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DreamCloud vs Helix: Mattress Comparison (2023)


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December 14, 2022

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dreamcloud vs helix

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DreamCloud and Helix hybrid mattresses both are becoming popular in the market. Although reading the information on both beds, they seem similar. Thus, it becomes difficult to choose a mattress that is comfortable for you. When your sleep quality becomes essential, your sleeping position comes into play. So, in this article on DreamCloud vs Helix, Sleep Authority will focus on which mattress suits your preference.

DreamCloud vs Helix : Mattress Comparison Chart

Price (Queen)
Edge Support
Motion Isolation
Free Return
Free Shipping
Height (Inch*)
2 Pillow included
Sheet set included
Mattress protector included
Gel-infused memory foam
365 Nights
Shift-resistant lower cover
EMI options available
CertiPUR-US® Certified Foams
No data was found

DreamCloud vs Helix : Mattress Construction

DreamCloud Mattress consists of 5 layers, is 14 inches thick, and its firmness scale is 6.5, which is medium firm. Whereas a Helix mattress consists of 4 layers, is 12 inches thick, and its firmness meter scales to 6, giving users a medium firm feel.

If we make the comparison based on your sleeping positions and sleep habits, below are the subtle differences between the two.

Material and Layers

DreamCloud’s buttery soft quilted cashmere cover gives you a ‘sleeping in the cloud’ experience with its soft, cushioned, and bouncy feel. Its gel-infused memory foam gets easily adapted to your body curves. Whereas, Helix mattress provides you with two hypoallergenic cover options, soft touch cover, and GlacioTex Cooling Cover which draws heat away. Memory foam and polyfoam layers provide pressure relief, contouring, and support to your body. However, if you sleep hot, your ideal choice should be DreamCloud, as its gel-infused layers regulate body temperature, so you sweat less while sleeping. DreamCloud mattress has a lower cover with tufted borders that keeps your mattress in place. Thus, if you or your partner is a light sleeper, opting for a DreamCloud mattress will be a good choice. Plus, it consists of 4 handles to help you move the mattress easily.


The firmness of the DreamCloud mattress is 6.5 which is medium firm. It is ideal for heavy people and all types of sleeping positions. Helix mattress is medium-feel with firmness scaling to 6. This mattress is best suited for side sleepers. Not suitable for heavy sleepers and stomach and back sleepers. However, family members’ preferences can vary. Thus, choosing a mattress like DreamCloud which is suitable for all sleeping positions with good firmness, is beneficial.


DreamCloud is 14 inches thick, whereas the helix mattress is 12 inches thick. A thick mattress can balance your weight equally by providing strong support to your body. Moreover, it lasts longer than a thin mattress. Thus, if you are a heavy sleeper or toss and turn a lot, a DreamCloud mattress allows you the much-needed space, and you won’t find yourself sinking into the mattress due to its thickness.

DreamCloud vs Helix: Warranty and Returns

DreamCloud mattress comes with a forever warranty. If it gets damaged from normal wear, the company will replace your mattress free of cost. Also, If unsatisfied, you can return the product with a full refund. In comparison, the Helix mattress comes with only a ten-year warranty. Repair or replacement is available with shipping charges.

DreamCloud vs Helix :Financing

DreamCloud provides 0% APR for term lengths of 3, 6, 12, and 24 months installments through Affirm. Also, it gives 3, 6, and 12 months installment options through Splitit Finance. Its financing option starts from $75/month. Helix mattress offers $61/month over 18 months at 0% APR. Comparatively, DreamCloud provides more term options for financing.

DreamCloud vs Helix : Size & Pricing

DreamCloud and Helix mattresses come in the following sizes- Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. DreamCloud mattress starts at $599.25. The Helix mattress starts at $849.

Size (dimension) Price - Helix MattressPrice DreamCloud
Twin (38x75)$ 849$599.25 (Cooling Pillow, Sheet set, Mattress Protector)
Twin XL (38x80)$ 949$749.25 (Cooling Pillow, Sheet set, Mattress Protector)
Full (54x75)$ 1,099$824.25 (Cooling Pillow, Sheet set, Mattress Protector)
Queen (60x80)$ 1,249$899.25 (Cooling Pillow, Sheet set, Mattress Protector)
King (76x80)$ 1,549$1124.25 (Cooling Pillow, Sheet set, Mattress Protector)
Cal King (72x84)$ 1, 549$1124.25 (Cooling Pillow, Sheet set, Mattress Protector)

DreamCloud vs Helix : Trial

DreamCloud, the Industry-leading mattress, offers a trial period of 365 nights, a whole year, for you to decide, or else your money is back in your wallet. Helix provides a trial period of 100 nights.

DreamCloud vs Helix : Awards & Certification

DreamCloud Hybrid mattress has won many awards for the best cooling mattress, the best mattress for heavy people, the best mattress for back pain, the best firm mattress, and more. Helix mattress has won awards for being the best mattress for side sleepers. Both DreamCloud and Helix mattresses are CertiPUR-US Certified.

DreamCloud vs Helix: Buyers Reviews

Let us take a look at what the customers have to say about DreamCloud vs Helix mattresses.

DreamCloud mattress reviews:

Verified review

“I rarely offer reviews but I’m happy to write this one. The mattress is pillowy soft without being mushy. I wake up feeling good, no aching in my hips or back. After years of waking up on a too firm mattress which made me feel tired and sore, my Dreamcloud mattress truly is a dream come true.” 

By Suzanne Y.

Verified review

“I LOVE this bed. After researching(a lot), I purchased my Dreamcloud Premium mattress. It arrived promptly, set up was ridiculously simple. Soon after, I was sleeping soundly for the first time in months. The supremely soft topper combined with the firm support was just what I needed. Thank you Dreamcloud!”  

By Deborah K

Verified review

“I am a bed snob. I’m the equivalent of Goldilocks, and if this bed was stolen from me, I would happily purchase another. I went from a tempur-pedic bed to this one. I was apprehensive at first but dang, I couldn’t be more happy. I used to expect that every morning included me cracking my back in bed, often trying to adjust my neck while getting ready in the morning. Ever since sleeping in this bed, I haven’t done any of it. It provides stability while being super comfortable. You won’t regret getting this bed. Seriously. Run, don’t walk.”  

By Cristin B.

Helix mattress reviews:

Verified review

“Unfortunately didn’t do the work for me. It feels ok when I buy it. It was firm for a little while and after couple months didn’t like it, I just put it in the garbage. For the price the quality was poor.”  

By Liliana M.

Verified review

“ Not very happy with my purchase the foam has broken down and my Wife and I are having hip pains. We expect better quality for what we paid not for it to give out so soon. Will be asking for a warranty replacement. Funny thing that it was listed on the scoliosis bed listing as being a approved bed of high-quality.” 


By Donald M.

Verified review

“Horrible mattress. I’m shocked this is considered medium-firm feel? Like what?? We own an actual medium-firm mattress and the Helix Midnight has NO support. You sink into it. It feels like we are sinking in when you even sit up in your bed. When you lay down your head feels lower than your legs. Horrible. And YES we have a supportive box spring and even tried plywood under the mattress with it. We will be returning!!!”  

By Sabrina H.


So, depending on your sleep position, the above comparison shows DreamCloud is on cloud nine! What’s more, its forever warranty has your back. And if you are still unsatisfied, the company will refund your money. DreamCloud values your sleep the most. They prefer to keep your sleep quality from settling for less. So, hurry up! Grab the ongoing deal on your comfortable DreamCloud mattress that ends in a few days.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • 365-nights trial
  • Contouring memory foam for pressure relief
  • Individually wrapped coils with extra edge support
$1,124 - $1,724
DreamCloud Mattress
  • Back sleepers needing back support due to strained muscles and back pain
  • Couples who sleep on their side
  • Couples who move a lot
$599 - $1,124
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