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Super King vs King Size Mattress: What Is the Difference


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December 21, 2022

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Sleeping with a partner on a comfy mattress with the freedom to spread out and enjoy uninterrupted sleep is what most couples crave. Isn’t it? King size vs super king-size bed offers just that. Both provide plenty of sleeping space for couples and extra room to stretch out and enjoy. Co-sleepers who need extra space to spread out but have a small room size to fit a king bed can opt for a super king-size bed. This blog covers everything you should know about the king and super king beds, oversized mattresses, and things to consider before deciding which bed to buy. Read more below.

What is the difference between a Super King Size Bed vs King Size Bed?

A super king size mattress measures 72 wide and 78 inches long, whereas a customary king bed measures 76 wide and 80 inches long. This makes the Super King size bed thinner than the King which can fit in smaller bedrooms as well. Notably, both beds provide enough sleeping space for two sleepers. Below is a table for your reference to understand the basic differences between the two. Have a look:

Parameters Super King Size King Size
Length 78 inches 80 inches
Width 72 inches 76 inches
Recommended Room Size 12 X 12 13 X 13
Recommended For Couples / Families with Kids / Tall People Couples / Tall People
Price Rarely available $1000 – $1500

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What Is a Super King Size Bed?

A super king size bed, also known as an “oversized mattress,” has dimensions of 72 by 78 inches. Compared to the standard king size mattress, the super king mattress is slightly shorter and thinner. 

Considering the super king size bed dimensions, it is a perfect fit for a master bedroom that is 14 by 19 feet or at least 12 by 12 feet. Such room size is necessary to accommodate larger beds and other furniture and ensure sufficient walking space. 

A super king size mattress is rare and often custom-made, making it more expensive than standard mattress sizes. The problem with custom orders is minor variations in size depending on the bed manufacturer. If the dimensions are incorrect, you may have trouble fitting the mattress in the bed or buying suitable bedsheets. When buying a super king mattress, you must be ready with a super king bed sized for your mattress.

It is Best Suited To

  • People with longer limbs and those who need enough space to stretch or toss and turn when asleep. 
  • Couples can also accommodate well on this bed, especially those who intend to share it with their families, kids, or pets.
  • Super king size bed supports up to 1500 pounds, so it is also best for people who share their bed with children, pets, or siblings.

What Is a King Size Bed?

A king size bed that measures 76 by 80 inches is the largest standard mattress size. 

The king-sized bed is rectangular, wider, and taller than the super king-sized bed. Therefore, you need a large bedroom, at least 13 by 13 feet, to fit in the king size bed. Besides, you will have enough space for walking, furniture, and a chest of drawers.

Also known as Eastern king, this type of bed is easily available and its accessories. In addition, you need not go for a custom order, which means your expenses will be cheaper than a super king size bed. 

It is Best Suited To

  • Couples and those who co-sleep with children or pets. If you buy this bed, you can sleep in your optimal position and make the most of the shared sleeping space without disturbing the other sleeper. 
  • People with different firmness preferences can opt for two twin XL mattresses that add up to the same dimension as a king-sized bed. This is called a split king bed and allows sleepers to choose their preferred mattress to sleep on their side of the bed. 

Where to Find Oversized Mattresses?

Buying a bed bigger than the king as most companies don’t sell oversized mattresses can be overwhelming. The largest of the oversized mattresses has dimensions of 108 inches by 108 inches. 

You have to place a custom order at specialized boutiques or companies that sell customized beds considering your preferences, like mattress thickness or firmness and filling.

Factors to Consider Before Deciding Between King or Super King Size Bed


When you fix your budget, you can better choose between king and super king beds. First, check out if the bed frame, foundation, and bedding all fit within your budget. 

Super king size beds are not easily available and need to be custom-made, so it may cost you more than buying a ready-made king size bed. However, a standard king size bed is readily available and is affordable, including all accessories. 

Number of Sleepers

If you are single, buying a king or super king size bed is not worth it. It’s pricey and would unnecessarily congest your room. Even though you are tall and prefer a large space to have uninterrupted or uncompromised sleep, you need not buy a king or super king bed. Instead, a queen-size mattress is best for you. 

If you are sharing your sleep space with your partner, siblings, children, or pets, buying a king bed or a super king bed size is worth it. 

Both are appropriate and spacious enough for couples and accommodate multiple individuals of varying heights and sizes. Each person can sleep comfortably – perfect for family or couple time. Spread out comfortably on a comfy mattress, enjoy their own space, and have each other’s company. 

Room Size 

To buy a super king size bed, you need a room size 14 by 19 feet or at least 12 by 12 feet. And, to buy a king size bed, your room size should be at least 13 by 13 feet. 

super king size bed room dimensions illustration

With bedroom furnishings, it may be difficult for you to visualize the placement of your new bed in your room. Analyze your room space by drawing the dimensions of your preferred bed on the floor using a measuring tape. 

Check out if accommodating a bed will leave extra space for walking or chaise longue or tables or additional seatings. Overcrowding a small space with an oversized mattress can ruin the look and feel of your bedroom. 

To ensure a visually appealing and functioning bedroom, there should be at least 30 inches of gap between the room’s perimeter and your bed. So, a smaller mattress is best for well-furnished or smaller bedrooms, while a larger mattress is best for spacious bedrooms. 

Bedroom Location

Do you live on the ground floor or at a higher level? Do you have an elevator facility? Usually, oversized mattresses take a large amount of space and are heavy. In addition, it is daunting to move or shift your bed from one point to another or carry it up the stairs. 

Not all companies provide delivery services, and you may have to manage things independently. A narrow bedroom door or stairwell are added disadvantages. You can purchase a bed that comes in a box mattress set or any other smart packaging options for easy transport.


Both king-sized and super king-sized beds offer a comfortable sleeping space and accommodate multiple individuals. Both have different dimensions and fit into different room sizes. However, unlike standard king size beds, super king beds are not readily available. A smart purchase means sleeping soundly forever. If you are confused about which bed to buy – consider your budget, number of sleepers, room size, availability of mattress and accessories, and bedroom location.


The mattress dimensions of a super king bed are – 72 by 78 inches or 180 by 200 centimeters, and that of a king size bed are – 76 by 80 inches or 193 by 203 centimeters. Super king size beds are 4 inches thinner than king beds.

For a super king size bed, you need a room size of at least 12 by 12 feet, and for a king size bed, your room size should be at least 13 by 13 feet.

The Alaskan King is the biggest and longest bed size, measuring 108 inches by 108 inches.

A king size bed that is 76 by 80 inches is bigger than the super king size bed.

No. There is a difference in the king and super king mattress sizes. So, you’d have loose fabrics if you try to fit king size sheets on a super king bed. But, you can place a custom order for super king accessories.

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