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Do Two Twins Make a King?


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December 21, 2022

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If you are trying to give your bedrooms a makeover, a new bed is always the first thing you may possibly think of. And, not just any bed, but a spacious king-size.

Now, if you have two twin-size beds and you wonder if two twins make a king when you push them together, the answer is almost Yes! Two twin beds are just as wide as a King. However, they will be 5 inches shorter than the size of a traditional king-sized mattress. 

Putting two twin mattresses together can be a great idea for you and your partner, especially if you have different sleep needs. So read more below about how big two twin beds put together will be and how you can update them into a king-size bed.

What Size Bed Do Two Twins Make and How?

What size bed do two twin beds make? When you put together two twin-size mattresses, they almost make a king-size bed. Why do we say almost here? Because the twin bed dimensions are 38 X 75 inches while a king measures 76 X 80 inches. So, when two twins come together, collectively, the bed dimensions become 76 X 75 inches. While the width matches a king’s, it falls 5 inches short in length. 

This can work perfectly well for you if you are someone who doesn’t need the extra length or are not on the taller side. With two twin beds together, you can experience the same width as a king, which means more space for you and your partner. So, do two twins make a king-size bed? Yes, when it comes to the width and almost when it comes to the length. 

Do Two Twin XL Make a King?

Yes, two twin XL beds make a king. Aforementioned, a king mattress measures 76 X 80 inches while a single twin measures 38 X 80 inches. So, when you put two Twin XL beds together, they measure 76 X 80 inches making a perfect king. 

Why do twin XLs make a king, with twins stuck at almost? It’s because of the extra length that twin XL carries. A single twin XL mattress is as long as a king or a queen mattress, and the width is half of a king-size mattress. 

How to Turn Two Twin Beds Into a King?

Now that you have decided to combine two twin size mattresses into a king, here’s how you can do that:

  • A Solid Foundation 

You will need a steady foundation to combine two twin XL mattresses or twins. Of course, you can simply finish the task by putting two twin beds together. But that may create a shaky base. The frame can shake or slide away. So, you can always invest in a new king frame for your twin mattresses or use a connector to keep the beds together. 

  • Add A Mattress Pad

If you are using separate twin frames and twin mattresses, there are chances that your mattress may slide. Therefore, you can bring home a mattress rubber pad to avoid this situation. A rubber pad is placed between the mattress, and the bed frame will keep your mattress in place, and you can easily achieve deep slumber.

  • The Gap In The Middle

If you have two twin XL frames, you can always bring home a new king-size bed to ensure you don’t feel the gap in the middle. However, if you don’t want any additional investment, you can fill the gap with special foam fillers available on the market. You can also easily find them online. 

Once you add the mattress fillers, it is possible to create a lump in the middle. And if you and your partner love to cuddle in the middle, this can be a problem. So, fret not! You can easily fix this problem by using a mattress topper or a pad to keep the surface aligned. 


Now that your king bed is ready to use, all you have to do is accessorize it with the right sheets, pillows, and blankets, and start using it! 

If you have two twins, you can give them a makeover and turn them into a spacious king-size bed with these easy tips. Give it a try! 

To know more about what combination mattress can help you make your dream bed, visit sleepauthority.com or click here to dive deep into the world of all things sleep.


Yes, two XL beds, when put together, make a king. However, two twin beds equal a king only width-wise but not in length. 

While two twin XLs will seamlessly fit the frame, two twins will leave some extra space length-wise as a king is 80 inches long and a twin is 75 inches long. 

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