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Awara vs Birch Living Mattress Comparison (2023)


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February 21, 2023

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awara vs birch

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Finding a mattress that suits your sleep style is mandatory for a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, the mattress industry is not stagnant, and people are coming up with new and tech-savvy products to make sleep incredibly luxurious. And for environment-conscious folks, two brands have started  gaining popularity, Awara and Birch Living. So, today, Sleep Authority is here to tell which one is better in this comprehensive comparison article.

Awara vs Birch Living : Mattress Comparison Chart

Price (Queen)
Edge Support
Motion Isolation
Free Return
Free Shipping
Height (Inch*)
2 Pillow included
Sheet set included
Mattress protector included
Awara Mattress Review
$799- $1399
365 Nights
Easy-Move Base
EMI options available
The Standard 100 by OEKO
Birch Living
25 Year
100 Nights
FR Wool
EMI options available
eco-INSTITUT Certified

This table walks you through all the important features of Awara vs Birch Living. Below, we bring you more details.

Awara vs Birch Living : Mattress Construction

Birch Living uses Talalay Latex, whereas Awara is made of Dunlop, which is more durable and eco-friendly. Awara is composed of four layers and rated 7 on the firmness scale. It is a 10-inch thick mattress, which offers a good night’s rest. Birch Living brings six layers and is 11 inches thick. It is rated 6-7 on the firmness scale.

Material and Construction:

Let’s dissect layer by layer and see what both mattresses bring to the table. The topmost layer of Awara is made of organic cotton and luxurious New Zealand wool. It is a great top layer because it keeps you cool throughout the night, wicks moisture, promotes airflow, and reduces bacteria. Whereas, layer one of Birch is made of organic cotton, which is breathable.

Coming to the second layer, Awara gives you a breathable Dunlop layer. It conforms to your curves and supports pressure points and joints. Birch brings you a layer of wool. Seems like an unnecessary layer. As you can see in Awara, they have incorporated both cotton and wool in one single layer!

The third layer of Awara is a premium coil support core. Here, you get individually wrapped coils that aid breathability and reduce motion transfer. So, even if your partner moves around too much, you won’t feel a thing. This layer is made of 100% natural and organic Birch Wool. Well, another layer of wool!

The final layer of Awara is made of a cotton blend cozy wrap that offers complete support and comes with four sturdy handles to ensure it is super easy to move the mattress. The fourth layer of Birch Living is the Talalay latex layer, which offers pressure relief. In the fifth layer, you get individually wrapped coils and the base layer is made of wool for stability and durability.


Awara is rated 7 on the firmness scale and is a luxury firm. So, you enjoy the plushness of the mattress without sinking in. The Birch mattress is rated 6-7 on the firmness scale and may feel slightly soft.


Awara is 10 inches thick whereas Birch Living is 11.

Awara vs Birch Living : Warranty and Returns

With Awara, you get a forever warranty! Birch Living gives you 25 years. When you compare the two, Awara wins, of course! Both brands offer free returns.

Awara vs Birch Living : Financing

Both Awara and Birch Living bring you easy financing. Awara brings you monthly installments at $61 per month at 0% APR whereas, with Birch Living, EMI starts from $76 per month at 0% APR.

Awara vs Birch Living : Size & Pricing

Awara and Birch are both good for the planet. But with Awara, you are not too harsh on your wallet either. Awara gives you more for less, but that’s not the case with Birch Living. Awara starts from $799 where as Birch starts from $1,311.30. Take a look at the sizes and pricing below.

Size (dimension) GhostBed Mattress Price Awara
Twin (38x75) $995 $799 (Bedding offer + Discounts)
Twin XL (38x80) $1,140 $899 (Bedding offer + Discounts)
Full (54x75) $1,350 $999 (Bedding offer + Discounts)
Queen (60x80) $1,425 $1,099 (Bedding offer + Discounts)
King (76x80) $1,795 $1,399 (Bedding offer + Discounts)
Cal King (72x84) $1,825 $1,399 (Bedding offer + Discounts)
Split King (76x80) $2,280 -
*Disclaimer: This information has been recorded on 16 Feb 2023 and is subject to change.

Awara vs Birch Living : Trial

Birch Living only offers 100 trial nights. But Awara gives you 365 nights. So, you can test the mattress through all the seasons and see if it suits your needs.

Awara vs Birch Living : Awards & Certification

While Awara has won several awards and accolades, Birch has won a few and there is still some catching up left to do. Both mattresses have the necessary certifications too. Awara’s certifications include The Standard 100 by OEKO -TEX, UL GREENGUARD Gold, Repreve, Wools of New Zealand™️, Forest Stewardship Council, and Birch are Greenguard Gold and eco-INSTITUT Certified.

Awara vs Birch Living : Buyers Reviews

It’s time to see what the buyers are saying about the mattress.

Awara Reviews

Verified review

I ordered the Awara natural hybrid king size mattress, as I wanted a latex mattress, and Awara was highly rated. The process was very easy, and customer service was great! I received my mattress (and the wonderful complimentary pillows and mattress protector) quickly. I love my new mattress! The firmness and comfort are just perfect! Would recommend highly.  

By Georgina M

Verified review

I spent a good three days researching organic, nontoxic, affordable, and comfortable mattreses. I’m a stomach sleeper and my husband is a side/back sleeper so we needed something that wasn’t *too* soft but also wasn’t a brick. This checked ALL of our boxes. The quality is amazing and I was able to unroll the mattress and set it up by myself. It’s been about two months sleeping on it and no regrets. 

By Nathan S

Verified review

Absolutely love this mattress!! Not too soft, not too firm. Husband with chronic back pain sleeping thru night for first time in years. Construction and finish top notch and absolutely no chemical odor. We couldn’t be happier!!  

By Jan H
Birch Living Reviews

Verified review

Cheaply made. Not worth the money, sleeps hot, when you turn over on one side of this bed the entire bed feels motion …. Ridiculous.. surprised you can stay in business with these products. 

By Debbie K

Verified review

This mattress is horrible. The difference between how they say it is and how I sleep is practically false advertising. This mattress is unbearable. I wake up with lower back pain that is worse than the 15 year old Ikea it replaced. 

By Kyle A

Verified review

The foam layer is too thick which gives an unpleasant feel to the mattress. 

By Louis V


While both Awara and Birch Living are suitable for buyers looking for an eco-friendly mattress, you spend more with Birch. Awara gives you more without emptying your wallet. Awara also uses Dunlop unlike Birch’s Talalay latex, which is more durable. Finally, with Awara you get a forever warranty and 365 nights trial.

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