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What Is a Low Profile Box Spring?


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December 16, 2022

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You have been undergoing nights of restless sleep for quite a prolonged period. You have changed your pillows, put on the most delicate bedsheet, changed your mattress, put on some essential oils – but everything is in vain. We were equally clueless about locating the problem till we found out how explicit the issue was. The problem might be lying with your ‘box spring.’ This was probably the last thing you were thinking.  

Often overlooked, a box spring is an extremely supportive phenomenon to your mattress. It is a robust layer that guards your mattress, deters it from deterioration, leads to an unwholesome sleep cycle, and robs off your room’s aesthetic. Unlike the traditional box spring, a low profile box spring is intricately designed in a contemporary manner, chic, and immensely beneficial.

What is a Low Profile Box Spring?

Now that you are completely sold about the very thought of a low profile box spring, it’s time we dig into the details of it. A low profile box spring is mostly suitable for innerspring mattresses. As can be anticipated from the name, a low profile box spring is slimmer than the traditional or standard box spring. The height of a low profile box spring measures 5 to 5.5 inches and assists your mattress in sitting lower on the base. 

If you are someone who simply needs that add-on support without the hefty weight and hassle associated with the old box springs, simply opt for the low profile box spring. It is newly devised and therefore completely bypasses all the bulkiness. The new box spring or the low profile box spring possesses all the features of the traditional one in terms of weight distribution, support, and height. Therefore, buying this would be worth all the money. 

What is a Low Profile Box Spring Used for?

A low profile box spring comprises all the features and even more than the previous box spring. So now the question lies, what all functions do it offers? Or is a low profile box spring better than the previous one? To answer this, you need to continue reading about the uses of a low profile box spring. 

Lowering the Height of Thick Mattresses

Post purchasing a low profile box spring, you will notice how the sleek material of the box spring will completely swipe away the thickness of the mattress that once bothered you. As a result, you will not feel the extreme height that might have caused trouble in approaching the bed. 

Safety Purposes

A low profile box spring is a safer option for different reasons. First, if you have a kid, the fright of falling is real. A limited height will be highly effective in handling those situations. A lowered height will also help prevent the breakage of any item that falls from the bed. And we all know how our TV remotes, phones, water bottles, and more items precariously fall from the edge of the bed. 

Shorter Individuals

If you are a short individual, owning a low profile box spring will be a blessing. You will be ecstatic to see how effortlessly you get up or down from the bed without any trouble. You will no more feel that you’re climbing the peak when you’re just trying to sit on the bed.  


If you have a headboard, tall beds tend to cover the decor – and you don’t want that. Therefore, investing in a low profile box spring will be efficacious for your home decor. Moreover, if your bedroom tends to be smaller, it will appear even more compact.

Dimensions of a Low Profile Box Spring

Coming to the low profile box spring dimensions to better understand it. To begin with, a low profile box spring comprises 4 inches in thickness. The length and width of this low profile box spring depend completely on the mattress type being used. For example, a low profile king box spring would be suitable for a king mattress, and for a twin one, a twin size low profile box spring would suffice.

Twin Low Profile Box Spring:

  •  38 inches wide, 75 inches long, 4 inches tall
  • Queen Low Profile Box Spring: 60 inches wide, 80 inches long, 4 inches tall
  • King Low Profile Box Spring: 76 inches wide, 80 inches long, 4-5 inches tall
  • California King Low Profile Box Spring: 72 inches wide, 84 inches long, 4-5 inches tall

Benefits of a Low Profile Box Spring

A low profile box spring will act as a blessing for your bedding. Not only the lowered height, boost in safety, and add-on to the aesthetics, a low profile box spring is advantageous for so more. Let us get going. 

  • Carrying a low profile box spring is way more accessible than a traditional box spring. It is lighter in weight, and therefore, it becomes quite effortless to carry it wherever you wish. 
  • The tightly fitted coils in the low profile box spring don’t accumulate weight.
  • These coils thoroughly absorb the shocks and the movements occurring on the mattress.
  • The overall height of the bed decreases – quite obviously. This is because the low profile box spring is itself sleek in shape. 
  • The low profile box spring makes the room appear quite airy, roomy, and overall decent.
  • A low profile box spring ensures that your headboard is up and showing – unlike the bulky traditional box spring that prevents it.

Disadvantages of a Low Profile Box Spring

Like any other product, a low profile box spring is not devoid of disadvantages. It might not be the best option for you, even after these terrific advantages. Let us check the factors that make it ‘not-so-best’:

  • Box springs are not meant for every mattress type, and low profile box spring is no exception. It might not be that versatile. Low profile box springs or any other is most suitable for innerspring mattresses. 
  • If you own memory foam, hybrid, or latex mattress, you cannot plug in a box spring as the former ones require more support.
  • A low profile box spring may not be highly capable of absorbing the shocks and movement like any other base.
  • It might not provide you with enough support like other foundations.
  • You might feel very close to the ground when sleeping on a low profile box spring.
  • For someone new to this, you may feel uneasy. 

Types of Box Springs

If you wonder if there is only one kind of box spring, you are wrong. You can choose among diverse box springs that will make you spoilt with choices. Knowing the different box spring options will help you understand what you need and help you understand if you are using the wrong one. 

Ultra-low Profile Box Spring

For someone who doesn’t like placing their mattress directly on the floor and wants the minimal height, the ultra-low profile box spring is the most appropriate one. The ultra-low-profile box spring measures even lesser than the 4-inch box spring – very similar to a bunkie board. 

Low Profile Box Spring

You might already have complete knowledge about low profile box springs. To brief it up, a low profile box spring dimension ranges from 4 inches to 6 inches in height. It is placed underneath the mattress as a protective layering from the floor. It is most suitable for people who don’t like the elevation from the bed caused by the mattress and needs something to shorten it. 

Standard Box Spring

A standard box spring measures 9 inches tall and is designed with evenly spaced coils distributed throughout the foundation. A standard box spring is pillared by a blend of wood and metal slats that creates support for the base. 

Split Box Spring

A split box spring is made of two separate box springs fused to form a single one. No matter how fancy the name is, you will be sweaty when transporting this split box spring up to your room from the main gate. Box springs are heavy, and a split box sporing is even more. However, some like to use it for its flexibility. 

Bifold Box Spring

This is the most convenient choice if you plan to buy a box spring. To access a bifold box spring, you simply need to unpack and unfold it, and Tadaa! You’re sorted. No screws, no tools, or bolts are required to function it. It’s the best option if you have a transferable or similar job, as it will be transported to your door in a jiffy.

Smart Box Spring

The highlighting part of a smart box spring is – it is made of steel and, therefore, quite durable. In addition, it comes with a compact packaging that makes its transportation quite accessible.

How to Know if a Low Profile Box Spring Is Right for You

It may take you a while to introspect and answer, ‘Do I need a box spring? ‘. Whether you truly require a low profile box spring. Therefore, we have curated some factors. If you tend to answer positively to most of them – you need a low profile box spring in your life. 

  1. Do you struggle to get in and out of bed almost every day?
  2. Do you have a nightstand that is quite low for your bed?
  3. Do you have a desire to upgrade your mattress into a better, more lavish, and comfortable one?
  4. Do you have shelvings or decor over your bed?
  5. Does your mattress cover your headboard?

If the answer to most of these questions is a ‘YES,’ go and buy a low profile box spring. 

Low Profile Box Spring vs Standard Box Spring

The mainline difference between a low profile box spring and a standard box spring is the height. While the former has a height of 9 inches, the latter is 9 inches tall. Moreover, the low profile box spring decreases the bed’s overall height, leading to accessibility for kids and shorter people. 

Top 4 Low Profile Box Springs to buy in 2022

We understand how hard you grind at work and have eased your pain of finding the top low profile box springs. Therefore, we have here listed the top 4 low profile box springs.

Nectar: The first brand we will be talking about is Nectar. Many of you might have already encountered it during your bedding shopping. Nectar offers a wide range of bed frames like foundation, adjustable, platform, storage, foldable metal frame, etc. Do you know what’s the best part? Nectar bed frames don’t require box springs as they are crafted that way. If you need it, you can always put a box spring underneath. 

The price range of Nectar bed frames ranges from $341 to as high as $849. The features include a 3-year warranty, 50-day risk-free night trial, free shipping and returns, support airflow, etc.  

DreamCloud: Another showstopper is the DreamCloud bed frame that offers diverse options like platform, foundation, adjustable base, frame with headboard, foldable metal frame, and storage. This one also doesn’t require you to own a box spring. It will be an added advantage to have a low profile box spring because of all the comfort. 

DreamCloud mattress is again a great option for people who need affordable luxury and easy assembly, and supreme materials. The price ranges from $349 to $898, depending on what size you choose. 

Awara: Awara as a brand has been gaining popularity because of providing deluxe bed frames at affordable prices. Guess what? You will no longer need a box spring, but it will indeed be great support even if you plan to buy a low profile box spring. Adjustable bed frame, bed frame with headboard, platform bed, and Awara bed frames offers numerous options in an affordable price range of $275 to $649. 

Sienna: Sienna is another brand that has caught the eyes of many. Sienna bed frames are diverse. They are found in wooden, upholstered, painted, and more. The price range is also quite affordable, making it better than the rest. 


Low Profile Box Springs are great options if you are looking to decrease the height of your bed resulting from the thickness of the mattress. It is easy to carry, looks aesthetically pleasing, and is quite safe for families having kids. Moreover, if you have an innerspring mattress, buy a low profile box spring. 


A low profile box spring provides an equal amount of support as the traditional box spring, even after being half its height. 

Ultra-low box springs are the lowest in low profile box springs. 

A low profile box spring ranges from 4 inches to 6 inches. 

Low profile beds are better if you are looking to minimize your bed height and looking for a lightweight alternative. 

Low profile box springs make your bed comfortable, especially if you have innerspring mattresses. 

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