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Awara vs Avocado: Mattress Comparison (2023)


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February 21, 2023

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awara vs avocado

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If you have been browsing for a natural mattress that can fetch you sweet dreams, Awara and Avocado might be on your list. These mattresses may feel similar but are unique in their own way. So, which one is better than the other? In Awara vs Avocado, which mattress truly stands out? Fret not because Sleep Authority is here with all the information you need in our comprehensive comparison guide. Just read ahead to know all about it.

Awara Vs Avocado :Mattress Comparison Chart

Price (Queen)
Edge Support
Motion Isolation
Free Return
Free Shipping
Height (Inch*)
2 Pillow included
Sheet set included
Mattress protector included
Awara Mattress Review
$799- $1399
365 Nights
Easy-Move Base
EMI options available
The Standard 100 by OEKO
25 years warranty
365 nights
5 Inch of Coconut Husk Support Layer
EMI options available
Repreve, Wools of New Zealand™️

This table walks you through all the features and highlights of Awara vs Avocado. Below, we dig deeper.

Awara vs Avocado: Mattress Construction

Awara and Avocado are all-natural mattresses, but you don’t burn a hole in your pocket with Awara. Awara brings you four plush layers, and with Avocado, you get five. While Awara is 10 inches thick, Avocado is 11 inches. Both mattresses are rated 7 on the firmness scale.

Materials and Construction:

The topmost layer of Awara is made of a luxurious cover with New Zealand wool. Together, they wick moisture and promote breathability. With Avocado, you get Alpaca wool, which is as lovely as New Zealand wool but expensive.

The second layer of Awara is made of 2” of FSC®-Certified organic Dunlop latex that contours to your curves and supports pressure points and joints. Avocado brings you GOTS Organic Cotton Batting, which almost feels like they are trying to make up for the fact that they don’t have a Eurotop.

Coming to the third layer, Awara brings you a premium coil support core, where you get individually wrapped 9” coils that improve breathability and reduce motion transfer. Even if your partner tosses and turns. The third layer of Avocado is 1.5 inches of articulated and zoned GOLS Organic Certified Latex. But if you are lighter, it can feel too hard on pressure points like hips and shoulders.

The final layer of Awara is made with an easy-move base with 4 reinforced handles. You get a beautiful cotton blend cover wrapped around the supportive base here. The sturdy handles make any move a breeze. And with Avocado, you get 8 inches of individually wrapped support coils, less than Awara. Lastly, you get a coconut husk support layer.


Both Awara and Avocado are rated 7 on the firmness scale. It is comfy yet plush and offers excellent support.


Avocado is only one inch thicker than Awara at 11 inches, and Awara brings you 10 inches.

Awara Vs Avocado: Warranty and Returns

Avocado offers you 25 years of warranty. While it may seem significant on paper, going through the fine print is essential. Here, you get full coverage for 10 years after that things look slightly dicey. But with Awara, you are sorted for life because they give you a Forever Warranty! They offer you free and easy returns.

Awara Vs Avocado: Financing

Both Awara and Avocado offer easy financing options. With Awara, you get installments starting from $61 per month; with Avocado, you get financing starting from $70 per month.

Awara Vs Avocado: Size & Pricing

Awara gives you everything Avocado gives you and more, without emptying your wallet. A Queen Awara costs you only $1,099, and an Avocado Queen costs you $1,999.Both brands are available in all standard sizes, which include Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.  

Size (dimension) Avocado Mattress Price Awara
Twin (38x75) $1,399 $799 (Bedding offer + Discounts)
Twin XL (38x80) $1,499 $899 (Bedding offer + Discounts)
Full (54x75) $1,699 $999 (Bedding offer + Discounts)
Queen (60x80) $1,999 $1,099 (Bedding offer + Discounts)
King (76x80) $2,599 $1,399 (Bedding offer + Discounts)
Cal King (72x84) $2,599 $1,399 (Bedding offer + Discounts)
*Disclaimer: This information has been recorded on 15 Feb 2023 and is subject to change.

Awara Vs Avocado: Trial

Both Awara and Avocado bring you 356 days of trial nights. However, Avocado’s terms and conditions seem slightly complicated.

Awara Vs Avocado: Awards & Certification

Awara and Avocado have been accoladed with awards, and Awara takes the lead. Some of the awards they have won are Top Pick Best Value 2022 – Sleep Foundation, 

Editor’s Choice Mattress 2021 – USA TODAY, Best Mattress Stomach Sleepers 2021 – INSIDER, Editor’s Pick Best Latex Mattress 2022 – TUCK and GQ Best Stuff Mattress 2022 – GQ. And Avocado has won Sustainable Innovative Awards 2020 and US News Best Organic Mattress – 2022. Both mattresses come with necessary certifications, such as  GOLS, Green Guard, Climate Neutral, FSC, and more.

Awara Vs Avocado: Buyers Reviews

What are the buyers saying about the mattress? Are they happy? Let’s see.

Awara Mattress Reviews

Verified review

We have been so happy with this bed we purchased 5 more mattresses to replace older mattresses for the house we recently purchased. We don’t wake up with aches and pains anymore and if one of us turns in bed the other isn’t woken up, as it happened on our old mattress. Very happy that materials are well sourced and sustainable. Couldn’t beat the warranty Awara offers compared with other comparable companies. One of the best surprises was the sheets and mattress protector. the sheets are sooo soft and wash up great and the protector is very high quality. I’ll continue to spread the word about this mattress. It’s wonderful!!! 

By Dorcas G

Verified review

Love my Awara Mattress! It arrived nicely packed, and was very easy to put up on my bed. Like that it’s made of ‘green’ materials and that I don’t have to worry about toxic fumes etc. The mattress is a bit too soft for me, as I prefer firmer support, so for my next purchase, will order a firm mattress. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase, and would definitely recommend to anyone who is interested in buying it. 

By Meenakshi G

Verified review

Yep, that’s a good night mattress. We’ve been sleeping on the Awara mattress for a month now… and I mean sleeping. It’s both comfy and firm, yet not so much… we are sleeping comfortably, and when one of us turns over, the other isn’t disturbed. (The sheet set that came with it is a dream, too.) Well worth the investment, and the ordering process was pretty simple. Our cats are also grateful for the better sleep. 🙂 

By Karen C
Avocado Mattress Reviews

Verified review

Worst mattress and customer service. Beware, if you don’t like this thing, it will be a MAJOR hassle to try and get it out of your house and get your money refunded. 

By Barbara D

Verified review

Overall looks kind of lumpy and uneven. have been sleeping on mattress 2 weeks and wake up very sore. really sore. thankfully haven’t yet thrown out the 11 year old stearns foster mattress this was to replace, as the old one is more comfy than this new one. odd because we were going to wait and do the separate alpaca pillowtop because everyone touts the firm for max support comfort. wrote avocado a week ago asking could something be wrong that is fixable but no one has bothered to reply so I guess the prompt for review is going to have to serve as last attempt.  

By Heather H

Verified review

Do not buy from this company!! I was a long time Avocado fan having purchased previous mattresses of their but this company has grown too fast and it’s customer service has completely gone down the tubes! They continue to sell products which they can not meet the demands of the consumer and it’s unethical at this point to do so when they can not fulfill orders within a reasonable time frame. I canceled my order and went to another organic company that actually has a customer service PHONE number to speak to actual person over the phone over having to chat message or wait for an email response weeks later from someone. Horrible experience trying to reach anyone and will not be buying from this company again!  

By Kristy F


Both Avocado and Awara use sustainably sourced natural materials. They both offer premium sleep that gives back to the planet, too. But Avocado is heavy on the pocket. A good, green mattress that’s kind to the earth, it is sustainable to choose something that’s also good for your wallet, which is Awara. Also, the plus point with Awara is that you get a forever warranty; who doesn’t want that? Awara is the winner here!

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