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Memory Foam vs Hybrid Mattress: What Is the Difference?


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December 19, 2022

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A comfortable bed is the abode of peaceful sleep, and let’s be honest, after a hectic day, all we want is to lie down in our cozy bed and relax. Choosing a bed is a major task, and with all hype around different mattresses, it has become tough to choose the best one. If you are also on a quest to find a perfect mattress, you must have pondered comparing memory foam vs hybrid mattresses. 

There is just too much detail available both online & offline that it becomes difficult to narrow down the preference. But before we dive further into it, you must know the basic difference between memory foam vs hybrid mattress.

Memory foam mattresses are designed to offer you comfort by spreading out your weight evenly across its surface. Hybrid mattress, on the other hand, use a coil system that provides consistent support throughout each sleeping area.

We are here to help you choose between memory foam and hybrid mattresses. With our buying guide and accurate comparison of different types of mattresses, you can pick the most suitable one for your home. Let’s begin! 

Memory Foam vs Hybrid Mattress: What is the Difference

Memory foam and hybrid mattresses are the two most popular types of mattresses today. As the name suggests, a hybrid mattress combines two types of base. First, it uses a mixture of memory foam and coils. A hybrid mattress is crafted with blending memory foam, latex, gel, and an innerspring system.

On the other hand, a memory foam mattress is made using only memory foam. Again, it is about the building, but what truly sets memory foam or hybrid mattresses? See our comparison chart to compare key differences between hybrid and memory foam mattresses

What Is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam has been the queen of mattresses since the 90s. It has been popular and well in demand. What makes it so trendy even after so many years? 

Memory foam mattresses are made of polyurethane originally crafted for NASA and later set its foot strongly as a commonly used material. These mattresses are composed of foam that compresses when you pressure them and gradually come back to the original shape as you release the pressure. 

Sleeping on memory foam gives a feeling that you sink into the mattress. It delivers a cozy touch to your bed and offers a unique sleeping experience. This mattress has a dense structure that doesn’t leave much room for air. Precisely, memory foam mattresses only contain foam and no springs or other internal support structures; however, the advanced cooling mattresses have open-cell memory foam and gel-infused memory foam. 

Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the memory foam that should help you pick out one from memory foam and hybrid mattresses. 

Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

Just because memory foam does not have internal support or coils, it doesn’t mean that you can’t opt for it when buying a new bed. The following points will surely support your memory foam vs. hybrid mattress decision. 

  • Deep Body Contouring

Memory foam mattresses are molded to fit your physique and have close-conforming properties that give you a hugging sensation. In addition, they put you to sleep in the most comfortable position. 

  • Great Motion Isolation 

Memory foam absorbs the motion and prevents vibrations from traveling across the surface, affecting you on the bed. 

  • Good for Pain Relief 

Memory foam mattresses offer enhanced pressure relief. It typically supports your body in transferring weight away from high-pressure areas and helps relieve shoulder, neck, and hip aches. In addition, it cushions the joints and helps maintain a neutral spine alignment.

Drawbacks of Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam has many great qualities that make choosing between memory foam and hybrid mattresses an apt decision. However, while it has a lot to offer, there are also some drawbacks attached to it that may make you compare memory foam vs hybrid all over again. 

  • Memory Foam Can Trap Heat 

Honestly, memory foam can get hot. 

It absorbs heat and may trap enough of it to make you uncomfortable. In addition, without design intervention, temperature regulation becomes a problem with memory foam mattresses, which further causes warm sleep. However, with the right integration of structure and technology, you can make your memory foam cool. 

  • It Takes a While to Adjust 

Memory foam has slow responsiveness, and it takes some time to adjust when you move. In addition, it has a slow sink property which can disturb your sound sleep when you change turn. 

  • It May Make You Feel Suffocated 

Your body impression stays on the memory foam mattresses for a long time, making it hard to get out of bed as wrapped up as you may feel while sleeping, but it can be a little challenging to leave the bed when you wake up. 

What Is a Hybrid Bed Mattress?

To properly compare memory foam and hybrid mattresses, we must go into a little detail about the famous hybrid mattress. 

A hybrid mattress is a mixture of two or more support systems. It is made of memory foam, latex, gel, and an innerspring system. While there can be different mattresses, we refer to hybrid mattresses as unique mattresses with springs and an extra layer of support. 

Hybrid mattresses came into being to bring the touch of a traditional comfort layer to foam mattresses. If you are not a fan of wrapped-up sleeping, a hybrid mattress can be extremely comfy. In addition, a hybrid mattress offers an amazing support layer to your back while still giving a decent amount of softness to feel cozy. 

Most hybrid mattresses resort to a pocketed coil support core, ensuring longevity and a breathable surface. In addition, hybrid mattresses are the most comfortable and offer stable edge support with minimum motion transfer. 

Benefits of Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses undoubtedly give a luxurious feel and add charm to your room. When you are equating memory foam vs hybrid mattress, these benefits will surely make you inclined toward a hybrid mattress.

  • Extremely Supportive and Durable 

Ideally, a hybrid mattress lasts at least 8 to 10 years. These extremely supportive mattresses are also long-lasting. The coils in the hybrid mattress can grip more weight and provide additional support. 

  • Enhanced Responsiveness

Hybrid mattresses have an improved support system that adapts smoothly and adjusts to your sleeping position. 

  • A Wide Range of Options 

Hybrid mattresses come in a wide range of variety, making the argument of memory foam vs hybrid fall in favor of the hybrid mattress. A sink-in feeling foam is pretty much all you get with memory foam. However, hybrid mattresses offer different layering combinations. 

Drawbacks of Hybrid Mattresses

While hybrid mattresses come with a long list of benefits, some drawbacks are surely attached to them. 

These are some points to consider when assessing which mattress to buy! 

  • Super Expensive 

To be honest, hybrid mattresses are not everyone’s cup of tea. These mattresses are super expensive. However, they are also very durable, so you won’t need to plan another mattress by the time you get used to them. It is an overall good investment. 

  • Doesn’t Fit Everywhere 

Hybrid mattresses surely give a majestic look, but they don’t fit everywhere. If you have a small apartment, a hybrid mattress is not ideal. These mattresses take up enough space and may make your room look uneasy and congested. 

  • It Can Get Noisy 

Coils in the hybrid mattresses are no news. However, as long as the mattress can last, it may get slightly noisy after some years. This is because the coils break sometimes and can cause squeaky noises that may disturb you. 

Who Should Choose a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam beds are designed to wrap and conform to your body gently. It offers a great deal of support and helps relieve pressure. Many people love that soft support, yet, it is not suitable for everyone. 

  • When it comes to memory foam vs hybrid mattresses, people who side sleepers should go for memory foam. The memory foam mattress will give you just the right pressure on your shoulders and let you adjust well. 
  • A memory foam mattress is also a great choice for people who like sleeping in rather than on the mattress. It completely allows you to sink into the mattress and delivers the extra comfort and coziness that you may want.
  • A memory foam mattress is ideal for couples. It delivers the extra cozy sensation and makes you enjoy the intimacy much more with your partner. Also, if you have some money saved up, it can be a perfect addition to your master bedroom. 

Who Should Choose a Hybrid Mattress?

With so much information available, it is common to struggle in the conversation about memory foam and hybrid mattress. Here are some points to decide if buying a hybrid mattress will be good. 

  • You can never enjoy a memory foam mattress if you are a hot sleeper. In this case, buying a hybrid mattress will be a wise decision.
  • hybrid mattress gives you the feeling of sleeping on the mattress rather than in it. So, if you are a fan of traditional hard support with a nice softness, bring a hybrid mattress to your home. 
  • Hybrid mattresses are majestic and look splendid in big bedrooms. If you live in a big apartment, buying a hybrid mattress will be a legit investment. 

Conclusion (What Is better, Memory foam or Hybrid Mattress?)

Memory foam vs hybrid is a never-ending debate, but these points will surely help come to a final decision. Both memory foam and hybrid mattresses have their unique features and specialty, and choosing a mattress type should be completely based on the needs of the sleeper.  


Longevity is a common point in memory foam vs hybrid discussion. Undoubtedly, hybrid mattresses are long-lasting as compared to memory foam mattresses. Typically, you can invest in a hybrid mattress and stay happy for 6-8 years.

Most luxury hybrid mattresses are engineered to support people above common weights. As for memory foam, it can be difficult to get in and out of it for a heavy person.

If you have allergies, memory foam can be a good option. However, consider all the allergies you may have when choosing a hybrid or memory foam mattress because some memory foam mattresses may trigger it due to the smell.  

 In memory foam vs hybrid comparison, memory foam mattresses are better for side sleepers. It offers proper support to your shoulders and lets your hips just melt into the sink-in feeling. 

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