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How To Keeps Sheets On Bed


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December 22, 2022

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Fitted sheets are supposed to be a cover for your mattress, a barrier between you and your mattress. So, it can be aggravating when it comes off while you are trying to sleep or when you awaken in the morning. Your sheet may not be the correct size, either too small or even too big if it bunches up in the middle. How do I keep my sheets from coming off?

Ways To Keep Your Sheets On Your Mattress

Besides going out and buying news sheets, there are ways to ensure your sheets stay put. However, the best option is to measure your mattress, so you have the exact measurements for any future sheets you buy. With the sheets you use now, try these eight solutions. 

Use A Mattress Protector

A mattress protector adds more depth and prevents sheets that are slicker, such as silk ones, from slipping off as quickly. The material that most mattress protectors come in will give you the needed friction between your sheets and the mattress, so you won’t have to fix them continually. Plus, it helps you share your mattress longevity. 

One kind of mattress protector to use is a zippered sheet. It will protect against bed bugs, stains, and urine on children’s beds. 

Throw Out The Fitted Sheets Altogether

Have you noticed what comes in a comforter set? Typically, it has pillowcases, fitted and unfitted sheets. Switch your fitted sheets for an unfitted one. You can tuck in the unfitted sheet underneath your mattress. The weight of the bed will keep the unfitted sheet in place. 

Clip Them On

You are not alone in your quest to keep your sheets on your bed. There are suspenders explicitly made for this problem that you can buy. You use the sheet suspenders to attach the sheets to the mattress, which doesn’t allow movement and holds them firmly. There are additional sheet suspenders designed to cross that will give an even more secure fit. 

If you do not want to spend the money, trouser suspenders will do the same thing, though you will have to personalize the fit to your mattress. 

Make A Sheet Holder

If you are handy with a sewing machine, you could easily make a holder for your sheets. Keep in mind that you want to make something that will ensure no movement to the sheets. A small strip would do the trick. It needs to run across the mattress and connect the sheet with it for it to work. 

If you do not want to make one, there are bands available for purchase. You can think of them like a giant rubber band surrounding your mattress. These can either go on the corners of the bed or the entire circumference of the whole mattress.

Tape It

Another inexpensive hack is using double-sided tape. To use, put the tape onto the mattress corner and put the fitted sheet on it. It may not be a long-term fix, but it will last for a while due to the solid adhesive double-sided tape has. There may be a non-washable residue on the sheet when you take it off. 

Safety Pin It

Do you have some safety pins lying around or taking up space in that junk drawer? Put them to good use and solve your movable bedsheet issue. All you will need to do is use the safety pins in each corner of the bed. Pin the sheet to the mattress. If you are a rough sleeper, you may find holes or rips from the safety pins, so be careful if you use them. 

Top Before Bottom

Start with the top corners of your mattress when you are putting on your sheet at night. It should help keep a snug fit due to the difficulty of getting those top corners on if you start at the bottom of the mattress. Usually, the top corners are put on last and don’t stretch as well, so starting with them makes it less likely for them to come off. 

Rug Corners On Your Bed?

Yes, rug corners are a great, creative way to keep those sheets on your bed. How rug corners work is to stop the rug from moving by placing them under each of the four sides of the carpet. That same concept can help to control movement on a bed. Make sure you buy rug corners that have the ability for use with any surface. A store associate at a hardware store can help you get the right ones. 


Fitted sheets are known to come off, but your sheets do not have to anymore. Your sheets do not have to be the reason why you cannot sleep or the cause for unwarranted stress. You will not have to constantly fix your sheets if you use these tips above.

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