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Nectar vs Helix: Mattress Comparison (2023)


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December 14, 2022

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nectar vs helix

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Sleep Authority is always looking to make your life easier by helping you understand the best mattress in town. Today, we are comparing Nectar vs Helix mattress. After all, compromise is never an option when it comes to sleep. So, keep reading to understand which was a hit and which was a miss!

Nectar vs Helix : Mattress Comparison Chart

Price (Queen)
Edge Support
Motion Isolation
Free Return
Free Shipping
Height (Inch*)
2 Pillow included
Sheet set included
Mattress protector included
nectar premier mattress
Memory Foam
Forever lifetime warranty
365 nights
Shift Resistant Lower Cover
Monthly Payment
CertiPUR-US Certified Foams
No data was found

This table offers you an insight into each mattress by telling you the best features each one has to offer. Now, read ahead for a detailed review. 

Nectar vs Helix: Mattress Construction

One of the most popular choices today is the Nectar mattress, which comes in 5 plush layers and is 12 inches thick. It lies 6.5 on the firmness scale, which is medium-firm and perfect for all sleepers. The Helix mattress comes in 4 layers and is 11.5 inches thick. It is a soft/plush mattress that lies 2 to 3 on the firmness scale. While Nectar mattress is working towards innovating sleep technology, Helix is making the decision quite complicated with confusing options.

Material and Layers: 

The Nectar mattress comes with a breathable cover that brings forth one-of-the-kind cooling technology made with polyethylene fibers. The first layer is exquisite because it wicks away any heat and helps you enjoy a peaceful and cool slumber. The Helix mattress, on the other hand, enables you to choose from two options, either you can opt for a breathable soft knitted cover or choose a Silky GlacioTex cooling cover. However, for the latter, you will have to pay an extra $149. Each layer of the Nectar mattress is weaved together to create the ultimate sleeping surface. It uses CertiPUR-US-certified gel memory foam and standard foam to offer various benefits, including contouring, pressure relief, spinal alignment, motion isolation, and more. The layers are also structured to extend durability and keep you as cool as a cucumber as you sleep. Now, the Helix mattress is a hybrid mattress that comes with 8-inch steel coils and comfort layers.


One of the essential aspects of any mattress is its firmness. At 6.5, Nectar is neither too soft nor too hard. Therefore, it is best for all types of sleepers, from back-to-side sleepers to couples with varied sleep preferences. However, the Helix mattress is between 2 to 3 on the firmness scale, which means it is too soft. It can make it difficult for some as sinking in becomes a possibility. Also, when the mattress is soft, some find it difficult to get in and out of bed.


Nectar mattress offers optimal thickness at 12 inches, and not very far behind is the Helix at 11.5 inches. However, a firm mattress can last longer than soft ones.

Nectar Vs Helix: Warranty and Returns

Nectar tops the warranty bit with its Forever Lifetime Warranty. That’s how confident they are of their build and structure. Whereas Helix mattress gives you 10 years of limited warranty. But both companies offer free returns. 

Nectar Vs Helix: Financing

If you want to opt for Financing with nectar, it is easy. It starts as low as $58 per month. At Helix, financing options are available on qualifying purchases for as low as $61 per month.

Nectar Vs Helix: Size & Pricing

Nectar and Helix offer all the standard sizes, which include Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. However, the Nectar mattress also offers a Split King mattress. The Nectar mattress starts from only $359 but a Helix mattress starts from $849. 

Size (dimension) Helix MattressPrice Nectar
Twin (38x75)$849$359 (Bedding offer)
Twin XL (38x80)$949$515 (Bedding offer)
Full (54x75)$1,099$602 (Bedding offer)
Queen (60x80)$1,249$699 (Bedding offer)
King (76x80)$1,549$870 (Bedding offer)
Cal King (72x84)$1,549$870 (Bedding offer)
Split King 2 pk (38x80)-$1,030 (Bedding offer)
*Disclaimer: This information has been recorded on 21st December 2022 and is subject to change. 

Nectar Vs Helix: Trial

Nectar is pretty sure of itself and gives you a whopping 365 nights home trial, which rounds up to a year. With Helix, you get up to 100 trial nights. 

Nectar Vs Helix: Awards & Certification

Nectar mattress has been showered with many awards, from Best Overall Mattress by Forbes to Best Mattress of the Year by US Today. Helix has won a couple of awards and nothing more. Both mattresses are non-toxic and come with CertiPUR-US Certification.

Nectar Vs Helix: Buyers Reviews

Nectar Mattress

Verified review

When I first laid down, I thought I was sinking into the mattress, but I wasn’t. I realized it was supporting all the right places and was so comfortable. It’s very easy to change positions and my sleep is much better. I do not wake up all night long as I did on a regular mattress. You do not feel the other person getting in/out of bed or changing positions.  

By Michele H 

Verified review

I never thought I wasn’t sleeping very well until I got this mattress and was able to sleep continuously throughout the day. I always thought that being was just a side effect of working nights, well it turns out it was my mattress. My partner and I have different sleeping styles and needs and we’re both beyond comfortable on this Nectar mattress! Cannot recommend it enough! 

By Cailin M

Verified review

As a restless, hot, side sleeper with chronic back pain, I wasn’t sure if any mattress could be comfortable for me but for the few months we’ve had our Nectar, I’ve been sleeping like a baby. I fall asleep easier and I stay asleep better. Aches and pains don’t seem to be made worse by my mattress either, and the pillows they sent are maybe my favorite pillow I’ve ever owned. Love it! 

By Miles J

Helix Mattress

Verified review

I bought this mattress with high hopes. I have had it for 6 months. It is hotter than hell at night when it’s a cooling mattress and it sinks in the middle. I am so disappointed and sad. I thought I invested in a mattress that would last for a very long time but I may sell it soon or give it to my friend for her guest room. 🙁   

By Lydia

Verified review

I’m very disappointed with my purchase. To be honest, it felt to me like laying on an old cheap spring mattress. To begin, I chose the softest mattress only to have a very FIRM mattress arrive. If this is the softest they sell, I can’t even imagine what something firmer would be like. It took one night on this mattress to cause me tremendous back and neck pain. The build quality was also far below my expectations. The top white part of the cover is stitched to the bottom blue part of the cover, but it is not stitched uniformly. This has caused the white cover to be tighter on some edges than others. There was also a threat hanging off of a seam that I presumed would come right off. I made the mistake of yanking on it and I unraveled a significant amount of the thread and now the bottom part of the cover is hanging off.  

By Cody

Verified review

I slept on the mattress for less than a week and woke up in pain every day. It put me in a horrible sleeping position, and I was twisted and miserable. Disappointing–I loved the idea. I didn’t want to risk them sending me a second mattress and losing the money-back guarantee, so I returned it. 

By Barak R


The results are in, and we have a clear winner, none other than Nectar! This budget-friendly mattress makes you feel like you are sleeping on the epitome of comfort. Whether you are a side sleeper or enjoy sleeping on your stomach, the support Nectar offers will never disappoint you.

Buy it today!

  • Breathable cooling cover
  • Gel-infused layer
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • 100 Nights Sleep Trial
  • 10-15 Years Warranty
  • Financing Available
Nectar Mattress
  • 365 nights trial
  • Forever warranty
  • Free Delivery/ Shipping


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