quick Guide


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December 15, 2022

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For someone who is a victim of dust allergy, a dusty memory foam pillow would be a traumatizing factor. We find all the solace while sleeping, and sleeping on a dirty pillow would be the last thing you want. And mind it, our pillows tend to attract all the sweat, dirt, and bugs. But can you wash memory foam pillows? The answer is YES. Now that you know, it is time to know how to wash your memory foam pillows. Deodorizing, spot cleaning, and deep cleaning are the major approaches to washing your memory foam pillows. 

When Should You Wash Your Pillows?

How often should you wash memory foam pillows? Once you know that the answer to ‘can you wash memory foam pillows?’ is positive, you need to know how and when you should wash your pillows. Though memory foam pillows are hypoallergenic and are resistant to dust mites and dirt, you’re required to wash your memory foam pillows every 2 to 3 months. You will certainly wish to sleep on a fresh smelling and crisp pillow. If you have been sick or undergoing treatment for any illness, it is recommended to wash your pillows more often. 

3 Simple Steps to Wash Memory Foam Pillows

Can you wash your memory foam pillows in the washing machine? How to wash your memory foam pillow? How to wash pillows by hand? These are typical questions that will pop into your mind while you begin the washing process. Below are given steps on how to wash your memory foam pillows in detail.

Step 1: Deodorize your Memory Foam Pillows

The answer to how to wash memory foam pillow? starts by deodorizing your memory foam pillows. This can be done by stripping the pillowcase and the protective pillow cover (if that is removable) and following the care instructions religiously. 

Sprinkle some baking soda over one side and let it rest for at least 1 to 2 hours – remember to perform this process with exposure to sunlight. Then, pick your upholstery attachment and vacuum the surface of the pillow to soak up the baking soda. 

Now, it is time to perform these three steps on the other side of the pillow as well. 

Step 2: Spot Cleaning

How to wash a memory foam pillow when you find a fresh stain? Spot cleaning is the resolution. For removing fresh stains, you have to first begin by removing the pillowcase and the protective cover – or follow the previous point’s first step. 

Then pick a dry, clean cloth or paper towel and blot the stain by implementing lifting motions. Proceed by making a solution of lukewarm water and a gentle detergent – remember not to use hot water. Then, again, grab that clean, white cloth of yours and start gently rubbing the stain in a circular movement from the outside toward the middle. 

Keep on twirling and moving till your find that the stain is vanishing. Then pick another piece of clean, white cloth and absorb all the residue of excess water and the soap residue. 

Lastly, keep your memory foam pillow completely air dry before sleeping on them again. 

Step 3: Deep Cleaning

The process of deep cleaning starts with filling a bathtub or large sink with cold water and mixing it with mild detergent. Then submerging the pillow and squeezing it, and not wringing. Then once the stain vanishes, drain the water, refill the tub or sink with similar cold water, and squeeze it till the water becomes transparent. 

Once all done, place the pillow on a dry towel and roll while squeezing – do this 2 to 3 times. Then place the pillow on another dry towel and let it sit to air dry for at least 24 hours. 

Spot Cleaning Memory Foam Pillow

Can you wash memory foam pillows by spot cleaning? Yes, you can. If you have a fresh stain, your pillows will require a spot cleaning. Check out the below steps to learn how to wash memory foam pillows by spot cleaning?

  1. Check if the affected area contains biological stains like urine, then put some enzyme-cleaner. If there is a mild stain, then put on some gentle cleanser. 
  2. Keep massaging the stain from inside to outside in a circular motion till the stain has been lightened or removed. 
  3. As you see the stain has been removed, blot away the excess water or liquid till it’s dry.
  4. Let it air dry completely before placing it inside the cover or case.

Deep Cleaning Memory Foam Pillow

Can you wash memory foam pillows by deep cleaning? Yes, you can. If you haven’t washed your memory foam pillows for quite a few months now, it is time for some deep cleaning.

  1. Fill your tub or large sink with lukewarm water and then completely submerge the memory foam pillow. 
  2. Then proceed by mixing mild detergent and gently squeezing it. Never put your memory foam pillow in the washing machine, as it may cause the pillow to tears. 
  3. Keep rinsing the pillows till the water runs clear.
  4. Lightly squeeze out the water without wringing.
  5. Place the pillow to dry on an air-ventilated surface.

Deodorizing Memory Foam Pillow

You need to deodorize your pillow before washing them, but why so? The memory foam pillows have an off-gassing problem caused by natural gases. Therefore, before washing it, you need to deodorize it by sprinkling some baking soda and keeping it out under the sun for some time. After a few hours, vacuum the pillow and then proceed with washing.

How to Dry Memory Foam Pillows

Once the whole way to wash memory foam pillow is done, you need to complete it by properly drying it out. Remember, if your pillows are not adequately dried out, it will lead to the formation of mold and mildew. Dry it out by placing it in a well-ventilated place under the sun. Don’t place it in a dryer as the extreme heat will lead to deterioration. Instead, place it before a portable fan. 

How to Clean a Memory Foam Pillow Cover & Case

Just like you are concerned about how to wash your memory foam pillow of yours, stay equally concerned about cleaning your pillow cover or cases. Wash your memory foam pillow covers once every two to three weeks by placing them in the laundry, unzipping them, and following the care instructions. If you had excitedly torn off the instruction manual from the covers, simply call your manufacturer, google it, or watch a video on youtube. 

Do’s and Don’ts for Washing Memory Foam Pillows

Can you wash memory foam pillows any way you want? Actually, no. There are certain do’s and don’ts to be remembered while washing your memory foam pillows.

  1. Avert from putting harsh chemicals and bleaches – it will cause breakage of the foam.
  2. Never ever put your memory foam into the washing machine (even if it has an agitator). It will rip off all the better because of its rough nature.
  3. Thinking of putting it in the dryer? Stop right there! You are not supposed to put it in the dryer as it will melt the memory foam. 
  4. No wringing
  5. Let the pillow dry completely before using.

3 Tips to Keep Your Pillows Clean

Now that you know that the answer to ‘can you wash memory foam pillow?’ is yes. And, also know the process of how to wash memory foam pillow – read on to find how to keep away from the hassle of continuous washing. 

  1. Change your pillow once a week to avoid sweat stains
  2. Vacuum the memory foam pillow when you change the case
  3. Don’t sleep with oil or sweat in your hair. Give yourself a good shower before sleeping. 

How Often Should You Replace Your Pillows?

It is recommended to replace your pillows every 1 to 2 years. Doing this will ensure that you are using clean and supportive products for yourself. Since pillows endure quite some elements like dirt, sweat, dust, grease, and more, changing them regularly every 1 to 2 years is suggested. 


You need to clean your memory foam pillow every 2 to 3 months. 

No, memory foam pillows cannot be washed in the washing machine, even if it has an agitator. It is too rough for something so tender as a memory foam pillow. 

Yes, a memory foam pillow can get wet. In fact, to proceed with washing a memory foam pillow, you need to submerge it in lukewarm water. 

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