Meet Our Sleep Review Board

Sleep authority was created with the intention of truly helping people sleep better. We believe that sleep is essential to a good quality of life and understanding the science behind sleep can help us achieve that. Our panel of experts and writers are focused on bringing you the latest research and creating tools that will knock you out in the best possible way.

As we move towards a new age of sleep science, we want you to think of sleep authority as your go-to guide for all things sleep. After all, we are passionate about your sleep. 

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David Bridge

Sleep Coach

David Bridge is a renowned expert on sleep whose research in sleeping problems, especially sleep apnea which can adversely affect both adults and children, is recognized. David has worked closely with several sleep institutes for his research. He is an active advocate and speaker about topics in sleep medicine.

Siddhesh Tiwatne

Sleep Coach

Siddhesh Tiwatne is an acknowledged contributor to the science of sleep. He has worked in the field of sleep with a particular focus on tools and paraphernalia that can be used to sleep better. He is a certified sleep coach and is on our board of sleep consultants who help us make sure that each article is up to date. 

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