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Siena vs Casper Mattress Comparison (2023)


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February 21, 2023

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Siena vs casper

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Looking for a mattress that provides better sleep quality with comfort and support to your body? Then, look no further, as below is the comparison between two mattresses, Siena vs Casper.

Siena vs Casper:Mattress Comparison Chart

Price (Queen)
Edge Support
Motion Isolation
Free Return
Free Shipping
Height (Inch*)
2 Pillow included
Sheet set included
Mattress protector included
Siena mattress
Memory Foam
10 Years
180 nights
Shift-resistant lower cover
EMI options available
CertiPUR-US Certified Foam
Polyurethane foam
10 Years
100 Nights
Polyurethane foam
Financing provided by Affirm

The above table enlists each mattress’s features in brief. For elaborated points, keep reading below to choose your perfect mattress.

Awara vs GhostBed: Mattress Construction

Siena Mattress provides 5 layers, is 10 inches thick and is medium firm ranging on a scale of 6.5. Whereas, the Casper Mattress has 3 layers, is 11 inches thick, and is medium firm on a scale of 6 out of 10.

Material and Layers

Siena has a breathable outer cover that keeps you cool and comfortable as you sleep. Its Responsive memory foam layer adapts to your body shape and size, thus providing pressure relief. Another polyfoam layer cushions your body, and a special ripple in the foam makes your mattress breathable. Its foundational foam layer acts as a solid support for your body, whereas the shift-resistant lower cover keeps your bed in place. Thus, no sagging or edge support issues on your mattress. Whereas Casper mattress has multi-zoned support to keep your spine alignment intact. Thousands of perforations provide air circulation and keep you cool and refreshed. The premium foam layer gives you much-needed pressure relief, and the durable base foam offers long-lasting support.


A too soft or firm mattress can cause uncomfortable sleep. Hence, opting for a medium-firm mattress is always the best choice. Siena mattress is medium firm with a 6.5-inch firmness that provides the perfect comfort and support to your body. Whereas Casper Mattress too is medium firm with a 6-inch firmness.


A thick mattress lasts longer, and 10-12 inches is considered the best thickness range. Siena has a thickness of 10 inches, whereas Casper Mattress has an 11-inch thickness.

Siena vs Casper:Warranty and Returns

Siena provides a 10-year warranty with a repair or replacement option. This company accepts return requests with a full refund no earlier than 30 days and no later than 180 days after delivery with certain terms and conditions. Misused or environmental damage reasons are not valid for returns. Whereas Casper mattress also provides a 10-year warranty. Easy and free return after the 30-night trial period is available.

Siena vs Casper: Financing

Siena mattress provides a financing option of $34/month at 0% APR financing through Affirm with pay over 12 months. You can make monthly payments, and there are options for consumers with varying credit ratings. The second financing option is afterpay, where your purchase will be split into 4 interest-free payments of $99.75. In comparison, Casper mattress provides $72/month at 0% APR for 18 months through Affirm.

Siena vs Casper: Size & Pricing

Size (dimension) Price - Casper Mattress Price - Siena Mattress
Twin (38’ X 75’) $895 $199 (Cooling Pillow, Sheet Set, and Mattress Protector only at $129)
Twin XL (38’ X 80’) $796 $299 (Cooling Pillow, Sheet Set, and Mattress Protector only at $129)
Full (53’ X 75’) $1,195 $349 (Cooling Pillow, Sheet Set, and Mattress Protector only at $129)
Queen (60’ X 80’) $1,295 $399 (Cooling Pillow, Sheet Set, and Mattress Protector only at $129)
King (76’ X 80’) $1,695 $499 (Cooling Pillow, Sheet Set, and Mattress Protector only at $129)
California King (72’ X 84’) $1,695 $499 (Cooling Pillow, Sheet Set, and Mattress Protector only at $129)
*Disclaimer: This information has been recorded on 16 Feb 2023 and is subject to change.

Siena vs Casper: Trial

The Siena mattress provides a 180-night sleep trial, nearly half a year for you to decide. Whereas Casper mattress provides you with a trial period only for 100 nights.

Siena vs Casper: Awards & Certification

Siena mattress, a CertiPUR-US certified company has bagged the Best Newcomer 2022 Award, Affordable mattress 2022, Budget mattress 2022, Sleepopolis Approved 2022, Naplab Approved 2022, and Best Under $500 2022 Award. Casper mattress is also a  CertiPUR-US certified company and has bagged U.S. News & World Report’s Best Mattresses 2021 and Good Housekeeping’s Best Bedding Awards 2021.

Siena vs Casper: Buyers Reviews

Here’s what some of the buyers of Siena vs Casper have to say about them.

Siena mattress reviews

Verified review

Comfort is what I was looking for when I started looking for a new mattress. After looking for a month, I found Siena Memory Foam. It ticked all the right boxes for me. I would recommend this Siena mattress to anybody looking for Comfort, from back problems to insomnia. It does lend it self to help with any issue you may have.”  

By Stephen M

Verified review

I’m a stomach sleeper, so that often causes some discomfort with certain mattresses. But this one provides the perfect amount of support in all the right places. I’ve never slept better or more soundly until I bought this one. I couldn’t be happier. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone in the market for a new mattress.” 

by Elliot S.

Verified review

I love this bed. I bought 3 different foams to get the effect this bed gives me so in the long run I save & I don’t always have to straighten foams to make them even.. I slept so well last night (1st night). It’s a little warm but bearable. It’s soft & firm. Body sinks where it needs to sink & as a side sleeper, I found it extremely comfortable. It was the right firmness for me as I have a hard time finding firm without being hard. For me, it’s the perfect bed. There is a bit of a chemical smell at 1st, but is disappearing fast as I take off the blankets to let it air out during the day. It expanded really fast too. I was able to sleep on it the 1st day I got it. I felt I got a bargain for the quality I got. :)” 

by Ellie
Casper mattress reviews:

Verified review

We were incredibly disappointed in this mattress for several reasons.

  1. Being generous this mattress lasted about 2yrs with normal use and no moves. Two adults approx 450lbs combined at most which includes pregnancy. Too soft, hip and back pain. Placed a 50lb weight in center of bed and it sunk in 75% of the way which convinced Casper it had failed and they were liable for replacement.
  2. Had to jump through some hoops for Casper to replace which deferred the replacement process a few more months. First, I bought their platform, used it with the mattress With no improvement. Irritated I threw money away on this. Then had to send multiple photos from all angles of the mattress which was time consuming because there were no handles and despite being foam was a heavy, cumbersome item to move. Finally got the replacement in late summer 2019.
  3. Getting a pickup of the old mattress wasn’t as easy as it used to be when a new one was dropped off the old one was taken away. Had to coordinate with a separate company to get a pickup but only after hauling it out to the street first…
  4. It’s been just over 2yrs with the replacement and terrible for lumbar support in a stomach sleeper and targeted hip joint pain for side sleeper. This mattress may not be “failed” by Casper standards but it is not supportive.

Foam mattress seems to be both a fad and a somewhat scam banking on the fact everyone hates shopping for a mattress and the process of obtaining a mattress like this one is easy. Overall expensive, doesn’t last, too soft.”

by ntaylor

Verified review

We have tried many things to get rid of strong chemical odor. Opening windows, turning on it side for ventilation. , I called Casper and have tried to follow their recommendations. I would NOT recommend for anyone with respiratory issues. I tried sleeping on bed for a couple nights but got very congested. My husband and I are very disappointed. If I shut the door to room the smell gets very strong. It is really shocking that they are still in business. It is very cold and opening windows in the winter also makes it hard. Right now I opened window and turned a portable heater to blow for ventilation. Also when I called they said we could donate and get $ back. It is too heavy for my husband and I to lift. He injured his back. We are in our 70’s and thought this would be good for us. I not only don’t have a bed to sleep on but lost the use of my bedroom where I do crafts and music because the chemicals make me sick. I am going to call again for help.”  

by Joanne Hughes

Verified review

“I expected to love this mattress. Consumer reports rated it at the highest. So I took a chance and bought on line. I would fall asleep quickly but wake up in a couple of hours very painful. Reposition myself and wake up an about half hour increments with pain issues.. finally moved to another bed in the house (with a budget mattress) and had no pain issues at all. I tried this for approximately 4 different times. I also had a friend try it thinking it was just me. And her back hurt her for days afterwards. Sadly, am returning it today. Hoping to be able to decompress the mattress and fit it back in the box. I believe it is a $38 fee to return. I accidentally bought a same brand mattress when I bought this one and $38 was the fee I had to pay to return it. Sad that $76 wasted to try out a “free trial”. But better to get most of my money back.

I will try out the next mattress in a store before purchasing. I don’t On line for this type of purchase was a good idea without trying it out.”  

by Janelle Umbarger


Thus, more peaceful slumber at a lower price if Siena is your choice! A mattress that easily adapts to your body and provides the much-needed comfort and support, that too, at an affordable cost. So, why look for any other mattress? Moreover, a 180-night trial period, 10 years warranty, an easy return policy, and a good financing option will make you click on the ‘Buy Now’ button. Go ahead and say yes to a good night’s sleep! Happy Siena Slumbering!

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