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What Is a Split Queen Mattress?


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December 19, 2022

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A good night’s sleep is the key contributor to leading a healthy and a wholesome life, and split queen mattresses have proven quite helpful for ensuring the same. Given the wide choice of options available in this niche, prospective buyers should gain detailed information about what is a split queen mattress to make the right buying decision. Read on to find out more about this specific type of mattress.

However, before we proceed further it is crucial to understand the difference between Split Queen vs Queen Mattress.

Split Queen Vs Queen Mattress: What is the Difference?

A standard Queen mattress is a single piece of mattress measuring 60×80 inches whereas a Split Queen combines 2 separate mattresses to make one. They are 30×80 inches.

Split queen mattresses are designed to address the varying needs for comfort and support individuals sharing a bed. The key difference between queen and split queen is their individuality. If you’re a couple with two different types of sleeping needs then Split Queen is perfect for you.The range for Split Queen and Queen mattresses starts from $700 and may go upto $2000. 

Here’s a table to help you undermine the differences between these two kinds.

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Split Queen Mattress

  • It is a combination of two individual mattresses with the same composition and size.
  • Given the smaller size of the mattress, it is easy to handle and transport.
  • It enables partners to choose the appropriate firmness, comfort, and support setting while sharing the same bed.
  • The division in the middle where the mattresses meet may feel noticeable and cause minor discomfort in rare cases.

Queen Mattress:

  • traditional queen mattress is a single mattress designed to fit a queen-size bed snugly.
  • It is often quite challenging to handle transport due to its large size and bulk.
  • It does not offer much flexibility in terms of firmness, comfort, and support settings.
  • Since the mattress is not divided, it offers a sense of uniformity and comfort, especially for people who move a lot while sleeping.

What to Consider Before Buying a Split Queen Mattress?

Split queen mattresses, also referred to as dual queen mattresses, offer multiple advantages over a regular queen one. However, buyers need to consider the following essential factors to ensure that the split queen is the best choice for them.

Restricts disturbance

For people who are light sleepers, even the slightest movement of their partner can disturb them and cause them to lose their sleep. A split queen helps them easily overcome this problem by restricting any such disturbance to the mattress of their partner.

Flexibility and support

Split queen mattresses are known to offer a customized level of flexibility and support. This makes them the perfect choice for individuals struggling with back and joint pains, as they can easily adjust their sleeping position as per their comfort.


Individuals who love to cuddle with their partners while sleeping should prefer standard queen mattresses over split ones. The different firmness levels chosen by each partner may make cuddling a bit more challenging and even cause some discomfort.

Dimensional aspect

Split queen mattresses are also an excellent option for people living in homes with narrow hallways and doorframes. Their smaller dimensions make it easier to move them around, especially in tight spaces.

Which Is the Best Type of Mattress for Split Queen Bed?

There are several different types of split queen mattresses available in the market today, which makes choosing the best one quite overwhelming. Given below are the most common types of mattresses for a split queen bed that buyers may choose from. 

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring split queen mattresses are the most inexpensive of all the types of split mattresses available in the market. Given below are some key distinguishing features of these mattresses.

  • These split queen mattresses are known for the bouncy feel and responsive support they offer.
  • They help to prevent motion transfer, ensuring sound and disturbance-free sleep.
  • They are highly breathable and, hence, do not make the sleepers feel hot.
  • They are not suitable for side sleepers as they have a very moderate amount of padding, which is not enough for proper body cushioning.

Foam Mattresses

These mattresses are the most popular choice, primarily due to the highly adjustable nature of foam and its ability to relieve pressure. The most critical features of foam mattresses are given below.

  • They are a perfect choice for an adjustable split queen bed, thanks to their combination of cradling foam and multiple comfort settings.
  • Buyers can choose from pure foam mattresses, or those made from gel particles, or those featuring an open-cell design.
  • These mattresses tend to absorb heat while sleeping, making them unsuitable for people who prefer more breathable bedding.

Hybrid Mattresses

True to their name, these mattresses for split beds are made from a blend of different materials and are designed to provide a balanced feel. Listed below are the key features of these mattresses’ buyers should consider.

  • They are available in different models, each of which is designed using a different combination of materials.
  • These mattresses balance support and cushioning with the help of wrapped coils and either foam or latex, or both.
  • Given the diversity of materials used in the making of these mattresses, they are often quite heavy.
  • Hybrid mattresses are also the most expensive of all the different types of split mattresses.

Latex Mattresses

These nature-friendly mattresses are preferred by people who are conscious of preserving the environment. The features that make these mattresses stand out are listed below.

  • They are made from natural or organic materials, making them an excellent option for sensitive sleepers.
  • The pressure-relieving properties of latex, which are not restricted like foam, ensure maximum comfort for the sleepers.
  • They are known for their impressive lifespan, making them the right choice for people seeking durable products.
  • They are also among the most expensive split-queen mattresses and, hence, might not be suitable for all users.


The split queen mattresses are indeed the ideal choice when you are looking for flexibility of mattresses, particularly when sleeping with a partner as both the mattresses can be adjusted in accordance to the needs of the individuals. Also, when it comes to split queen vs queen mattresses, the former is the clear winner as it offers greater comfort, more flexibility, and better support.


As the name suggests, a split mattress splits from the middle and gives you and your partner freedom to customize each side of the mattress. It allows you to arrange it as per your sleeping pattern and needs.

Like any other mattress, you can get it at a price that fits your budget. The price varies from about $700 to $2,000.

No, two twin beds, when placed side by side, do not equal a split queen. While the queen measures 60 by 80 inches, the two split beds measure 76 by 75 inches, i.e., wider but shorter than a queen bed.

A split queen box spring is a standard queen-size box spring that splits into two different pieces. It is made up of 2 box springs that measure 30” W X 80” L.

Yes, a supporting frame for a split queen box spring is required to ensure proper support from the sides and the middle to prevent the middle from falling.

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