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RV Mattress Size Guide 2022


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December 19, 2022

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If you are planning to take up caravanning or RVing as a hobby, then it is important that the mattress fits your needs. With a plethora of RV Mattress Sizes and models available today– picking the right one may get confusing and tiresome!

But are you worried about selecting an adequately sized mattress for your vehicle? Don’t worry! This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on different sizes of RV mattresses that provide promising performance with best-in-class comfort and feel.

RV Mattress Size Chart

RVs come in different sizes and shapes, and so do their mattresses. A good bed to sleep and rest upon can change the entire outlook of how you spend your time and days at home in bed or an RV. Below added are a handful of RV mattress sizes and a guide for you to pick from. Have a look:

Mattress Size Dimensions (Inches) Dimensions (CM)
RV Twin 28 inches *75 inches to 28 inches *80 inches 71 cm *190 cm to 71 cm*203 cm
Truck 35 *79 inches to 42 *80 inches 89 cm *200 cm to 106 cm
RV Bunk 28 inches*75 inches / 30 inches* 75 inches / 34 inches *75 inches / 35 inches * 79 inches 71 cm *190 cm / 76 cm* 190 cm / 76 cm *203 cm / 86 cm *190 cm / 88 cm *200 cm
Three-Quarter 48 inches *75 inches 122 cm *190 cm
RV Full or Double 53 inches *75 inches 137 cm *190 cm
RV Short Queen 60 inches *75 inches 152 cm *190 cm
RV Queen 60 inches *80 inches 152 cm *203 cm
RV Short King 72 inches *75 inches 182 cm *190 cm
RV King 72 inches *80 inches 182 cm *190 cm
Eastern King 76 inches *80 inches 185 cm *190 cm
RV California King 72 inches *84 inches 182 cm *206 cm

Buying an RV mattress may get confusing, but so can be the case with buying a regular mattress as well. Perhaps to make the entire process stubble and confusion-free for you, here’s an extensive mattress guide for you to make notes from.

RV Twin Size Mattress

Generally, small RVs are equipped with twin beds due to their compact size that perfectly fits the RV. There are two dimensions of twin mattresses 28 x 75 inches and 28 x 80 inches. Both these variants of mattresses offer the functionality of using them as a side-by-side bed or bunk bed, allowing you for better customization for a holistic experience.

Truck Size Mattress

As the name suggests, truck-size mattresses are a perfect fit in semi-trucks, but they can be used in campers due to their versatile nature. It is longer than most twin-size mattresses allowing tall passengers to get a comfortable sleep. This additional room can be pretty handy on trips where you want convenient access to your accessories.

Bunk Size Mattress

Bunk size mattresses are a family-friendly choice for a family-friendly campus. This mattress has a versatile portfolio to greet you with a perfect finish every time. If you are selecting one size, measuring the bunk bed in your RV is recommended to get an ideal size. The ideal size can be referred to in the table given above.

RV Three Quarter Size Mattress

This mattress can comfortably accommodate two kids. You can refer to the table above for the dimensions of three-quarter size mattresses. These fill between a standard RV Mattress and the two discussed above.

RV Full or Double Size Mattress

RV full or double size mattresses provide the maximum space offered by RV mattresses than three-quarter size bunk size or truck size. These mattresses are an inch smaller than a regular full-size mattress. RV full-size mattresses are renowned as a comfortable sleep provider, especially for adults, and are eventually used at home.

RV Short Queen Size Mattress

The Short queen size mattress is 5 inches shorter than a regular queen size mattress, and it can comfortably accommodate adult sleepers, and still, you can squeeze in a child with ample room. In addition, a short queen size mattress can be the perfect fit for your VR if you are looking for a mattress for your family holidays.

RV Queen Size Mattress

A Queen size mattress is larger than an RV full audible size mattress, and these are a far better fit for your bedroom at home. However, if your RV is big enough to provide ample space for the Queen size mattress, you can use the same mattress for your home and RV.

RV Short King Size Mattress

RV Short King size mattress provides a larger space than an RV queen size mattress. However, this is not available for regular RVs or Camper. It can only be equipped in RV kings or as your bedroom mattress.eo.

RV King Size Mattress

If you are an owner of RV King, then you must be traveling with your family of up to three to four members, including your children. RV King size mattress fulfills all your requirements with its capacity for a couple and a child or four children. In addition, most RV king-size mattresses are used in pop-up campers for a more luxurious camping experience.

Eastern King Size Mattress

The eastern king size bed is almost a perfect square. It offers you the same comfort with enhanced material quality and width, which can easily equip three or four family members.

RV California King Size Mattress

The California king-size mattress comes with larger dimensions than a regular king-size or eastern king-size mattress. The California king size mattress offers a luxurious, comfortable experience perfect for those who want more than just an average bed. The extra space and softness allow you to sink into your sleeping position with ease.

RV Mattress Types

Once you finalize the size of the mattress, it becomes easier to select which mattress will be the best choice for you or your family. If you want a custom RV mattress, you can ask for custom RV mattress sizes that are further changed according to your needs and requirements. When you purchase an RV or Camper, they are already equipped with foam mattresses, but it fails badly in offering a comfortable sleep and a relaxing feel. You can ask for a custom RV mattress in a thickness range of 5 to 6 inches with various materials. 

Here’s a complete guide to provide you with detailed information about the functionality of these four mattress types. 

Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress helps relax as it relieves your body by active pressure on pressure points and relieves you from aches while sleeping. If your RV is not equipped with air conditioning, you are looking forward to a humid and hot region. A memory foam mattress can be a perfect choice as it will give you cool gel memory foam that has better temperature regulation. You can get a good memory foam mattress somewhere between $400 to $1,000. 

Latex Mattress

The latex mattress contours your body but does not offer the same plush feel like memory foam. Latex mattresses are eco-friendly as they are chemical-free and naturally hypoallergenic. However, these mattresses are expensive in the range of $900 to 1500 dollars which comes with an additional feature of dust mites and mildew resistance.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are equipped with a top pillow layer for extra comfort and cushioning with springs. However, in spring, mattresses are not always preferred in RVs as the Steel coils in strings can get rust if you are camping in a humid and moisture-rich region. However, spring mattresses are comparatively affordable as they range from $250 to $600. 

Air Mattress

Air mattresses are lightweight, as the name suggests. Air Mattress is an advantage for RVs, but these are not comfortable in the long term due to the lack of sufficient support. However, it offers advantages like adjustable furnace level, but the volatile nature as a tiny leak can affect your experience standing on the downside of these mattresses. This mattress costs between $400 and 1100 dollars. 


If you plan to go on a trip in your favorite Camper or RV, sleep is important. Your sleep quality is a deciding factor in your trip experience, and achieving the comfort and feel of a home bedroom has become easier with the wide range of mattress sizes and different types like motorhome mattresses and RV Cal King size mattresses and much more. The wide range of sizes makes it an easy-to-find accessory that can enhance your trip experience. This article provides you with crucial facts to help you get the perfect size for your camper.


RV mattress is smaller in size than regular mattress to meet the space requirements in RVs.

If your RV is spacious enough, you can put on a regular mattress.

RV mattresses are measured in both inches and centimetres.

A full-size memory foam mattress can be the best RV mattress. It can accommodate two people. Moreover, the memory foam will ensure you sleep comfortably.

You can also buy a short queen mattress if more than two people.

You can buy an RV mattress in any online bedding store. Don’t forget to check the customer reviews before buying the mattress.

Yes, you can use regular sheets on your RV mattress. Just make sure the sheet is of the same size as the mattress.

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