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Siena vs Tuft & Needle Mattress Comparison (2023)


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February 21, 2023

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Siena vs tuft and needle

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Choosing the best mattress for your comfort and support is difficult nowadays because of the competition. But comparing features, quality, and price makes it easier to choose. Therefore, today we will compare the two leading mattresses, i.e., the Siena vs. Tuft Needle mattress.

Siena vs Tuft & Needle: Mattress Comparison Chart

Price (Queen)
Edge Support
Motion Isolation
Free Return
Free Shipping
Height (Inch*)
2 Pillow included
Sheet set included
Mattress protector included
Siena mattress
Memory Foam
10 Years
180 nights
Shift-resistant lower cover
EMI options available
CertiPUR-US Certified Foam
Tuft& needle
Memory Foam
10 Years
100 nights
Foam based layer
EMI options available
CertiPUR-US Certified Foams

This table specifies the body structure, excellent features, and achievements of each mattress. Now, we’ll elaborate on them in detail to help you know which one you should purchase.

Siena vs Tuft & Needle: Mattress Comparison

The Siena mattress with its newly-adaptive technology, comprises five layers, is 10 inches thick, and lies at 6.5 on the scale of firmness with medium-firm level. Whereas the Tuft & Needle mattress comprises 3 layers, is 9.5 inches thick, and is hard and firm, scaling to 6 on the scale.

Material and Layers:

The Siena mattress has a soft, comfortable outer layer that uses polythene fiber with innovative cooling technology, which helps to remove extra body heat. On the other hand, the Tuft & Needle mattress has a traditional pressure-point contouring method and an outer layer infused with cooling gel. Siena comprises five layers, comprising responsive memory foam, a two-inch dense body-supporting layer, and a shift-resistant cover. These exceptional features assist every body shape and size in having a restful night’s sleep. CertiPUR-US-certified adaptive memory foam and a body support layer ensure zero disturbance during sleep (motion isolation), proper spinal alignment, pressure relief for sore muscles and joints, and long-lasting durability. The Tuft & Needle mattress has only one layer of support foam and no base layer to maintain comfort and prevent the mattress from sliding or slipping.


The Siena mattress has a medium-firm design with a firmness rating of 6.5 to ensure that sleepers feel relaxed and comfortable. Medium-firm mattresses are the most popular, as they are suitable for all body types and sizes and help keep one’s spine in a neutral position. Tuft & Needle is a firm mattress, scoring a 6, which will be uncomfortable for heavy and stomach sleepers.


Compared to Tuft & Needle’s 9.5-inch thickness, Siena’s 12-inch depth is a clear winner.

Siena vs Tuft & Needle: Warranty and Returns

Both Siena mattresses and Tuft & Needle mattresses offer 10 years of warranty to their customers, but the benefits of Siena ensure that the chances of reaching out to the company for repair or replacement will be lesser.

Siena vs Tuft & Needle: Financing

Both Siena and Tuft & Needle Mattress offer EMI options for their customers, but the financing at Siena can start as low as $34/month, while at Tuft & Needle, it is even more than double the amount of Siena, i.e., starts at $90/month.

Siena vs Tuft & Needle: Size & Pricing

Even with more reliable comfort, five supportive body layers, and durability, a Siena mattress comes to your home for more than half the price of a Tuft & Needle mattress. The price listing for both mattresses is listed with their sizes as follows:

*Disclaimer: This information has been recorded on 15 February 2023 and is subject to change

Added accessories include two cooling pillows, a sheet set, and a mattress protector, all for just $129.

Siena vs Tuft & Needle: Trial

Siena Mattress gives you 180 nights to try it out risk-free, while Tuft & Needle only gives you 100. 

Siena vs Tuft & Needle: Awards & Certification

Siena Mattress is the best-selling, most-awarded mattress brand because it provides standard quality at an affordable price. The material is also CertiPUR-US certified as non-toxic, safe for human use, and devoid of harmful dust and chemicals. On the other hand, Tuft & Needle mattresses have sky-high costs and have won a single award. 

Siena vs Tuft & Needle: Buyers Reviews

Below are some of the buyer reviews of Seina and Tuft & Needle mattresses for your reference.

Siena mattress reviews:

Verified review

“Arrived a day after ordered, on a saturday.

Great packaging, easy to put out, fully extended after 2 days, very comfortable. But more for people who prefer firm beds.

Doesnt sink in almost little to nothing which is my preference if you order the bottom piece from somewhere else you will need a box spring.

And the thing that goes on the mattress comes off and is washable i did not know that a whole new plus!!!! If i ever need a bed this is where im coming too!” 

By Adam M.

Verified review

“For a mattress I found on facebook, tbh, I didn’t have high hopes. I am so pleasantly surprised. I have used a memory foam mattress topper for years, this exceeds that by leaps and bounds. Not too soft, bit you sink into it, supporting and my absolute favorite part…..I can’t feel my husband this and turn or get up. I love this mattress and for the half the price I would have paid at a box store or mattress store. Thank you Siena.”  


By Jackie B.

Verified review

“Best mattress for the guest bedroom. Guests commented on how comfortable it is. I also ended up sleeping on it here and there since it’s is so freaking comfy. Not too hard, not too soft, just perfectly in the middle, and doesn’t give me back pain. Even though the price is cheap, but it is actually a quality product, it looks and feels like it as soon as it arrives, you can tell. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase!”  

By Jingya W.

Tuft & Needle mattress reviews:

Verified review

I purchased this mattress because ive read online how it was good for side sleeping. This thing caused me to wake up with my shoulder aching daily for almost a month. Its like sleeping on a piece of plywood

Customer service is a joke. They “offered” to let me *purchase* a new mattress topper. Even with the discount it was about $100. I will never buy tuft and needle again. The mattress topper and cover are also ridiculously expensive for no reason. Bad material then just sold at a 500% markup.

Stay away from this company they just try and push your problems along until your sleep trial is up.


By Tom

Verified review

Update – contacted customer service sent them videos showing how soft it gets , they want to take measurements showing it has been bent ! How the duck the mattress is going change it’s measurements when it’s placed on a bed on the platform !!!!

Got too soft in less than 6 months , hurts my back everyday ! Need to find a better one and get rid of this garbage!” 


Verified review

I have slept on these before and it was like sleeping on a gel waterbed. However this in not that. This is the second one I have tried and I am disappointed. I have had pain in my hips almost every day since this new one came. I paid more and upgraded to this one since it said it was softer but it is not better than the white cover one.”  

By Amazon Customer


With this, the comparison of Siena vs. Tuft & Needle ends both in the article as well as in your mind. Shall we reveal who the winner is? Of course, Siena, without a doubt. Providing the best comfort, motion isolation, spinal alignment, body support, and dust and chemical-free mattress, Siena is here for you.

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